Tory’s Friday Ramblings (10/3/14)

Happy Friday everyone. I know, it’s been a few weeks and I’m sorry. I just really haven’t had much to talk about. I still don’t have much, but I’ll ramble on for a bit anyway.


When last we posted, Rue was just about to join the house. She’s now a member of the family. This is a picture from this morning:

2014-10-03 05.10.43

Here’s from the first day we had her:

2014-09-12 20.23.04Hard to tell, but she’s grown a LOT since we first got her. She’s actually got some heft to her and lord knows her legs are longer.


Going camping this weekend with the boy. First camp out of the year for the Boy Scouts. On a good note, we finally broke down and bought a tent so we could stop borrowing the pack’s. It’s taller and bigger than the borrowed one, which will be nice. It’s pretty easy to put up too, thank goodness. Not sure how the rain sheet goes on on top, but I’ll get someone to help me figure it out.

Pixie loves having her picture taken and will, like her brother did before her, grab my phone and say, “Take a picture, Mommy.” Here’s one from this morning:

2014-10-03 04.53.19She’s cute and her hair is awesome. You get it even a little damp (aka walk out in the Florida humidity) and it goes aalllllll curly and stuff. Really, really springy sproingy spiral curls. Don’t have a good picture unfortunately.

She is also becoming a bit of a smart aleck. I was trying to eat and get to scouts with Shrimp on Monday. She hadn’t eaten any of her sandwich, just her chips, and I told her she hadn’t even touched her sandwich. So…she reached out and tapped the sandwich.

Sigh. I wonder where she gets that from. God, I get how grandkids are a parents’ revenge now. I’m so sorry, Mommy.

Blondie is still blondie. Silly and adorable. She transformed from Cousin It (aka bangs down to her nose) back into herself last weekend courtesy of a trim.

2014-09-27 11.08.17 2014-09-27 11.14.15








And for the first time, we finally bought them clothes from the girls aisle, rather than the toddler/baby rack.

2014-09-29 06.42.03 2014-09-29 06.41.58








Don’t look much alike, do they? Sigh.


Still waiting to hear whether or not my rewrite on Locked is a go or no go. Argh. Still can’t get much purchase on Carved’s rewrite, but I’ve definitely revised the characters themselves. Sarah actually gained a personality and a life of her own rather than being the timid little mouse.


That’s pretty much it. Hope you have a great weekend. I’ll let you know how the camp-out went!


Tory’s Friday Ramblings (12/20/13) (Beacon #contest update included)

Happy Friday, everyone!


You knew it was coming, didn’t you? Well, they were supposed to pour the foundation a couple days ago, but due to some rain, there was a failed inspection and so thus far, they haven’t gotten the slab poured. However, everything’s in place to do so, as evidenced by these pictures:

2013-12-19 17.31.56 2013-12-19 17.31.37 2013-12-19 17.31.42

I’m totally weird, but utterly psyched to be seeing construction move forward. We have a tentative timeline for the building process now. Frame up at the end of December, frame orientation (whatever that is) end of January, and possible closing end of April. So…YAY! Timelines are good!

On Writing

ARGH! I hate waiting. And yes, I’m waiting to hear something. It keeps getting pushed back on me, but they swore it would be this week. Nada yet, so…yeah. Probably not going to happen this week, but oh well. I’m fairly certain it will be good news, one way or another given I haven’t gotten bad news yet and bad news travels fast, but one never knows. I’ve got my fingers crossed. Yes, deets will be provided once/if I get them.

I did hear on something else though. I’m going to be an intern at Entangled Publishing. I’m really happy about that. I’ve long wanted to see the other side of the publishing process, and now I’ll get a peek at what it’s all about. I got the email when I got up this morning that I’d been accepted. Yaaaay! I’ll be one of four new interns to the phenomenal Candace Havens, publishing diva extraordinaire (she writes and gets published many many books, edits, and has a day job along with a family – and you people thought I was overloaded in all that I do…yeah, Candace so leaves me in the dust).

On Family

Shrimp had his winter awards ceremony for Cub Scouts this week. I finally got him his new Scout uniform (literally put the emblems on less than an hour before the ceremony – yeesh). It was fun, though the Shrimpettes were a handful.

