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Quiz: Which Historical Romance Heroine Are You?

#1 What word best describes you?

a) effervescent
b) nonconfrontational (mostly)
c) stealthy

#2 My favorite hobby is …

a) comparative study of the male form
b) looking after my darling baron
c) target practice

#3 What is the perfect late night snack?

a) bread, cheese, meats, lemon tarts … whatever can be liberated from the kitchen
b) the baron’s kisses
c) ratafia, shaken not stirred

#4 My ideal man must have …

a) a sublime derriere
b) an aptitude for growing hardy, contrary flowers
c) brains

#5 What accessory do you never leave home without?

a) my corset (large bosoms are such a trial)
b) my composure
c) my pistol



If you choose mostly As … then you are as sparkling and resourceful as Her Serene Royal Highness Dagmar from The Truth About Leo by Katie MacAlister. Dagmar may have been raised in a strictly formal manner, but she’s never let that stop her from pursuing anything that catches her interest. She’s a bit quirky, marches to her own drummer, and has a fine, fine appreciation of the manly form.




If you choose mostly Bs … then you are clearly the stuff a baroness is made of, much like Millicent, from The Traitor. Milly is sweet, fierce, determined, and brave but slow to trust. Sebastian, Baron St. Clair, is ALSO sweet, fierce, determined and brave, and relentless when it comes to protecting those he cares for. Alas for both Sebastian and Milly, an enemy stalks them who is not sweet. By the time Milly is done with Sebastian’s enemies, they are not very brave either. So if you chose mostly B’s, the bad guys better steer mighty clear of you!




If you choose mostly Cs … then you are equipped to be a master spy like Jane Bonde from Love and Let Spy by Shana Galen. Jane is smart, cunning, and loyal, but she has her weaknesses too. Her latest weakness goes by the name Dominic Griffyn. Planning a wedding and defeating a villain intent upon the destruction of England is tricky, but if you’re the sort who multitasks easily, then you too have Jane’s unique skills and panache.

LoveAndLetSpyAnd of course, as promised in the headline, there’s a contest! Wahoo.

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Hero of a Highland Wolf by Terry Spear (#giveaway)

Book Information

Author: Terry Spear
Release Date: August 5, 2014
Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca
Genre: Paranormal Romance

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The MacQuarrie werewolf clan has overseen the Playfair family’s Ardmore Castle for three centuries. So when a Playfair granddaughter from abroad inherits the estate, clan chief Grant MacQuarrie has to train her to manage it—and he’s not happy about having her in his way. Until the prim old lady he’s expecting turns out to be a sexy young wolf…

Colleen Playfair is excited and apprehensive about her new role at the castle, and she has big plans to change the way its run. But the stubborn Grant won’t make things easy, and she’s forced to turn to seduction to get her way…


Grant always joked and played with his clansmen when they were through with their work for the day. Well, even while they worked. But being with Colleen here like this felt different. For a moment, he didn’t feel like he served as the manager of her estates while she was the owner and taskmaster. He felt like a man with a woman on a Sunday jaunt in the glen. Except she wasn’t just any woman. She was a she-wolf, her cute little arse jiggling ahead of him as he climbed the hill to join her.

When he reached the top, she was trying to catch her breath and swayed a little. He grabbed her arm, and he didn’t know what came over him. But suddenly he was looking down into her smiling face, as if she was smiling at him, and he wanted in the worst way to kiss her.

She didn’t pull away from him, either.

He shouldn’t kiss her, but damn, he wanted to.

Still breathing hard, her heart beating fast, she placed her hand on his chest. He expected her to push him away, but she didn’t. She just stood there looking up at him, waiting for him to do something. He breathed in her scent, all woman and…interested.

They stood high on top of the hill overlooking the glen, the water rushing by, the sheep grazing on the green grass across the burn, and white clouds passing overhead against the blue sky.

He still had hold of her arm, but then he released her, cupped her face with both hands, and kissed her.

When his lips met hers, he knew he shouldn’t do this. He intended to make it sweet and unassuming, to quench some damnable need that he had to satisfy. He didn’t presume it would go anywhere, and he almost imagined it would be lame and unappealing—-after having built up the expectation that kissing that sweet mouth of hers would make his world spin and topple over. He hadn’t thought she’d crave the intimacy as much as he did. Yet when she wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him back, she exhibited an eagerness that turned his world on end.

She was more than willing.

