Tory’s Friday Rambling’s (#nano, 11/15/13)

ImageAhhh, now is there any better way to start a day than with a lovely picture of Gerard Butler? I thought not (sorry guys, but that question/thought was aimed solely at the ladies). Apparently this was a promo shot or something related to Dracula 2000. And lord above, Gerard was gorgeous in it. I mean, his hair is thick and dark and wavy. Yum.

Erm, anyway, I’m distracted. On to the good stuff (well, okay, not much is as good as Gerard, but … moving on).

On Life

I’ve had the cold from hell going on for almost two weeks and it came to a peak yesterday when I actually finally gave in and went to the doctor. I’ve got a camping trip with the Shrimp for Cub Scouts this weekend and I was going to probably keel over and die if I had to go based on how I felt yesterday. All hacky and stuff. Blech. Doctor diagnosed me with a sinus infection and “the crud” that’s going around lately. He prescribed some antibiotics and he sent me on my way. One dose in, I think it’s already making a difference. It could be the combination of antibiotics, Sudafed and Musinex though. Heh.

On Writing

This is of course why y’all have come, to hear all about my NaNo progress. Check out the ticker to your right, guys! Yup, you got it. I’ve won NaNo this year and with plenty of time to spare. I’m behind in my Fast Draft words by almost 10k at the moment (well, 5k plus today’s writing which technically isn’t behind until midnight tonight), but I’m still on track to finish Carved in Stone’s very rough draft by next Thursday or so.

I was trying to go to sleep when I had one of those enormous click moments where suddenly several pieces of my problem fell into place. And because of the class I’m in, I can’t really go back and overhaul the entire plot until I finish the draft, buuuut a lot of stuff suddenly makes much more sense. For this, I largely thank my crit partner Angelyn (who is a goddess among women, and her blog can be seen HERE). Go, check out her blog, after you finish reading this one. She does a lot of Regency-era informational posts.

People like Angelyn are why I love judging contests. She was one of the entries I judged last year and sent me a thank you (ladies and gents, always thank your judges, even if they grade you badly – they work hard and writing is a very subjective process). I emailed her back, we started up a dialogue and ended up with a great relationship. Same thing happened in reverse with me on the judged end of things with another author. She’s not a crit partner, but she is a great motivational ally.

So, anyway, that’s it. Have a great week everyone, and if you’re doing NaNo, keep it up. There’s still 15 days to go!


Nanoo #NaNo

Sorry, Mork just sort of popped out up there, even though I can’t spell worth a darned.

Here we are half way through November (good lord, where HAS this year gone?) and as you can see from my widget to your right, I’m right where I should be for word count. I’ve done this in a variety of ways, including splicing together pieces from two different stories (Sheridan’s and Book 4 of the Dream-Walker War, Legacy). I finally hit on something (at least temporarily) that was working for me in Book 4 (a LOT of false starts, lemme tell you, with heroines and heroes popping up and saying “Write about me!”…but nothing that gelled). It involved Ronnie, as I’d always planned, but a completely different hero than I’d previously imagined.

That all has come screeching to a halt because Super Evil Editor Genius Lady got first round of edits back for Prophecy. And God, there’s a lulu of a problem. Well, two problems really. They’re sort of related, but one of them involves me having to pretty much scrap the bulk of the first chapter because if I do what she suggests (which is a great idea), my dramatic opening can’t happen.

I love my editor. I knew there was a problem, but I honestly couldn’t figure out much of what it was. I was edging around it (Jordan just didn’t feel right), but I couldn’t figure the root of the problem. Super Evil Editor Genius Lady (let’s call her SEEGL for short) nailed it, and as soon as I read her comments, it became glaringly obvious. Unfortunately, I have to fix it very quickly and I’m not quite sure HOW, because a LOT of Prophecy has to be rewritten if I change that one little (okay BIG) detail. And naturally, when I went to pick SEEGL’s brain, she vanished. Hrmph.

I know there’s a lot I want to do with these edits and maybe that’s silly, but I want the best possible product out there so when I become rich and famous and everyone looks back at my earliest books, no one say “OMG, can’t believe she wrote THOSE pieces of crapola.” Hehe.

Hmmm, maybe I’ll paste my new/revised scenes into my NaNo document. They’re new words, mostly, right? No, that probably’s really twisting and outright breaking the “rules” of NaNo. Hrmph.

So, are you doing NaNo? Edits? Just plotting how to gobble down the most turkey (for those in the US) next week? Talk to me, peeps!

And I’ll leave you with pics of super cute Shrimpettes!

Quick Update (#NaNo)

Hi everyone! I just wanted to drop in and give a quick update.

As you may have noticed, I just added a new widget to your right, for NaNoWriMo. Yup, for the first time ever, I’m doing NaNo this year. At the moment, I’m still on track. Keep meaning to get ahead, but yeah, that hasn’t happened yet. I’m using it to kick-start my progress on Legacy.

Note that I’m not calling it Legacy of Blood so much any more. Yeah, that’s because it may end up being something like Legacy of the Dream-Walkers. I know all the other titles in the series have had “blood” in them, but I’m not sure Legacy of Blood will fit, given the main character heroine that’s leaped on scream.

Unfortunately, it seems poor, patient Ronnie may not get the spotlight this go-round either. Nor will Kyler. Oh, they both seem to make appearances, but a woman named Jenna may have stolen the show and decided she would be the heroine. Jenna is an interesting character, I do have to say.

And now, because no post post-Halloween would be complete without showing some cute pictures of my children, I leave you with Halloween images (the girls looked much better without the shirts under their outfits, but it was cold out that night).