Works in Progress

Current Project: Hearts of Stone series, paranormal romance

As projected, this series is meant to be at trilogy, focused on a set of gargoyle triplets. They haven’t seen each other since they were four years old and they escaped a massacre of their entire family one way or another. The gargoyles, specifically the triplets, are all that stand between Earth and a demon invasion from Otherworld (a separate plane of existence inhabited by the souls of the dead, angels, and demons). Everyone believes the triplets, Brier Rose, Serenity, and Aurora, died in the massacre. The series reveals just what happened to those girls and the fight to close the Rift which will release the demons onto Earth.


Locked in Stone  – Out from Entangled Publishing! Woohoo!

Current Project:

Deyou’s Heart – First book in an perceived trilogy, opening up an entire world for books in its varied history.

 Children of Isis Series

Focuses around the immortal Children of Isis, immortal priests and priestesses of the Goddess Isis who protect the last descendants of Akhenaten. If the line dies out, then the Children of Set will have the ability to bring back the Elder Gods, including Set himself, who were banished by Akhenaten during the Amarna Period in Ancient Egypt.

Continuation of The Dream-Walker War

Futuristic Series

This will focus on Earth in approximately 2120, a century after aliens invaded and pretty much kicked humanity’s butt, as humans finally start to move forward with their long-planned revolution against the aliens.

On hold

Carved in Stone – Heroine – Reny, middle triplet; Hero – Tom O’Malley

Sealed in Stone Heroine – Rory, youngest triplet; Hero – Gabe Lennox

Captured in Stone – Heroine – Gargoyle Madra; hero – Matthew, head of the Atlanta coven

Untitled – Heroine – Sentinel Ang.; Hero – Sentinel Lucas


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