Friday Rambling: Gargoyle vs. Grotesque (#gargoyles, #pnr #romance #paranormalromance)

So – exciting news, those of you looking forward to my first gargoyle book, it’s been sent to copyeditors. Pretty much, my part of the process (at least of the creative process) is done. WAHOO! And thankfully, after a final frantic 2-day last-minute edits, editorial people are good with it. Whew. I swear, I have never worked so hard on a book as I did on Locked…AFTER I had a contract on it. This is definitely a learning experience, peeps.

I wanted to clarify for people what a gargoyle is (or isn’t). An argument could be made that technically my gargoyles are actually grotesques, not gargoyles. Below are the definitions:SO –

  • According to Dictionary.Reference.Com (one of my favorite websites), a gargoyle is “a grotesquely carved figure of a human or animal” or “a spout, terminating in a grotesque representation of a human or animal figure with open mouth, projecting from the gutter of a building for throwing rain water clear of a building.” Here’s an example:
Gargoyles of Notre-Dame de Paris

Gargoyles of Notre-Dame de Paris

  • Also according to Dictionary, a grotesque is something which is odd or unnatural in shape, appearance, or character” and/or “fantastic in the shaping and combination of forms, as in decorative work combining incongruous human and animal figures with scrolls, foliage, etc.”
Grotesque at the University of Chicago

Grotesque at the University of Chicago

So you can see, there’s a bit of a difference. However, being a child of the 90’s, I grew up with the image of this as a gargoyle:


Goliath and Demona – Gargoyles: The Series

I’ve wanted to write about them ever since that series on TV. It’s silly, I was a bit old to be watching the Disney Afternoon at that point, but I loved the show. At least the first two seasons. The Goliath Chronicles (third season) didn’t float my boat. And those images have stuck with me ever since.

I’m about to start working on the next book in the series, which to my surprise, isn’t going to be the book I thought it was. Instead of my Reny/Tom book (Carved in Stone), it’s going to be Rory and Gabe (Sealed in Stone). I’m going to take the lessons learned from the editing process on Locked and apply them to the initial writing of this book. As you may notice, I no longer show having any progress on Sealed. I have to start it over because of a complete change in how the book is going to go, though many scenes should be able to be brought into this version. The basic story (Rory discovering what the heck she is and Gabe learning to accept himself as a Sentinel) won’t change, but the trappings will.

I’m excited to get started!

Just as a quick way to get you salivating – here’s my inspiration for Gabe’s appearance. Have a great day!

Gabe Lennox/Paul Walker

Gabe Lennox/Paul Walker


Tory’s Friday Ramblings (10/31/14)

Happy Halloween people! In honor of the day, this entire post shall be written in orange! Hehe.

On Work

Well, let’s see.  My cubicle/cell mate is leaving for greener pastures today so I’m very sad about that. I don’t like change in anything, but especially work. I rather like her and who knows how I’ll feel about the newbie, so I’ll be all out of sorts for the next week+ until the replacement arrives, and then we’ll have to see. We’re doing brownies this afternoon to wish her good luck.

I’m trying to be more professional, at least in how I dress. It sucks because I end up wearing dresses and I hate dresses with a passion because I don’t like being without pants (the whole fat thighs rubbing together thing). However, I’ve found a compromise with two of my dresses – they’re long enough to wear shorts under. Hehe. Plus, this morning, I came out of the bedroom from getting dressed and BOTH girls chimed in “I like your new dress, Mommy” without prompting, so that gave me a warm fuzzy feeling. Granted, it’s not a new dress, but I’ve only worn it twice I think.

On Children

They’re adorable. Pains in the butt, but adorable just the same. We had a Halloween party with the Cub Scouts on Monday and the kids all got to wear their costumes. Blondie’s a faery (she claims it’s a butterfly costume and we don’t bother correcting her – it’s got wings, it works). Pixie is oh-so-appropriately a cute witch. Shrimp is a ninja. Blondie and Pixie were unique at the Halloween party.

CS Party1

There were three Elsas. I only got two of them together.

CS Party ElsasI don’t have a picture of the ninja. He was a ninja, so I couldn’t find him. There were also like 20 ninjas. Picture to be seen next Friday.

On Writing



So, that’s pretty much it. Hope you have a fantastic Halloween. We’re going trick-or-treating tonight. Chime in and let me know what YOUR plans are.

Tory’s Friday Ramblings (10/17/14)

I’m baaaack. Didja miss me?