Some pictures for your pleasure:

2013-12-16 18.54.04 2013-12-16 18.54.12 2013-12-16 19.06.47 2013-12-16 18.00.08


He’s just getting so big. My lil’ boy isn’t so little any more. And the girls are goobers. Busy, bouncy, crazy goobers. And all three are all MINE! You can’t have them. Hehe. Yes, I can be fond of them right now – they’re asleep, and thus quiet. Such a rare thing in this house, quiet.

Beacon Contest Update

Yes, I take shameless advantage of my own blog to do stuff like this. I’m not too proud to pimp for my chapter from time to time. We have the winners at long last and they’ve all been notified. This information will be posted shortly on the First Coast Romance Writer’s website shortly as well.

Contemporary Series (Agent Marisa Corvisiero, Editor Christine Brower)
1st – The Ren by Sarah Bailey**
2nd – Finding Home by Bonnie Forsythe**
3rd – Imperfect Gentleman by Natalie Meg Evans*

FFP (Agent Andrea Somberg, Editor Kerri-Leigh Grady)
1st – A Rip in Time by Helen Pilz*
2nd – Blood Pain & Pleasure by Nadine Mutas*
3rd – Sanctuary by J.K. Hover**

Erotic Romance (Agent Beth Miller, Editor Linda Ingmanson)
1st – His Law to Obey by Reagan Phillips**
2nd – Rules for Burning by Chloe Carson**
3rd – Breaking all the Rules by Virginia Paige**
4th – An Altered State of Betrayal by Bonnie Madison

Historical Romance (Agent Laura Bradford, Editor Elizabeth Poteet)
1st – Deal With the Devil by Cindy St. James**
2nd – Fool’s Gold by Cari Davis
3rd – Winds of Fate by Elizabeth Bysiek**

Single Title (Agent Rebecca Strauss, Editor Kate Dresser)
1st – Why Can’t This Be Love? by Lee Kilraine**
2nd – Second Chance in Sweetgrass by Megan Coakley*
3rd – Goodbye to Love by Carla Kempert
4th – The Sweetheart Deal by Allison Morse*

Romantic Suspense (Agent Courtney Miller-Callihan, Editor Allison Lyons)
1st – Worth Running For by Kairee Taylor
2nd – Not Quite Legal by Christina Elle
3rd – Dangerous Dreams by Abbie Roads**

Women’s Fiction (Agent Michelle Grajkowski, Editor Leis Pederson)
1st – One More Breath by Pamela Kopfler**
2nd – Glory Glory the Majorettes are Forty by Linda Bond
3rd – Holding at Love by Judy Fogarty**

Young Adult (Agent Kevan Lyons, Editor Rebecca Kilman)
1st – Macha by Barbara Gerr**
2nd – Silk by Louise Cusack*
3rd – Descent by Kathleen McMahon

* Synopsis Requested
** Full Requested

We’d like to thank our judges at this time as well, most especially the phenomenal Ms. Kilman, who stepped up at the last minute when another judge had to drop out.

Congratulations winners!

In Conclusion

Sorry this post was so long this week, but had a lot of stuff to get out. So – are you guys ready for Christmas? What are you doing for the big day? Talk to me, pretty please?

Tory’s Friday Ramblings (11/29/13)

Black Friday’s Here! Can I get an OH YEAH!

Oh, wait, I don’t do Black Friday. After one nightmarish experience at the inhumanity to be found at Walmart, I swore off. Yeesh.

So, how was your Thanksgiving (for those in the US)?

On Family

Well, we had a great Thanksgiving for the most part. It was mostly relaxed, the first time it’s just been the five of us since the Shrimpettes were born. We totally enjoyed that part.

Here are some pictures of mine! Mostly food though. Click on the pictures to be linked to where we got the recipes for each. The only thing I prepared was the pie (hey, I bake, not cook – don’t judge).

2013-11-28 14.34.272013-11-28 15.30.11

  2013-11-28 15.30.49

2013-11-28 09.15.19 

2013-11-28 17.47.02

2013-11-28 16.10.12

Here are the kids eating dinner (Daddy and I were drinking wine)

Shrimp and Twin B chillin’ on the couch afterward.

