Final Six Sentence Sunday (1/27/13) – #sixsunday

Wow, ’tis a sad day and end of an era with Six Sentence Sunday going away. However, I’ve already heard about at least two alternatives cropping up. The list for everyone else that’s participating in this final day is HERE.

Today’s entry is one last look at Prophecy of Blood (as far as Six Sentence Sunday goes). Jordan and Chris are getting…friendly. And then, just as they’re getting involved, it takes a turn she certainly wouldn’t have expected from a man.

Lips trailed a path of fire down her bare shoulder. His teeth tugged on her bra strap before, unbelievably, he pulled back. His hands firmed about her waist, and he set her back. “No.” 

Shock blossomed, and she stared at him in disbelief. “No? What the hell do you mean, no?”

Hope you have a great Sunday and let’s look forward to February and finding a replacement for our beloved SSS!


Six Sentence Sunday (1/13/13) – #sixsunday

Morning everyone! Today’s entry comes from the fledgling (translation: highly unedited and unfinished) WIP, the fourth book in the Dream-Walker War, which at the moment stars Ronnie, Dara’s assistant at the Bureau. Dara has just gotten some news that is disturbing on many levels.

“Acting President Kazinski called, and since I’m currently in charge, his orders of course fall to me to carry out.”

Ronnie blinked, staring as she climbed to her feet. “Kazinski’s Secretary of Health and Species Services. Wh, why did you just call him Acting President?”

To get to the Secretary of Health, ten people would have to be missing in the chain of inheritance of the presidency. Ten powerful people.

And there you have it. Don’t forget to check out the other wonderful entries that can be found HERE.  

Six Sentence Sunday (1/6/13) – #sixsunday

Hi there everyone. It’s that time of the week again: time for six awesome sentences from hundreds of authors (list found HERE).

This week’s entry comes from Prophecy (what a shock, right? and Prophecy of Blood is now available through all traditional etailers, btw). This comes from the same scene as last week as Jordan tries to convince Christine they could have more than just a quickie.

There’s so much more though.” Each word sent vibrations through her, and she squeezed her eyes shut. Quick sex and done was how they always did it, always her way. No risk of messy emotional entanglements that way. “So much more pleasure to be had. You’re curious about how it could be between us, Chrissy; admit it.”

So there you go! Hope you like. 🙂

Coming up this week on Word-Slingers are a spotlight on SJ McMillan’s next book and interviews with Carlene Flores and Piper Denna. Hope to see you on Monday & Thursday! 

Six Sentence Sunday (12/29/12) – #sixsunday

Wowee, peeps. Can you believe we’re at the final Sunday of 2012? Nope, neither can I. Where HAS this year gone? Geez.

Okay, big news on my front: Prophecy of Blood is coming out TOMORROW! Yeah, it just worked out like that at the last minute, so sheesh. Had to scramble.

Anyway, you’re here for Six Sentence Sunday (don’t forget to check out the other entrants HERE). So let’s go. In honor of tomorrow’s release, this week’s entry is from Prophecy. Chris and Jordan are getting cozy, and given his not-so-pleasant sociopathic tendencies, she’s expressed some doubt as to his personal knowledge of giving a woman pleasure. 

“I observe, I experiment, I learn.” Air swirled around her, stirring the hair at his temples before he released her wrist and moved in to follow the trail of his fingers over her breast with his mouth. The fabric of her bra ripped, startling in the silence of her basement. His mouth latched onto the pale skin and suckled. His thoughts touched hers. I’ve had a thousand years; despite my interest in causing pain, I occasional have enjoyed giving pleasure.”

And there you have it.

Coming up this week, there will be at least three posts. On Monday, I shine the spotlight on fellow Evernight author, Marie Medina, and her new release, Stand and Deliver. On Tuesday, I’ll be revisiting my 2012 goals and summing up what plans for 2013 to celebrate the beginning of the new year. On Thursday, I’ll be spotlighting Roni Loren, author of the BDSM Ranch series, and her new (by then) release, Fall Into You.

Hope to see you all back here plenty this week! There may or may not be a giveaway or two in the near future. And speaking of giveaways, don’t forget to enter HERE for your chance to win one of two paperback copies of Blood Rage.

Cover Reveal, #sixsunday, and Post 300!

Good morning everyone! Hope you’re having a fabulous Sunday. Mine just started, but I get to look at the pretty cover I’m about to share with all of you, for the upcoming release of Prophecy of Blood, so it’s pretty good.

While the picture of Jordan threw me off for a bit, I quickly got over it and this is my favorite of my three covers.

Okay, onto Six Sentence Sunday (remember to check out the others HERE). The cover above plays in, since my six this week are from Prophecy.  Chris and Jordan are discussing the legality of using sleeping spells on unsuspecting people.

“It’s legal in the UK as well, though on the darker shade of gray, headed for black. One of Her Majesty’s children apparently used a sleeping charm on her when she was expected to address Parliament. Since then she’s taken a dim view of magical pranks.”

Chris cackled at the notion. For all their faults, the mage-born could have a heck of a lot of fun. Even the stodgy humans enjoyed playing with magic.

Hope you enjoyed! This was post 300, but beyond the cover reveal, I have nothing to special to commemorate the occasion. Ah well.

Coming up on Word-Slingers this week, I will be interviewing Cheryl Douglas and Ashley Nemer. Hope to see you then!

Six Sentence Sunday (12/9/12) – #sixsunday

Can you believe we’re here on another Sunday? Just like the rest of the year, this week’s flown by. But here we are, and here’s another Six Sentence Sunday, just rarin’ to go! 

This six comes to you from my upcoming Prophecy of Blood (hoping to get my cover this week – squee). Jordan and Christine have just just learned what they really are. Xanthea Xanthos is rumored to be the first vampire and she’s known to have a nasty temper, not hesitant to play with those who annoy her (translation: they frequently suffer and die).