Okay, I know, I know. No one misses me when I’m gone, but so what. I like to babble and where better than on the internet where there’s a chance millions might hear me. Heh. Not much of one, but hey, that works.

On Writing

I’ll just sum up with: ugh.

On Children

Oh, so much to say about this. Let’s see – I’ve gone on a campout with Shrimp. He learned to shoot a bow and while at least he didn’t shoot a tree like some of his camp-mates, he also only hit the target 3 of 5 times. He was disappointed, but even more so when he didn’t manage to touch the target at ALL when he took his shots at a BB target. At least he’ll get his BB Gun and Archery belt loops for the Scouts.


Then I took him to football last week. Let’s just say he doesn’t do well and leave it at that. But he made one interception and got awarded MVP. Hey, it’s I-9 sports and they’re trying to encourage him. So that’s something. Blondie was with me and I didn’t manage to watch much because I was busy chasing her down the entire time. This is the ONE time I managed to get her to stop and sit down:

JackieShe’s getting so big. And so mature in the face it seems.

And then there’s the demon spawn who’s decided to do SOMETHING each night that results in a time out and while in said time out pulls everything out of her toy box because she’s mad. Then her time-out gets extended until she gives in and puts everything back in the box. It takes a while. She is so STUBBORN. Hmm, that could be my fault. She’s a little me after all. Ugh. I mean, just look at this face. The face of a demon Pixie!


Erm, okay, yeah, maybe she doesn’t look like a demon. But she is. She’s MY demon though and I love her to death.

On Music

Here’s one I haven’t talked about for a while, if ever. I have Amazon Prime and they allow you to stream millions of songs. I was flipping through the soundtracks listing and I came across the Epic Action and Adventure CDs.

EAAThat’s the first of 14. I LOVE instrumental music and classical music and this series of CDs is phenomenal. I can definitely chill out just listening to it and it feel so good sometimes. I swear I can actually feel muscles unknot when I listen. There’s also a couple of tracks on like CD 11 or 12 where I swear I can visualize an aerial battle with my gargoyles.


Yeah. We still have the Puppy Rue. I’m amazed we still have the dog. I’ve nearly killed her (and me) on multiple occasions because she winds around my legs. Oy vey, it’s a nightmare with that wretched animal. AND she won’t go to the bathroom on a leash, which is now necessary because she can run like the wind and likes to dash across the huge front yard and into the street. She doesn’t like to be shut out in the back yard either. Argh.

There’s lots of spots on our carpet every day that require cleaning.

RueBut, like the Demon Pixie and Blondie, she’s cute so I allow her to survive.


Welp, that’s it. Stay tuned for many more book reviews. I’m enjoying that at least. 🙂

Have a great weekend!

Tory’s Friday Ramblings (10/3/14)

Happy Friday everyone. I know, it’s been a few weeks and I’m sorry. I just really haven’t had much to talk about. I still don’t have much, but I’ll ramble on for a bit anyway.


When last we posted, Rue was just about to join the house. She’s now a member of the family. This is a picture from this morning:

2014-10-03 05.10.43

Here’s from the first day we had her:

2014-09-12 20.23.04Hard to tell, but she’s grown a LOT since we first got her. She’s actually got some heft to her and lord knows her legs are longer.


Going camping this weekend with the boy. First camp out of the year for the Boy Scouts. On a good note, we finally broke down and bought a tent so we could stop borrowing the pack’s. It’s taller and bigger than the borrowed one, which will be nice. It’s pretty easy to put up too, thank goodness. Not sure how the rain sheet goes on on top, but I’ll get someone to help me figure it out.

Pixie loves having her picture taken and will, like her brother did before her, grab my phone and say, “Take a picture, Mommy.” Here’s one from this morning:

2014-10-03 04.53.19She’s cute and her hair is awesome. You get it even a little damp (aka walk out in the Florida humidity) and it goes aalllllll curly and stuff. Really, really springy sproingy spiral curls. Don’t have a good picture unfortunately.

She is also becoming a bit of a smart aleck. I was trying to eat and get to scouts with Shrimp on Monday. She hadn’t eaten any of her sandwich, just her chips, and I told her she hadn’t even touched her sandwich. So…she reached out and tapped the sandwich.

Sigh. I wonder where she gets that from. God, I get how grandkids are a parents’ revenge now. I’m so sorry, Mommy.

Blondie is still blondie. Silly and adorable. She transformed from Cousin It (aka bangs down to her nose) back into herself last weekend courtesy of a trim.