On Home

Wednesday, our DR Horton agent emailed us, saying the permits had FINALLY been gotten on the house, so they would be starting construction soon. Understand, we signed the contracts at the end of May. We had to fix our credit before they would even start the building process, so it’s been a long time.

Here’s the lot back in June (and until this week):

2013-06-09 07.52.13And here’s the lot as of yesterday:

2013-11-28 12.46.38They have finally begun the process. I’ve never been so excited to see dirt in my entire life. Hehehe. Yes, there will be regular updates and pictures so you can share the excitement of the new house with us!

On Writing

You may note I have put up a new word counter. That’s right – I’ve started the second draft of Carved in Stone. Not much yet, and some things keep shifting around in my head, but I think I’ve got a decent handle on this story (unlike all my false starts with Locked) and the characters. I’ve come to the sad conclusion that my heroes aren’t alphas. Cal, the hero of Locked definitely isn’t an alpha. At all. Protective, yes. A beta, yes. Alpha no. Tom, the hero of Carved may have some alpha tendencies, but he’s still very much a beta. He’s not interested in being large and in charge.

And then there’s Lucas, the presumed hero of Sealed. As the head of the Sentinel Corp, he’d better be all alpha, big and bad. Matthew, the novella hero, the jury’s still out on. He’s introduced in Carved, but doesn’t have much chance to develop. I’ve got plans for him though.

Other than that, there’s nothing really to report. I’m still sitting out in la la land, and that’s frustrating, to say the least, buuuut at least I haven’t gotten a no yet. At least not from the publisher I submitted to. Plenty of agents have passed, or just not responded (thus passing). But it’s in part the query. I just haven’t gotten around to rewriting it yet. I’ve been more interested in writing the stories for a change. I’m amazed that I’ve actually written two entire (well, one entire and one slap-dash piece of junk that needs to be rewritten from the bottom up) books in one year. Those of you who’ve followed me for a while know that is a HUGE accomplishment for me. And, maybe given I have other books/series ideas floating around, maybe next year I’ll get 3 written. My goal, ultimately, is 4 a year. I’ll never been a speed demon, pumping them out at the rate of 1 every two weeks like someone I can think of specifically, but I side with the idea that that’s because I invest real quality in my works (you might be able to tell I’m not a fan of the one I’m thinking of).

In Conclusion

So – what are you doing today? What’d you do yesterday for Thanksgiving? Are you braving Black Friday crowds, relaxing in a food coma, or writing? Me? I’m home with all three kids while Daddy’s working. Hopefully I’ll get some writing done and play some Final Fantasy XIV (my current obsession).

Here’s one final picture to make you smile. I have no idea how they ended up in bed together – normally Sam’s on the floor and Jackie’s sprawled out on her bed. But last night, apparently they wanted to sleep together.

2013-11-28 21.01.36

Tory’s Friday Ramblings (10/4/13)

Happy Friday everyone!

On Life

I turned 37 this week. Oh yay. No, really. I don’t care that much about birthdays (at least mine). I feel better this year than I did in years past, and overall, I don’t feel like I’m getting old. Older, maybe, but not old (unlike hubby who’s bemoaning the fact that he’ll be 40 in April). Work was awesome. A couple of co-workers got me a tiara:

2013-10-02 09.28.57I have it at my desk now to make me smile and remember that people really do seem to like me. Yay! There was also an awesome cake:

2013-10-02 15.08.48

Yes, it tasted as delicious as it looks (and yes, I’m an Elizabeth in non-author life). Pure, yummy chocolate.  My boss gave me a bottle of perfumed lotion from Spadaro (sorry, no picture of that) and a bottle of wine (her significant other belongs to a wine-of-the-month club and I frequently benefit from it).

I came home and hubby finally wished me happy birthday (he’d deliberately held out, knowing it would bug the heck out of me). He bought a steak for us (kids got hotdogs), a beautiful Publix cake (red velvet) and a bottle of wine. He knows me so well and I love the man. And yes, people know to get me wine. I drink once, maybe twice, a week. Not an alchy, promise. I had a lovely birthday altogether, and definitely lower stress than the past few have been.

On Writing

I finished Locked in Stone!!!