“But, I am a vampire,” Jordan protested.

“No, you’re not; I made you think you were though.” Xanthea offered him one of her rare, smug smiles. “It may interest you to know that I would have been classified a telepath at one point in my very long history. A telepath who dislikes you most royally, Jordan MacNaught.”

Jordan flinched. 

So there you have it. Don’t forget to check out the other awesome authors who are participating this week by visiting the Six Sentence Sunday website. 

Coming up this week, I will be participating in Evernight’s blog hop, and will be hosting the debut author Alison Beightol on Monday and Benjamin Daniels on Thursday. Hope to see you there!

Six Sentence Sunday (12/2/12) – #sixsunday

Today’s Six Sentence Sunday entry comes from Blood Rage. I haven’t shared anything from it for a while, so I thought it might make a nice change. Strangely, it still features Jordan, buuuut it’s the Jordan who’s not busy being distracted by a certain blood-mage.

The 411 on this scene: Dara and Jordan are getting ready to confront one of the people who killed Dara’s relative, Sarah. He’s not sure she’s capable of torturing the man, and he’s making it clear he’ll accept nothing but the strong (slightly crazy) woman she’s capable of being. Jordan and Dara do not like each other.

“At Vinnie’s, will you be Athdara MacKechnie, America’s Favorite Liaison, wringing your hands in angst over hurting the little cretin who ripped your niece’s flesh from her bones? Or will you choose to be the bitch who came here yesterday to make me suffer for what I did to you? You can’t be both, I promise. Get such ideas out of your head right now. There is no middle ground. You are either judge and executioner, or you are worthless.”

Hope you’ll check out the other many wonderful entries at the Six Sunday website. 

Coming up this week, I will be interviewing Kim Carmichael and LM Preston. Hope to see you then.

Six Sentence Sunday (11/25/12) – #sixsunday

Good morning guys and gals. Hope you had a fabulous Thanksgiving and Black Friday (for those in the States) and a super week (for those who aren’t in the States). 

I’ve been buried for the past week and a half in edits on Prophet. It’s been quite an experience as I had to totally change a particular part of the plot, and after long discussion with SEEGL (definition found HERE), I had to go back and rewrite many of the smaller scenes to account for changes in the overall scope of the book. So it’s been a lot of work, but hopefully will do good things.

Today’s entry on SSS comes from one of the chapter openers (aka squiblets). It is an email between two of the non-human leaders, the White Lion Patriarch of the Western African Savannah to the Great Jaguar Matron of the Argentine Territories. The vamps aren’t the only ones aware of something dark going on in the world.

My Dearest Friend: I trust the season finds you well. I write out of respect for our mutual interests. Our shaman is troubled in these times. His spirit companion speaks to him of ancient evil bidding to return. I know your clans have your own shamans, unlike most of our northern brethren who have abandoned our spiritual paths for the heathen ways of the city-dwellers. Have yours spoken to you of danger approaching?

There you go. Hope you enjoyed, and don’t forget to check out the other participants by visiting the Six Sentence Sunday website

My guests for Word-Slingers this week will be Laura Hawks and a spotlight on KaSonndra Leigh’s third book. C’mon back for those! 

Six Sentence Sunday (11/18/12) – #sixsunday

Holy moly, it’s almost Thanksgiving, the Shrimpettes are almost 20 months old, and I just survived my first camp-out with the Cub Scouts.

Today’s SSS comes from edits on Prophecy of Blood (coming in January I hope). Chris and Jordan are getting told a lot of very confusing information by a friend of Chris’s/enemy of Jordan’s and Chris is rather amused when Jordan sits as far as he can from Xanthea.

A few swigs of tequila might help things look clearer. Probably not, but it never hurt to try. Jordan chose the widest part of the sectional to sit on, likely because it was the furthest place from Xanthea. The two of them didn’t have a cordial relationship. She’d promised to dismember him for his actions against Chris’s best friend, Dee MacKechnie. The again, Chris could count on the figures of one hand how many people were on “good terms” with the man, and she’d still have four fingers left over if she counted herself.

So there you go. Don’t forget to check out other entrants at the Six Sentence Sunday website. Hope you have a happy Sunday!

Six Sentence Sunday (10/28/12) – #sixsunday

Here we are on Sunday once again. Yay! And only a few days left until Halloween. Fun times. Don’t forget, after you’ve read my Six Sentences to visit the main site and look at the other offerings.

Today’s entry comes from a short I did called The Lie which came out a little over a week ago in the Wildfire Newsletter as its Daily Sizzle. If you want to read the whole thing, you can find it HERE (toward the bottom). The Lie is a historical which shows just what it was that Anthony told Dara to make her believe he could be a murderer when she knew him to be a good man. He clears that mess up finally in Blood Rage, and we learn why he lied to her as well.

The world contracted until only His Grace and the scent of candle wax remained. She shook her head in disbelief, hoped she was misunderstanding. She straightened and searched his face for some hint she might be wrong. “Yet you’re here.”
A chill ripped down her spine at the ice-cold smile he flashed her, so disdainful. “I came to see your reaction, love, to watch you crumble in the dirt when you discovered dear, sweet little Jeremiah and Edward were gone.”

There you go! 

I’ve got a final two stops on the Dream-Walker War tour (with its $25 gift card give-away at the end) this week. In theory, there will be a review from Reviews by Molly on Monday (though she’s been running behind lately) and a review at Intoxicated by Books on Wednesday. Don’t forget to stop by and comment and/or tweet about the stop for a chance to win the gift card and both books in the series.

My guest here on Word-Slingers tomorrow will be Krystal Shannan. Hope to see you then.