2014-09-27 11.08.17 2014-09-27 11.14.15








And for the first time, we finally bought them clothes from the girls aisle, rather than the toddler/baby rack.

2014-09-29 06.42.03 2014-09-29 06.41.58








Don’t look much alike, do they? Sigh.


Still waiting to hear whether or not my rewrite on Locked is a go or no go. Argh. Still can’t get much purchase on Carved’s rewrite, but I’ve definitely revised the characters themselves. Sarah actually gained a personality and a life of her own rather than being the timid little mouse.


That’s pretty much it. Hope you have a great weekend. I’ll let you know how the camp-out went!

Tory’s Friday Ramblings (9/12/14)

It’s here. The day of the Great Pup-ocalypse is upon my house. Sigh.

The Great Pup-Ocalypse


This little darling will be joining my household in about 5 hours. There will be pictures of course. And she’s much older than in this picture now (she was like 3 weeks old when it was taken and she’s 8 weeks now).

She is an English Springer Spaniel currently nicknamed Rue, after the character in Hunger Games (though I might, er, rue the day I agreed to this). We couldn’t agree on any names weeks ago when the breeder (don’t judge for us going to a breeder, it wasn’t MY idea) and Rue was the only one that came close. And since then, no one’s had any suggestions we could all live with. Shrimp’s suggested Starfire, Raven, and a couple others…all from Teen Titans Go. Hubby said no cartoon characters, and I agreed simply because MY options (Chassy, Connie, and Christine) were shot down too because he didn’t want her named after a character in a book I’d written. Sigh.

So, we will add Rue to our house of madness. That makes 3 kids (8/3/3), Hubby, Tory, Mika the Psycho Siberian Husky, Molly the cat, and Rue. Yes, 8 critters will live here.

I must be insane.

On Writing

By the grace of the almighty, I finished my rewrite of Locked in Stone AND got it turned into the editor. I was soooooo relieved Monday night when I turned it it. Crit Partner Extraordinare said it’s good, but she only has read the first half – I ran out of time to send it to her so she doesn’t know the whole thing.

I like it, for the most part, but I’m mourning the loss of several subplots. HOWEVER, I’ve decided that’s not such a bad thing because it really opened up what I could do in later books. I’d been so focused for so long on putting everything into three (or four) books, that I’d really closed my mind to tone and whatnot.

Which was totally killing me on the fact that I had to rewrite Carved, since that wasn’t my favorite book to read. I came to the conclusion Tuesday night that if I’m rewriting Carved, I’m really rewriting it. As in, I’m totally remaking the plot and the issues involved. It was very, VERY dark and my basic personality and style doesn’t do dark very well, so I can really lighten it up and that actually almost makes me excited. However, if I turn it into the issue I’m considering, I’ll have to do some last minute tweaks to Locked (ugh) to change a character that’s introduced, or at least his basic appearance. Not a big deal, I just have to remember to do it.

On Children

2014-09-06 18.54.18

They’re cute. I love them. And last night, because we were out of diapers (well, we had enough for last night, but that was it), Hubby decided to cut the girls off and go cold-turkey on sleeping sans diaper.

NEITHER ONE PEED THE BED! WAHOO! They woke up dry and one claims she got up and went potty in the bathroom – I’m skeptical because neither girl likes the door closed on their bedroom and the claimer’s door was still very much shut when I got up this morning. If she did, good for her!




Yes, I’m excited. It’s sad how excited I am over that little factor. Granted, diaper and wipe expense had been way down since they were potty-trained for daytime, but still…

On Reviewing

I swear to God, I am truly addicted to books. Even though I’ve got like 35+ on my list from NetGalley (about 1/3 are already read, I’m just bad about writing the actual review), I go to NetGalley every freakin’ day looking for more. I just can’t stay away.

I’m also expecting an actual physical ARC any day now. The upcoming release of Larissa Ione’s next book (see my post from last week for the blurb/cover). I’m soooo excited to actually get a physical copy of a book from a publisher. Hehe. Sad, but true. I take joy in really silly, geeky things.

To Conclude

Okay, that’s pretty much it for me today. I have no life except my children, books, and work.

Have a great week! (And here’s the cover just ’cause I love it):



Tory’s Ramblings (9/2/14)

2014-08-30 11.45.22

Nope – your eyes do not deceive you, I am rambling, it’s been weeks, and it is a Wednesday. Go figure, right? Well, I’ve just been focusing on other stuff (insert here insane screams and frantic frustration with ongoing rewrite of Locked in Stone) so haven’t been able to give you your Friday-morning pick-me-ups (okay, babble on because I wanna share my not-so-interesting life).