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 Author Bio

USA Today bestselling author Terry Spear has written over two dozen paranormal romance novels and medieval Highland historical romances. In 2008 HEART OF THE WOLF was named a Publishers Weekly Best Book of the Year. A retired officer of the U.S. Army Reserves, Terry also creates award-winning teddy bears that have found homes all over the world. She lives in Crawford, Texas.

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Sweet Revenge Release Day Blast and #giveaway


I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, I love Rebecca Zanetti!  Her next book, Sweet Revenge, comes out today in paperback and having read it, I say get this book!!! I reviewed the book here some months back, I believe.

Zanetti_Sweet Revenge_MM

The One Man She Can’t Have

Matt Dean was born to fight . . . and kill. A member of a secret black-ops military unit, he and his brothers were genetically engineered by the government to be the perfect soldiers with an expiration date. Now, with time running out, he’s gone rogue in a relentless quest for the one person who can save them. His mission leads him to Charmed, Idaho . . . and to a beautiful woman with eyes like emeralds and a body made for pleasure.

The One Woman He Can’t Resist

Laney Jacobs knows the mysterious, handsome stranger is trouble from the moment he walks into her bar, looking for a job. She’s spent years running from her own past-the last thing she needs is a romantic entanglement. But Matt’s strong arms offer her protection and his gentle touch promises passion unlike anything she’s ever known. As lethal forces surround them, revealing explosive secrets about Matt’s past and putting everything-and everyone-he holds dear in danger, can he save them all before time runs out?

Excerpt 1

“You know you work for me, right?”

“Listen, lady”—red spiraled across his high cheekbones—“you hired me to bounce problems, which I can’t do if your sweet ass is in the way.”

Was that a fact? She took a deep breath and settled on the only solution other

than kicking him in the shin. “You’re fired.”

Both of his eyebrows shot up. “Excuse me?”

Satisfaction tilted her chin. Not much probably surprised Matt Dean. “You’re fired.” As an exit line, it nailed the situation. Unfortunately, the toned soldier stood between her and the door. Just who the hell did he think he was? “Now move your sweet ass.”

He slipped his hands into his pockets and leaned back against the door. As a move, it was intimidating. “Why am I fired?”

“You leave much to be desired as an employee.” She eyed him, assessing the situation. Nope. The guy might be commanding, but she wasn’t scared. He wouldn’t hurt her. “All you’ve done since being hired is flirt with customers, order me around, and kiss me.”

His chin lowered. “Which of those items is pissing you off the most?”

She narrowed her eyes as heat spiraled through her abdomen. “You can flirt with any dumb bimbo you want, and frankly, the kisses were all right. But ordering me around? Not a chance.”

“All right? The kisses were all right?”

Figured the man would focus on that. She forced herself to lift a shoulder. “Eh.”

His cheek creased, and his eyes warmed. “Maybe we should try again, then. See if I can do better.”

“No.” The spit in her mouth dried up. She hadn’t meant to challenge him… had she? “I don’t, ah, kiss fired employees.”

“So that leaves Smitty.” Matt grinned.

“Very funny.” The tension slowly drained from her muscles in response to his instant humor.

He exhaled slowly. “Listen, I’m sorry if I scared you.”

“You didn’t.”

“I’m also sorry if I was too bossy.” He rubbed a hand through his hair. “It’s just, after being in combat, orders come naturally. Seeing you, somebody so small near danger… well, it hits triggers. All sorts of triggers.”

She could handle him bossy or charming. But sweet and honest? She shook her head and gestured toward his hard body. “You’re just… too much.”

He chuckled. “If you give me another chance, I promise I’ll tone it down. All of it.”

She’d be a fool to let this guy get close, but she knew better than to make a snap decision based on one moment or one emotion.

She studied him. Earnest eyes, relaxed shoulders, apologetic half smile. If he was working her, he was damn good at it.

Yeah, she liked him. Not only the look of him, but the self-effacing humor and ease of saying he was wrong. Most Alpha guys like him never admitted to being wrong. He’d had no problem with it.

Plus, she needed a bouncer, and he could certainly bounce. The tickle at the nape of her neck promised something bad was coming, and facing it with a guy who wanted to protect her? Probably not a bad idea, so long as he understood the rules. While she wanted to convince herself she was making a business decision, there was no doubt her feelings for him went beyond personal. But she could handle her own emotions. “Fine. One more chance, but if you order me around again, you’re out of here.”