Yes, that had to be in green and big print. That book from hell is finally done. I’ve got a quick few edits to make (almost done with those too) and then it’s off to the person who requested the full thing (I was up front that I was submitting a proposal at the time, so don’t gripe at me for submitting an unfinished WIP).

Now I’ve moved on to querying and God, I haven’t missed doing that. My stomach is a mess (from more than just too much cake) and I’m being even more nutsoid than normal about checking my email. Refresh, refresh, did they get it, are they using it as a dartboard, argh! But that’s the name of the publishing game, hurry up and wait.

I just have to figure out what I’m going to work on next. Will it be a continuation of the Dream-Walker War, the second book in the Hearts of Stone series, or something new? I don’t know and I’ll have to figure it out fast. I don’t want to go through another 6-month+ dry spell with my writing.

So, I guess that’s it for this week.

Hope you had a great beginning of October and please, chime in and tell me your writing successes/triumphs!

Tory’s Friday Ramblings (9/27/13)

Happy Friday, everyone!  The weather’s finally shifting here in Florida and it’s actually cooled down outside. It would have been a great morning to go for a walk (which I’m trying to do more of to return to my weight loss regime), but instead I told myself I needed to work on Locked.  Yeah, I got some done on it, but not as much as I should have thus far.

On Writing

I gotta gotta gotta focus on writing so much so I can finish it this weekend. As you can see from my progress widget to your right, I definitely jumped forward this week. I’m coming to the climactic series of scenes to bring it to an end at last. In fact, I’ve finally brought the heroine’s mother back, which has been the driving force behind the character of Rose since the get-go. Unfortunately, it is not going to be a happy reunion. I’m looking forward to the big battle between Cal (the hero) and one of the many villains of the book. That’s only in part for the battle itself. I also get to bring in a full angel to the fight and finally resolve some of Cal’s haunting fears and regrets. Yay!

On Work

Ummm, it’s work. Not much to share, though I have to say even though I might grumble (a lot) about my boss and her quirks (like swearing she game me something and getting pissed when I argue that she hadn’t), but she’s also quick to acknowledge when she’s wrong and apologizes (as long as I point out her error when she’s had a chance to stop being pissed). Yes, that happened this week. We work together well, for the most part.

On Family

Oh, wow. The shrimpettes are just very quickly adding to their vocabulary. I’m so happy to hear them actually getting words out in English instead of toddlerese. Granted, Jackie will still go off in long babbling sentences where literally one or two words is decipherable, the rest just gibber jabber (Example: blah blah blah Mommy blah blah blah bite!) You know she’s telling you something she finds important, because she staring right at you with a very serious expression on her face and I can’t understand her! ARGH!

Shrimp is doing okay for the most part in school. His progress report was good, except for the B in behavior. ::sigh:: Unfortunately, little incidents like letting his drool dribble out onto the carpet do get him in trouble. ::facedesk:: Oy. But he’s a lot of fun when he plays with the girls like they’ve been doing lately. He wants to be their big brother so much. He gave them horsie rides this week and man, oh man, Sam was lovin’ it. See for yourself:

2013-09-24 18.30.35


Jackie got rides too, but she couldn’t stay on as well as Sammie did. Sorry the picture’s a bit blurry, but that was the best I could do.

Anyway, that’s enough for me for the week. Hope you have a fabulous weekend and keep your fingers crossed on my finishing the book from hell (aka Locked in Stone, my nemesis for six months now).

In closing, check out my beautiful children:

2013-09-21 12.52.55 2013-09-21 12.53.08 2013-09-21 15.15.16 2013-09-21 15.19.56 2013-09-21 15.19.59 2013-09-24 19.07.49

Friday Ramblings a Day Early. Post 400!

Okay, so it’s not Friday, but I have a post set to post tomorrow and I wanted to be sure to acknowledge my 400th blog post!  Woohoo! I never expected I’d actually keep blogging, and it’s definitely been a growing/learning experience as I figured out what worked for me. Tragically, given I moved from Blogger to WordPress, I have almost no official audience any more. It’s very sad. 😦 But hopefully I’ll get more followers as time goes by.