Yes, that’s bread up top. I’m currently experimenting with different bread recipes and I took that picture to show size difference between an earlier loaf and the loaf I made on Saturday (the ones I made on Sunday were better).

On Writing

As you may have gathered from my opening statement, the rewrite of Locked is dragging on and on and on. I’ve crossed the 2/3 (approximately) mark and I think it’s reading well, but I’m sooooo nervous given this book will likely make or break the gargoyle series for me. I want to do it well and it’s so different from my vampire series I don’t know how to be sure of anything any more. Yeah, I know all books are different, but the characters themselves (at least the heroes) are incredibly different from my vampires.

All the heroes (okay, all 2 or 3 of them) in the Dream-Walker War were up-front, alpha and/or dominant men. Thus far, as they are portrayed, all three of my heroes are BETAS! Only one of them (the Locked hero, Cal) has any inclination toward rising in the ranks and asserting himself as top dog, and even he’s currently satisfied with his position as second in command. The other two have other issues they want to deal with and have no driving need to be in control. It’s very odd.

On Children

I think children are the most confusing, frustrating, challenging, and yet rewarding tasks we are ever assigned. I love all three of my beautiful babies, but wow…one never knows where you’re going to end up with you have children.

Shrimp went to a birthday party on Sunday at a local place call Pump it Up. There were bounce things and slides, and black light so he glowed. Hehe. Don’t have a picture of that, but I do have this:

2014-08-31 14.27.59He insisted I take the picture of him like that. ::eye roll::

Then there’s my little wanna-be chocoholic, Jackatwin. She doesn’t just eat chocolate, she becomes one with the chocolate (and ice cream as the case may be):

2014-08-31 19.40.17And finally my restless sleeper. Sigh. I never know where she’s going to sleep (though she almost always ends up out on the couch by the time I get up…go figure). We tell her she has to stay in her room or we’ll close the door. She loves to push the edge. Notice where her feet are:

2014-08-31 21.35.00


On House

Still loving my house. Hubby wants to keep doing stuff to it and I really don’t mind. We added a little stone border around the front flower beds. I don’t have a picture yet, forgot to take it, but the border looks great. I’ll have a picture soon!

It’s amazing how well oven cleaner works if you don’t let the mess build up too much before you use it. And without very much effort either! Yay!


So, there you have it, my life in a nutshell. Not much going on, but I’m living it as best I can. Have a great week everyone.




Tory’s Friday Rambling (8/8/14)

Well howdy there folks. Didja miss me last week? Don’t call out all at once! Heh, okay, anyway. It’s Friday and it’s August. Ugh. Hot month. Uber-hot month. Lots to say, well, grumble about this week.

On Writing

Welp, as you can see, I’m zooming along in my rewrite. It’s … like nothing I’ve ever done before, rewriting a story to shift focus from plot to character. Granted, I fully get the difference between plot-driven and character-driven now. I’m just struggling with how to tone down plot. Editor agreed to take a look at the first quarter or so to see if I’m on the right track. I got that sent off to her and we’ll see what she thinks. Got my fingers crossed.

On Agent

Yeah…I don’t have one any more. There were some differences in style and communication between agent and me, so I decided to terminate the relationship. It was a great experience and I’m very grateful to her for her help with Entangled. It just wasn’t … a good fit. Goes to show you may want something and then when you get it, you realize it wasn’t what you expected at all.

Live and learn, right?

On Children

Pixie has taken to sleeping on the couch. Oh, she’ll go to bed in her bed (after an hour+ fight every night) but by 5 in the morning (this morning when I left to walk at 4a, the living room was dark and empty, when I came back there was a Pixie asleep on the couch and the light was on) she’s camped out on the couch. Aggravating considering I depend on that hour between walk and 6 to keep my sanity.

Blondie…has developed a really big attitude. In her own way, she’s as stubborn as Pixie. She doesn’t necessarily SHOW the stubbornness, but it lurks there under her sunny, goofy nature.

Pixie also hasn’t entirely given up her night-time clothes changing ways. She went to bed wearing nightclothes (sometimes, if I’m lucky), and then she’ll either change clothes or take everything off. The other night I found her stark naked…except for one thing:

2014-08-02 23.32.26

Yes, she managed to put her sandals on and she slept with them on all night. I swear that girl’s going to be a shoes hog.