“Fair enough.” He opened the door.

Heat brushed her as she moved past him. “If I ever get lost in a snowstorm, I hope you’re there,” she muttered under her breath. The guy cascaded warmth.

“Huh?” Matt asked as he shut the door.

“Nothing.” She shook her head and headed back to the bar to get to work. What would life be like if she could flirt a little and even hope for a future? One with a husband and even kids? But there were no kids in her future.

She plastered on a smile and began helping Smitty with drinks. The weekend chef manned the kitchen to prepare bar food, so she didn’t need to cook that night.

The evening slid into closing time, and she shut the outside door with a sigh of relief. As usual, she double-checked the door locks and extra stoppers placed into the floor. The bikers had filled her till as well as the tip jars. “It was a good night.” She smiled as she tossed a bar rag toward Smitty.

He caught it and grinned, lines fanning out from his bloodshot eyes. “Cleanup was quick. Ready for inventory?”

“No.” She jerked her head toward the kitchen. “We’re done for the night and will do inventory another time. Go home and get some rest since tomorrow night will be busier than tonight, probably.”

He finished wiping down the bar. “You do look tired, boss. Feeling all right?”

“I’m fine.” The flush filling her face resulted from Matt’s loping in from the kitchen and not from any illness. “I’ll see you tomorrow afternoon.”

“Good enough.” Smitty nodded to Matt on his way out. “Night, all.”

“Night.” Matt crossed broad arms. “Did I hear something about inventory?”

“Yes. I’ve got it.” She reached under the bar for a notebook. “I’ll see you tomorrow.”

His smile was slow and way too sexy. “We could get it done in half the time if we worked together.”

Well, at least he’d stopped issuing orders. She studied him for a moment. While she felt like she could sleep for a week, he looked up for running a few miles. Her eyes were gritty and her neck already ached, promising a headache would soon arrive. With her efforts in becoming part of the town and trying to learn how to make friends, she’d been working on accepting assistance and not being so alone. She really could use the help tonight, stubbornness aside. “Okay. Follow me to the storeroom.”

A small room with a sexy ex-marine after midnight? What could possibly go wrong?

Excerpt 2

Life would be easier if Matt could view the petite bar owner like a family member or even an employer, but as he watched her deliver another pitcher of tea to the women gathered around the table, he realized that was impossible. She laughed at something one of the women said, and his cock hardened. Again.

The woman had spunk, intelligence, and a heart-shaped ass. Of course he wanted her naked and sweating beneath him. That confused as much as irritated him. She was the exact opposite of what he usually looked for in a woman. Temporary, tough, and unemotional worked best, and the idea of being with someone soft and kind scared the shit out of him.

Laney was right to keep him at a distance.

The new phone he’d purchased early that morning buzzed, and he glanced down at his first text message of the day. Nate had texted that he was safe and would check in later. Relief relaxed Matt’s shoulders upon reading that his brother was all right. The guy hadn’t been out on a mission for years, and Matt had been worrying about him. Maybe Nate would finally heal from falling in love and being betrayed.

If anybody could throw a dose of cold water on Matt’s desire to pursue Laney, it’d be hard-assed Nate. He perceived only black and white, danger and safety. There was no safety in seducing Laney… for anybody. She wasn’t the woman Matt needed to find in Charmed.

Plus, as much as the idea turned Matt’s stomach, if he had to seduce the elusive Dr. Peters to secure her help, to save his brothers, he’d do it.

Of course, the family practitioner was the one woman who wasn’t sitting around the table. He’d paid special attention to the coroner and the veterinarian’s assistant, and the vet’s assistant was currently checking him out behind wire-rimmed glasses. Bright eyes showed intelligence and an interesting wariness. He shot her a smile.

Her cheeks pinkened, and she half turned to talk to the woman on her right.

Laney, sitting across from the vet, instantly shot a look his way, delicate eyebrow arched. He met her stare evenly, pleased when her high cheekbones filled with color. The fact that she kept his gaze with challenge in her eyes, even while blushing, pleased him even more. The polite thing to do would be to grant her a reprieve and look away.

Too bad he wasn’t a polite guy.

Laney should learn not to challenge him.

Her chair scraped back, and she muttered something to her friends and then calmly maneuvered around tables toward him, hips swaying… keeping his gaze the entire time. His shoulders went back, and his blood started to hum. Who was this woman so full of surprises?