On Writing

I swear, Locked in Stone, my current WIP, simply just doesn’t want to be finished. On a good note, I’m at 58k or so (see the side-bar for current word count). I also have a distinct idea of where I’m going. Unfortunately, I’m in the middle of a battle scene and I hate writing those. Almost as much as I dislike writing sex scenes. Happily, Locked doesn’t have any sex. The main two characters do fall for each other, but it’s a mutual respect/love thing, not physical for the most part. I couldn’t/wouldn’t justify having sex when they pretty much just meet and the story takes place over approximately 4 days (so only 6 days after the heroine’s mother was killed).

I wanted to finish this by next Monday, and was on track to do that (averaging close to 6k/day), but I’ve taken 2 days off, so yeah, not gonna happen. Still have hopes of getting this done and possibly submitted by my birthday (October 2). We shall see. Silly to be racing like this, but I’m feeling good about what I have written and have a clear path to the end. It just may not be at 90k like I thought (ahhh, what a silly dream, to think I’d write shorter than 95-100k, hehe).

On Parenting

Oy. That’s pretty much what I have to say on that matter. Sammie has been particularly trying of late. Yes, I know, she frequently is, but last weekend into Monday was REALLY bad. She’d been dropped into the “Demon Spawn Who Will Not Be Named” category, which happens when I’m absolutely fed up with her.  She has temper tantrums that are super bad and so frustrating because I can’t figure out why she’s upset. Oh, I can usually identify the sparking point, but why I can’t get her to calm down, I still don’t know.

Jackie, on the other hand, for the most part, is amenable and quiet. Really quiet.

At least both of them are definitely stringing words into sentences AT LAST! I was getting really worried about that, since they’re almost two and a half now (Sunday marks 2.5 years).

Garrett is happy to be back in Cub Scouts for the year. It’s his only external activity, so I’m happy for him. I just hate going to the meetings. But this year is definitely better than last. He’s a wolf cub now, and they seem to expect/need very little interaction at the meetings. I’m not feeling guilty for holing up with a book while they’re doing scouting stuff like I did last year.

On Housing

We signed a contract back in May to get a house built in the subdivision we live in. The only change in the lot since that time has been the placement of a “sold” sign. Nothing else. Turned out we needed to finish our credit repair course (done through the builder’s home-buyer club) before they’d move on and start building. Well, we are FINALLY moving forward. Our credit (read here my credit) is finally to the point where they’ll accept us. The loan officer is actually mailing us the loan application and list of documentation needed. So, hopefully I’ll be able to start posting pictures soon to show the building progression.

All right. As always, I’ll finish off with a picture or three of uber-cute twins (I don’t get non-posed shots of Garrett very often). Have a great day every one!

2013-09-13 06.24.18 2013-09-13 06.25.46 2013-09-15 15.36.09


Tory’s Friday Ramblings

Hi there everyone! It’s FRIDAY! Yay! This is going to be the inaugural post for my Friday Ramblings. That way you’ll know to expect something like this each week. I’ll try to come up with a topic to actual ramble on. 🙂

Overall, this is a good thing, for a change. Yeah, hubby has to work late tonight and part of tomorrow, but I’m strangely glad for the weekend. I’m not normally, to be honest, but this week I am. It’s been a hard week emotionally.

Yes, I’m still waiting to hear on that submission. I swing wildly between “OMG, they haven’t rejected me yet, they’re gonna accept!” and “OMG they’re just dragging this out to torture me and I’m going to get a big, fat rejection any day now.”

Those of you who know me (through my Blogger blog and/or FB and/or Twitter) know I am a hard-core pantser. I can’t stand to plot. Buuuut I keep running into a block on my current WIP, Locked in Stone. So, I’m giving the infamous Snowflake Method a try. It’s probably easier right now than it would be if I’d started with a completely brand-new story idea, but it’s still pretty rough. I actually came up with my logline though, so that’s good. I’ve got my three disasters and I’m currently working on Step 3 with Rose and Cal.

The Shrimpettes are doing great. I’ve got my drama queen and my laid-back goof-ball. The Shrimp went back to school this week and has gotten 4 good notes in a row. After all of last year’s problems, I’m very pleased. It was even kind of cute last night when he told us he almost got a bad note, but the teacher decided to go easy on him because it was the first week (once again, he was talking too much). And for me, him telling us about that was an awesome moment. He didn’t have to mention it at all because he hadn’t gotten the bad note, but he wanted to tell the truth! YAY for honesty!