On House

I haven’t talked about the house in a while. I’m still loving our house. I can still catch a whiff of the “new house” smell when I come in the evening sometimes, which is awesome. There’s a lot of carpet in it to vacuum though. We’re trying to stay on top of the cleaning thing though. After the experience as we moved out of the rental, I now really get the need for heavier cleaning than just a simple vacuum a week.

Every so often, to get some peace and quiet, I’ll let Shrimp take the girls out in back and play with the hose. Such a simple form of entertainment, but they have tons of fun doing it. Yeah, it wastes some water, but (i) I get some peace and quiet while I’m cleaning up after dinner, and (ii) I get to hear them squeal with laughter and let them blow off energy.

Weight Loss

I’ve gotten back into walking. I’m trying to get to 6-7 days a week, walking almost 3 miles (just exercise, not counting all the regular walking). I usually manage 4 days. It’s actually helping to be in a FitBit group ( if you want to see what a fitbit is) of fellow Entangled Authors because I’m competitive and I hate the fact that I’m not on top of the steps walked chart. I’m currently in about 5th place. Which bites, buuut I’ll take it considering I sucked last month for walking thanks to the June foot injury.

Unfortunately, as usual, I’m struggling with the eating thing. I’m doing a little better than the last time, buuut it’s a work in progress. I’ve got a long way to go.

I’ve definitely noticed an uptick in my energy levels since I started regularly walking again. Hubby noticed it about the same time I did, so it’s a real improvement.

Now if only the scale would acknowledge it. I know I should be losing because while I’m not eating perfectly, I know I should be at least maintaining, if not starting to see it go down. We’ll give it another week or so and I’ll keep working on my self-control and calorie counting. I’ll keep you in the loop ’cause I just know you’re fascinated by it. J/k…but I wanted to share my struggles.


So yeah, that’s it for me. Hope you’re all having a great August! See you next week.

Tory’s Friday Ramblings (7/25/14

Can you believe this is the last weekend in July already?! And for those of you involved in the romance community, tomorrow night are the Golden Heart and RITA awards at the RWA Nationals. My awesome crit partner’s there and I’m trying to live vicariously through her. I love her occasional texts about the seminars she’s in.

On Children

I am a baaaaad mommy. Pixie and I were playing and I managed to pull a little too hard on her arm as I was pulling her out of the crevice she’d wedged herself into (claiming she was stuck, but she coulda gotten out if she wanted to with no problem…it’s a game). I spent a very bad night convinced I’d somehow sprained or broken my child, but per the doctor, it was another dislocated elbow. The girl’s joints are quite loose it seems. I didn’t do it the first time (it was at daycare almost a year ago), but I sure did this time. God, I feel like crap. I wounded my child. She’s playing up the after effects though. I guess she liked getting all the attention for the day.

Blondie…ahh, Blondie. She’s being a royal PITA when it comes to bedtime. She doesn’t like staying in her bedroom at all. We’ve actually moved locks around since the baby gate was useless so now when we put them in a timeout we can actually keep them in their rooms for a few minutes. Yeesh.

On Writing

OMG…I got my editorial letter back from Entangled on Locked. OMG OMG OMG. I’m going to be buried for a month or so as I rewrite the book. No, I’m not exaggerating. It needs to be character driven, not plot driven. Sigh. Oh well, I can do it and I will do it. I’ve already gotten unofficial word the same verdict is being rendered on Carved. BUT, strangely enough, from what I’ve written in Sealed, I actually shifted to writing a character-based story, rather than a plot-based one, so that one should be in much better shape.

On Work

My boss is going on vacation next week. Wooooooot!

On Hubby

Hehe. He really wants to buy a sports car when we get our next car, preferably a Dodge Challenger Hellcat (707 HP, blah blah blah).


He is currently working on buttering me up. I’ve been wanting a Kitchenaid Mixer for several years now and last Saturday he actually bought me one. Admitted it was all part of his plan, and has stated several times that if he gets his Challenger, I’ll likely get whatever I want for the rest of our lives (getting to go to conferences, shopping, etc.). Motivation indeed, especially since RWA Nationals will be in Orlando in 2017 and I would love to go without having to haul the entire family along for a Disney vacation.


Yup, that’s pretty much it for the week. Hope you’ll leave me a comment if you drop by. I never know if anyone’s reading. 🙂 Have a great weekend!

Tory’s Friday Ramblings (7/18/14)

It’s felt like an incredibly long week this week for some reason. Happy Friday all.