She reached him, her eyes sparking in irritation. “Would you please stop turning the most successful businesswomen in town into simpering morons?” she whispered.

He blinked. Damn it. He focused down a foot at her irritated face. “What in the world are you talking about?”

Her body remained relaxed, but he could hear her heart thumping, and her expression was quickly transforming into anger. She kept her face angled away from the women at the table. “Stop smiling, stop flirting, and do your job.”

He lowered his face just enough to make her eyes widen. “You sound jealous.”

Ah. There was the fury. “I’m not, you jackass. Keep the charm in your pants, and stop flirting.”

Okay. He may have poured on the charm with the two women he needed to investigate, but he’d been trained in subtlety and covert action. “Why are you suddenly interested in what’s in my pants?”

Laney’s gasp heated him in all sorts of places. “If I have to tell you again to knock it off, you’re fired.”

The little spitfire had better be careful who she threatened. “So you want me unavailable to those women?”

Satisfaction filled her pretty face. “Exactly.”

“Okay.” He grasped her hip and covered her mouth with his. The kiss was hard, quick, and enough of a taste to make him crave more. He lifted away to gauge the shock on her face. “There. Now they think I’m taken.”

The air vibrated as her hand closed into a fist, and he shook his head. “You don’t want to hit me.”

“Why not?” she ground out.

For the first time, he let his mask slip so she could see the predator the government had created. “The second you make contact, I’ll have you on that bar, held tight, my cock pressed between your legs, my lips on yours until you beg for more. Even fully clothed, I may make you come—and I won’t care who’s watching.”

Her sexy mouth dropped open. Surprise and fury lit her eyes… along with desire. She tried to mask it, but he was an expert at reading people, and the woman was intrigued. “You egomaniac. I’m not remotely interested,” she whispered.

Surprising anger shot through him. “You want to threaten me? That’s fine. Challenge me? No problem.” He stepped even closer and into her space. “But don’t you ever lie to me. Ever, Laney.”

She pressed her hands against her hips, confusion blanketing her features. “We just met.”

The woman was correct. He had no right to demand a damn thing from her. For all she knew, he was a bad guy. But this once and with this woman, against all rational training and thought, he truly didn’t give a shit. He didn’t understand it, sure as hell couldn’t explain it. So he went with his gut. “Yeah, we did just meet. Those are the ground rules. Period.” He lowered his chin and waited for her to challenge him, anticipation lighting his veins.


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February Ignite Release Day Blast!


Set fire to your passions with heart stopping suspense, adventure, and intrigue from Ignite. Each Ignite title features to-die-for heroes and kick-butt heroines on an emotional roller coaster ride toward love. With new books and new passions exploding every month, every Ignite novel is one you can’t put down until the last page is turned. To find out more about their titles, chat with authors, participate in special events, and to find out what books are coming next, visit the Entangled website, follow them on Twitter, and like their Facebook page.

Today I’m happy to be featuring Ignite’s February Releases!!



Between the Sheets by Genie Davis & Linda MarrSpecial $0.99 Introductory Price!

An erotic romance writer with an ordinary life is suddenly drawn into her own stories when a seductive, mysterious FBI special consultant rescues her from an attempted hit and run, and she’s plunged into a reckless relationship like those she puts on paper. As Riley struggles to keep Jenna safe from the men out to kidnap her, the romance they’ve woven could force them to pay the ultimate price: admitting they’ve fallen in love—for real.


Hearts Under Siege by Natalie J. Damschroder

Special $0.99 Introductory Price!

Brady Fitzpatrick & Molly Byrnes each have separate jobs to do for the information-gathering spy agency, SIEGE—until Brady’s brother is killed, a shocking secret is uncovered, their lives are endangered, & tangled emotions land them in bed together. That’s when the complications really set in…



Risking it All for Her Boss by Sharron McClellanSpecial $0.99 Introductory Pricing!

After a botched undercover, a pair of High Risk Securities (HRS) agents are assigned to reunite a bio-chemical warfare scientist with his daughter. As old emotions rekindle, the scientist is kidnapped and forced to create a monstrous weapon, and Eva and Quinn have to fight both the enemy and a passion for each other that could destroy them all.




Alyssa Day Winner & Thursday Word-Slingers – Guest Mercy Celeste

Today’s guest is the ever popular and apparently somewhat controversial Mercy Celeste. I don’t know what the controversy is, but apparently there is some! Woohoo! Let’s get to the fun!