Work’s work. Blah blah blah. Corporate law isn’t exactly the most exciting branch. God, I miss doing personal injury at times.

Finally, if you could put my brother in your prayers, I’d appreciate it. He tried to do something extremely stupid this week. As in a permanent solution to a temporary problem. He’s currently undergoing psych evaluation and so hopefully they’ll get him some help. I’m offering him a place to live if he wants to take the offer, but with the expectations that he actually help out around the house, not just lie around and do nothing all day.  We shall see if he takes me up on it or not.

Anyway, enough ramblings for one day.  I’ll close this with a barrage of cute kid pictures just ’cause I can. 2013-08-22 18.21.51 2013-08-22 18.22.00 2013-08-22 18.55.57 2013-08-22 18.56.14

Hi Everyone

It is now August 1st. Wow. This year just keeps zipping on by without pausing to let you breathe much.

The last few weeks just seem to have blurred all together. Unfortunately, I missed my self-imposed deadline on Locked in Stone. I’m past the 50% mark now (yay!) but as usual, I’ve ground to a halt the last few days. I could blame sick twins (the girls were sick over the weekend and only finished recovering yesterday), but truth is I’m lousy when it comes to being focused on my writing. It’s a very frustrating thing. I think I’ve got something with my Hearts of Stone series, but getting it out is the problem. I’ve gotten some great feedback thus far on what I’ve written, which is nice, but of course it’s going to require massive revisions (part of which I’ve already got in mind and is causing major problems because I’m itching to go back and start fixing it, but am forcing myself to get to the end before I allow myself the luxury).

Work in the real world is going well for the most part. I like my job and my co-workers. One of the lawyers…yeah, not a big fan, but I also feel sorry for him. He’s getting on in years and his mind is losing its sharpness. You know he knows it is, and that’s probably making him more frustrated than anything else.

Girls are growing like crazy. Daddy took this picture Monday as I was coming home from work:

It’s much clearer on my phone, and I’m not sure why it ended up looking so bad on the computer screen. It’s bigger my phone and crystal clear.
After a couple months of stalling out, my weight loss has continued, which is cool. The stall turned out to have been related to a heart issue I was having without knowing it. Losing weight would probably go faster if I put much effort into it. Still, I have my little victories (I’ve dropped another size, which was awesome, and was able to find more clothes that fit and looked okay on me).
Anyway, that’s it for now! Hope you’re enjoying the reviews I post. Talk to you soon!

Just Stuff

So, how’s everyone doing? I know i haven’t been posting much, but that’s largely because I don’t really have much to say lately that I haven’t said a bajillion times. However, I thought I’d come say some of it again today ’cause I haven’t done that in a bit.

As you might gather from the ticker to your right, I have (once again) decided to start over on my current WIP. It’s not pretty. I have such a PHENOMENAL idea for this book (series, really), and I keep stalling out on it. I’m not entirely sure what’s wrong. But I think I’ve got a notion and so I must go back to fix it (I’m working in a third POV character who I think is necessary for the hint of darkness I want to convey). Luckily, some of what I’ve got (hopefully half to 3/4 of it) should carry over with minimal tweaking beyond POV shifts.

Either that or I’m hanging up my writer’s hat. I just dunno. Feel like I should be doing more, but I just have lost my motivation, I guess.

Now the obligatory twin pictures:

Yeah, they’re both monkeys who enjoy climbing up on the table. We gave up on the booster seats and just imported chairs my in-laws left with us. They’re the perfect height and come with sides that block the girls into their seats at dinner.

Sam is STILL Little Miss I Don’t Believe In Sleep and she’s decided getting up at 4:45 in the morning is a good thing. At least on the weekends, I’ve been able to convince her to come sleep with Mommy when she pulls that. At least until 6, when the sun is up, then she’s pretty much decided it’s time for everyone (or at least Mommy) to get up and she will not stop squirming. She’s also the drama queen.

Jackie, as you can tell from that squinch-faced grin, is still my ham. She will now stink-eye on command, as well as pretend to sleep. Hehe. It’s hilarious in the car in the morning (yes, I have no life, I know that, but my toddlers give me some of my best giggles of the day).

