Hearts of Stone


Author’s note: the above picture is from Gargoyles, of the Disney Afternoon, a long-time favorite cartoon of mine and, if I’m perfectly honest, one of the initial drives to write a series of gargoyle-oriented novels. The picture was captured from HERE.

The Hearts of Stone series takes place in an alternate Earth setting where demons and angels (beings from a plane referred to as “Otherworld”) are engaged in a war for Earth (and Otherworld, technically). Save for the prime representatives of Lucifer (demon) and Mikael Ray (angel), Otherworld creatures cannot survive on Earth. The demons want to change that, by opening a passage between Earth and Otherworld, allowing Otherworld energy to pervade the fabric of existence and let them survive on Earth as well as Otherworld. The angels, being more or less the good guys, don’t want this to happen.

The demons have their minions on Earth: half-breed demons and vampires (created to hunt and destroy the gargoyles).

The angels have their minions: half-angels and gargoyles. The gargoyles exist to heal the rips in the barrier between Earth and Otherworld (known as Rifts). The half-angels exist to protect the gargoyles.

Currently there are four planned books in the series:

  1. Locked in Stone (In all e-tailers now!)
  2. Sealed in Stone (Partially written)
  3. Carved in Stone (Being rewritten)
  4. Something in Stone
  5. Captured in Stone (potentially  novella rather than novel) (not written)

However – those four only deal with the events leading up to the Rift opening up in North America. I have ideas for future books set in the same world.



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