1) How long have you been writing?

I started writing in high school. Stopped because I was told I couldn’t and really it was bad stuff so they were mostly right. I started again in my late twenties because I was bored and needed an outlet. So really about fifteen years or so.

2) How many balls do you juggle on a daily basis, and how do you manage to keep them all in the air (usually), (ball = work, writing, family, etc.)

Until recently a great many balls. My husband worked around sixty hours a week as a normal schedule. I worked part time and tried to continue school. Kids and everything that goes along with them. Keeping a halfway clean house with food on the table. And then spending a couple of hours a day writing or trying to write. Now I don’t work outside my home, three of my kids are in their late teens and early twenties. The husband has cut back to regular forty hour work week. And I delegate the household chores so that I can write as close to full time as possible. Except I find so many other things to do with all that free time now.

3) When is your next release due out and can you tell the audience about it?

I just have a book come out on May 5th. Beyond Complicated. There’s some controversy with it. Banned on Amazon and other distributor sites that sort of thing. I have a short story upcoming from Silver Publishing as well. Need You Now is due out June 2nd. It’s a nice angst free reunion story. Well sort of angst free, at least by my standards.

4) What is it about the menage romance genre that you like so much?

This is tough, ménage is usually my thing. It’s tough writing a HEA for more than two people and I do like a good HEA. I like a ménage story to be about three people trying to find room in a relationship instead of the usual committed but bored couple looking for a little fun. The three become one thing is tough to write.

5) Do you think you’ll move to another genre, and if yes, what to and when?

I write across several genres. I prefer contemporary but have a published paranormal and an unpublished historical. I write both straight and gay romance and have had success in both areas. Not the paranormal. That didn’t go over so well.

6) Sweet or sour?

Savory salty.

7) Chocolate or vanilla?

Both depending largely on the time of the month and whether strawberry is available. Give me a box of Neapolitan and I’m good to go.

Email  *   Blog   *   Twitter
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Mercy is kindly offering up an e-copy of her book Beyond Complicated. Just comment for your chance to win! Good luck to you.

The winner by Random.Org is Comment #5, Julie Beasley. As I do not have an email address or way to contact Ms. Beasley, she has until Sunday to email me or another winner will be chosen. Thank you!

Thursday Word-Slingers – Guest Leia Shaw

Good morning, guys and gals. Always glad to see people come by for my awesome guests. Today I’m featuring multi-pubbed author Leia Shaw, who is promoting her Shadow of Destiny series!

1)                  How long have you been writing?

Almost two years writing romance but I’ve written in some capacity my whole life. My very first story I remember writing was in kindergarten called Motorcycle Grandma. My grandma was impressed and has encouraged me ever since. Lol.

2)                  How many balls do you juggle on a daily basis, and how do you manage to keep them all in the air (usually), (ball = work, writing, family, etc.)

A lot and I’m not sure I’m managing well enough to give advice. I have two young children, one with special needs. We’re also renovating a house so it’s pretty busy. I’m lucky that writing is my full-time career so, other than family stuff, I can focus on my books.

3)                  When is your next release due out and can you tell the audience about it?

Oh goody. My favorite thing to talk about. Destiny Bewitched is book 4 in my paranormal romance series, Shadows of Destiny. Samantha, a witch we met in the first book, travels to the dangerous Underworld and pairs up with sexy demon, Geo, to save her sister from the Underworld Games – a supernatural version of gladiators. Each of my books has a slightly different feel – my last book, Destiny Unchained, was a dark suspense. So I’m excited for Destiny Bewitched because it’s very high fantasy – action and adventure, mythological creatures, and lots of fun, plus my regular humor, swoon-worthy romance, and hot sex scenes. Destiny Bewitched will be released in June.

4)                  What is it about the paranormal-romance genre that you like so much?

I can go all out with my imagination. There aren’t very many limits so the little girl in me is jumping up and down clapping about that. It’s a little dark and twisted, like me. And who can resist a vampire hero?

5)                  Do you think you’ll move to another genre, and if yes, what to and when?

I’ve already co-written a contemporary erotic novel with Cari Silverwood that’s being published by Loose ID and releasing in July. We’re working on another for that series. I normally don’t read much contemporary romance but writing with Cari is a lot of fun. I can really express my humor in a different way with contemporary. Plus, writing kinky sex is hot 😉

6)         Sweet or sour?