Garrett is Garrett (no pictures because he doesn’t do much that’s amusing – just plays video games or stares at the TV…we’re working on forcing him outside more).

And then there’s my weight-loss efforts. I seem to have finally broken through a 20-day stall, and my exercise is increasing nicely. I can now walk 3+ miles in a single pop, though I prefer to break it up into 2 1.65 mile walks. I’m seriously considering entering a 5k that’s taking place in August. I can walk that distance now, but I’m not sure I want to sign up for something that highly encourages fundraising (it’s an American Lung Association walk). My feet hate me. I think I have plantar fascitis and maybe something else going on down there, but I’ll just have to deal with it for now. Don’t want to spend money on the doctor.

Writing, Weight Loss and Life

Hey there everyone.

As you may have noticed, my Word-Slingers posts have slowed down. That’s because I’m winding down my time as a blog-tour host. I don’t feel like I’m getting enough views to make it worth the authors’ time, and very rarely do they get any comments, so, I just think it’s best if I withdraw from that.

It does mean I might post more personal stuff again. Since I’m not really promoting my own work any more either (yeah, because the people who come here have already bought my stuff or decided they DON’T want to buy my stuff, and I’d rather not waste my time and yours with constant regurgitation), that leaves me with talking about my family and current projects more. 🙂

On Writing
As you can see from the ticker to your right, my current WIP is still floundering along. I’m past the half-way mark (FINALLY). I’m getting a much better feel for who the characters are and I think that’s going to make the second draft run much better (though it’ll take substantial work to get it into fighting shape). It’s turned into a three-person POV urban fantasy. You’ve got Rory, the (relatively speaking) wide-eyed innocent who’s dragged into a supernatural world she didn’t know existed, Gabe, the loner who’s ignored the supernatural world he knew existed because he didn’t feel he had a part in it, and Lucas, the leader figure of the North American contingent of good guys in said supernatural world.

There are plenty of secondary characters. And no, I haven’t been able to post either snippets or talk about specifics. I’m trying to keep the story idea mostly under wraps because I think it’s a really BIG idea and I’m protecting it. Hehe. Once I get an agent and/or contract, I’ll share more. Because yes, I am planning on trying to go the agent route once more.

On Weight Loss
Yup, it’s still going on! 33 pounds down as of last week, and I suspect I’ll have another 1-2 pounds this week. I got this little device called a Fitbit One (pedometer+) and discovered I’m more active than I thought. Granted, I’m not off running marathons, but I never will. I have no interest in running. Walking is enough for me (for now). I’ve added in climbing stairs. My fitness goal for the month of May is to be able to walk up all eight flights of stairs in the parking garage without stopping. Small, pathetic goal, but great for pushing my cardio. I’m up to about 5 flights in one shot now, and I’m climbing between 10 & 20 flights of stairs a day (when added all up). I’d like to get that number closer to 50 a day, but that’ll take time.

As the saying goes, weight loss and fitness isn’t a sprint, but rather a marathon. Okay, so maybe it’s not an official saying, but it works for me. I really want to make this lifestyle change permanent.

And, for the record, I’m doing it without starving myself. Honest to goodness, I’m eating between 1800 and 2000 calories a day and losing at a really nice pace (1-2 pounds a week).

On Life
Let’s see. Screamin’ Demon Sam is settling down some. We found a way of keeping her in her room until she falls asleep so that battle’s been won. Yay for parenting. Jokin’ Jackie is still as big a ham as ever. I swear, that girl lives to make me laugh. She’ll squinch-face and/or stink-eye me for no reason other than because she knows it’ll make me giggle. And yes, seeing your little toddler give you the stink-eye is HILARIOUS when it’s not because she’s actually pissed at you. And of course, let’s not leave out Garrett, my trouble-maker son. He loves tattling on the girls. Oy. But he’s getting into video games now, so that’s helpful for keeping him from driving us TOTALLY insane. Just partially. Heh.

All right, enough babble for this week. Here’s your twin-pic of the week. Sorry, no Garrett pictures. The boy rarely lets me take a picture of him without a goofy, obviously fake, grin.