On Children

I am feeling terribly accomplished today! I managed, while drinking a bottle of wine (don’t judge…unless you have or have had toddler twin girls), to put the first of the girls’ beds together. Hubby tightened bolts and figured out where a couple of posts were wrong (stupid instructions), but I did the bulk of this:


We also played Musical Bedrooms once again. Blondie there and big brother switched rooms. We were trying (once again) to further separate the twins. In doing so we discovered something that both Hubby and I have at least somewhat suspected in the battle of the bedtime: Blondie, sweet, innocent, giggly little Blondie, is the primary instigator. We know this because last night, once there was an entire bedroom between the twins, Pixie went to sleep relatively quickly while Blondie continued to play and refuse to go to sleep.

On Writing

Not much to say here that I haven’t already. I may eventually self-publish my vampire series. I don’t know though. I just don’t want to give them up. And I’m starting to itch to write in that world again.

On Life

Finally my foot is definitely better. I’m able to walk all day (even go for 2+ mile walks) and not require pain medicine though it will still ache.


I watched the finale of 24: Live Another Day this Monday. SPOILER ALERT There was so much to love in this abbreviated season. I was so sad when Audrey died. And when Jack found out, the moment where he almost decided to end it all (you knew he wouldn’t, but Keifer imbued the moment of consideration with such…gravitas I guess…you could believe he might). But for me, the moment of ultimate incredibleness…was President Heller as he was watching Audrey’s coffin loaded onto Air Force One. He’s suffering the early stages of Alzheimer’s, and he says to England’s Prime Minister: “I’m not going to remember my daughter died such a horrible death. I’m not going to remember any thing.” It was just such an incredible moment for some reason. His sorrow and yet somehow almost relief at the notion of not having to remember his daughter’s murder…William Devane was spectacular as President Heller.

In Conclusion

So, that’s it. Not much going on this week. Hope you have a great weekend.


Tory’s Friday Ramblings (7/11/14)

Happy Friday everyone. Have you missed me? There’s a variety of reasons for my absence (trying to be uber quiet to not wake up the twins, nothing much to talk about, etc.). But I couldn’t leave you alone for a second Friday in a row. I know that would be devastating.

On Children

Let’s just say I discovered how seriously the schools take sexual harassment these days when it comes to the Shrimp and leave it at that, shall we? Personally, I balk at calling what happened sexual harassment, but it was definitely inappropriate what he did (there was a girl and another boy involved) and we’re dealing with it. But he’s still my darling little boy:

2014-07-06 16.28.55

We have finally split the girls up officially. Blondie’s moved into the playroom and Pixie’s still in their original room. This does not always mean Blondie stays in the playroom (now her room):

2014-07-09 04.52.11Yes, that is her, fast asleep, on the floor of the kitchen. She didn’t move at all, not when I poured either cup of coffee or got Pixie’s baggie of cereal. It took sprinkling water on her during the coffee-making-session for Daddy before she finally deigned to wake up.

We’re in the process of buying new beds for them. This is the bed we’ve chosen:

BedNow if only the rooms would look so pretty. Heh. Still, it’s attractive and they’ll be able to use them for many years yet to come. Blondie especially will be happy with that, given she’s such a freakin’ girly girl. My BFF was up on the 4th and she totally agrees that Blondie is a girly girl and princess. Heh. Then there’s rough and tumble Pixie who never stops. Hehe.

On Writing

Movin’ movin’ movin’… As you can see, Sealed is moving along nicely. Still waiting on Edits for Locked. Finally sent in Carved to see if Entangled’ll pick it up.

On Life

Yeah, still a klutz. No new accidents but still hurting from the one I wrote about 2 weeks ago. Like taking tramadol because it hurts so bad when I’m walking on it bad.

Reading up a storm. I’m going to to give a shout-out to a fantastic sci-fi military series I devoured over the past 8 days: Ark Royal by Christopher G. Nuttall:

Ark NelsonTrafalgar


Self-published with some typos (nothing extreme, surprisingly enough) and very British-oriented spelling of stuff. However, OMG, I LOVED this series. There aren’t many self-pubbed authors I would gulp down the way I did Nuttall’s. Best part is he offers large chunks of his books on his website to give you a good feel for his writing before you buy (which is why I tried him – I got the sample and couldn’t put it down). You can find him HERE!


That’s pretty much it. Hope you’re still with me and I’ll try to start posting reviews again shortly.

Have a great weekend.