7)         Chocolate or vanilla ice cream?


I began my writing journey while I was stranded at the airport waiting for my delayed flight. I browsed the Border’s kiosk and grew frustrated that I couldn’t find the “it factor” — the perfect combination of alpha male-ness, ass-kickery, strong females, magic, and sex. So I spent the next four hours on an airplane      writing my first book on scraps of paper and an airsick bag (which thankfully I didn’t need to use).   
Now I spend too much time in my head, plotting evil villains and the hot men (and women) who ruthlessly kill them. I think far too much about fae politics, dragon power games, and how fast werewolves can change forms. But writing my paranormal romance      series has given me a productive place to express those dark places in my mind.

I live in New England with my husband and two kids. Though I will go to my grave denying it, my husband insists I would be thrilled if he suddenly sprouted fangs. 

Destiny Divided

After fleeing her native city — and nightmares of    a traumatic childhood — Sage Peterson meets the overbearing,    pretentious, yet haunted Professor Elias. He’s the only one who    knows about her mysterious powers, which seem to be spiraling out of    control. When he convinces her to train with him, she finds herself    thrust into a five hundred year war and on the run from vampires,    werewolves, and even worse — her budding feelings for James Elias.

Destiny United

Erin Bolton knows her former foster sister is a sorceress and a witch, but she wants nothing to do with that world.    The day before her twenty first birthday, a tall, dark, and terrifying vampire, Marcelo, turns Erin’s world upside down. He convinces her that he was sent to escort her to the safety of the Underworld, where her sister is waiting. But she wonders, who will keep her safe from him?

Destiny Unchained

They call her The Huntress. A vampire with lethal focus, Natalia hunts rogue werewolves and kills them without mercy.  She buried her heart centuries ago. Now she lives only for revenge.  But when she’s forced to team up with the alpha of the northwest werewolf pack to catch a werewolf serial killer, her carefully controlled world is shattered by the passionate Cristian.  Will Natalia accept Cristian’s claim on her heart even if it means sacrificing a part of who she is?

After reading those blurbs, I really want to read these books. How ’bout all of you? Leave lots of comments. That comment just might net you a copy of one of Leia’s books! So get to commenting and good luck.

Word-Slingers – Guest Lisa Sanchez

My guest today is Lisa Sanchez, through the Sizzling PR firm. Let’s give her a nice, warm welcome and make sure you leave a comment. You could win a copy of her recent release, Cursing Athena!

1) How long have you been writing?

I’ve been passionate about writing for as long as I can remember. Much of my childhood was spent dreaming up stories to share with my family. It wasn’t until my youngest started school full time that I began writing for publication.

2) How many balls do you juggle on a daily basis, and how do you manage to keep them all in the air (usually), (ball = work, writing, family, etc.)

Laughs out loud. Most days it feels like I’m a professional juggler. I’ve got three daughters who keep me very busy. Each one participates in All Star cheerleading, which keeps me busy driving them back and forth during the afternoons/early evenings. Then, of course, there are school projects, housework and various other things that keep me busy. I try to get my writing done in the morning while my little ones are in school.

3) When did Cursing Athena come out and can you tell the audience about it?

You bet! Cursing Athena released the beginning of March. It’s the first book in a new series featuring a band of immortal warriors appointed by the goddess Athena to police the earth and rid it of escaped demons. Ty is the leader of the Order Of Seven, and CA shares the story of how he meets his life mate.

4) What is it about the paranormal romance genre that you like so much?

I’ve always been fascinated with anything paranormal. I think the draw, for me, is that there are no limits. Anything is possible within the paranormal world, and that’s an appealing quality when reading for escape.

5) Do you think you’ll move to another genre, and if yes, what to and when?

I already have! I published Obsessed, my first erotic suspense with Loose Id last year. The experience was both wonderful, and rewarding. I’m currently in the middle of writing my first contemporary YA.

6) Sweet or sour?

Definitely sweet!

7) Chocolate or vanilla ice cream?

Chocolate for sure!

Email: lisasanchezromanceauthor@gmail.com

For Danika, the only thing worse than going commando while wearing a fugly, silver bodysuit, was dealing with her deadbeat, ex-husband James. Catcalls, unwanted groping and lecherous stares weren’t really her cup of tea either, but she’d endure all of it and more if her new job serving cocktails at Masquerade meant ridding herself of his mountain of debt. It was just a job, after all, and what choice did she have with James’ creditors breathing down her neck? What she didn’t bargain for, however, was falling heels-over-head in lust with a two-hundred-plus pound, shape-shifting immortal from Ancient Greece.

 On a mission to take down a parasitic demon, Ty doesn’t have time for distraction. Not even when that distraction could prove to be his possible lifemate in the form of sweet, innocent, yet sexy-as-hell Danika. But when the leech he’s hunting goes after the cocktail waitress, all bets are off. Unable to resist her siren call any longer, Ty surrenders himself to Danika, body and soul, treating them both to a night they’ll never forget.

Bloody, dismembered bodies never got easier to look at. No matter how many millennia you roamed the earth. Ty stood from the cluster of torn limbs and viscera, disgust coating his stomach. Glass, splintered wood, and torn, blood-soaked paper littered the hardwood floor, every inch of the taupe walls in the small upscale apartment spattered with gore.

“It happened maybe an hour ago. Two at most.” Athena stood from where she knelt, her long, jet-black hair cascading across her black leather jacket like a shiny curtain. “The scorch mark is still fresh.”

Ty stared at the large circular burn mark on the floor and gnashed his teeth. He’d seen enough inter-dimensional landing pads to last him a lifetime—a thousand lifetimes. It was always the same: some hopped up demon, drunk on his own power, would decide he was the exception to the rule and cross over into the mortal realm, usually through a crack between dimensions.

Ty glanced over his shoulder toward the pile of female parts littering the sofa and floor. The underworld visitor had hit pay dirt, landing in the middle of what looked like some sort of book club gathering. Red wine mixed with blood seeped into the oriental throw rug; some type of uptight, crudités appetizer peppered the carpet along with a few well-manicured fingers.

“Great Zeus above…” Ty shook his head. It had been a bloodbath. The poor women never stood a chance.

Demons weren’t permitted out of Tartarus, and for good reason. Hungry for both flesh and innocent souls, they treated the human population like an all-you-can-eat buffet.

This, of course, was where he came in. Leader of The Order of Seven, and a favorite of Athena despite his outward hatred of her, he’d been summoned to the grisly scene just moments before.

Plucked from the bowels of Hades by the goddess herself, Ty and each of his six warrior brothers had been saddled not only with the lovely gift of immortality, but with an inner beast, a fierce mythological creature that would lie dormant within until it came time to battle. Ty’s beast, a Nemean lion, was especially vicious. Three times the size of a normal lion, it sported an enormous jaw that could pulverize steel and claws that could cut through the thickest armor. Even more astonishing was its fur. A deep burnished gold, smooth and thick, it was impervious to mortal weapons, making it virtually indestructible. Unearthly handsome in his mortal form, and blessed with the strength of a thousand men, he was the perfect warrior—cunning, lethal.


The lucky winner of Ms. Sanchez’s comment will get their choice of a PDF, MOBI or E-Pub format copy of Cursing Athena. Get to commenting folks! Gotta love mythology come to life. 🙂

Tuesday Word-Slingers – Guest Jorja Lovett

My deepest and most sincere apologies to my lovely guest for not getting this interview up sooner! YIKES!

1)         How long have you been writing?

 I have stories I wrote when I was eight years old, so pretty much most of my life but I’ve been doing it seriously for about two years.

2)         How many balls do you juggle on a daily basis, and how do you manage to keep them all in the air (usually), (ball = work, writing, family, etc.)

I do a bit of child-minding, I have two kids of my own and I try to write in and around the school run. To be truthful I don’t think I’ve mastered the art of juggling all my responsibilities yet lol

3)         What can you tell us about your new release (out yesterday from Evernight Publishing), Into the Wild?

I like to be different and whilst Into the Wild nods toward both cowboys and the paranormal, it’s primarily a contemporary romance. I did want a hot hero in a Stetson though, so Smith Masterson is a Texas Ranger. He’s working undercover in Coyote Creek, a ‘living’ ghost town when he runs into Laurie Sommers, his teenage crush. She still hasn’t forgiven him for walking out on her over a decade ago but when they’re forced to fake a relationship to save his investigation, this time the chemistry proves too strong to ignore… 

4)         What is it about the paranormal romance genre that you like so much?

I usually write paranormal because anything goes, your imagination can run riot.

5)         Do you think you’ll move to another genre, and if yes, what to and when?

This was a move into contemporary romance from paranormal but I couldn’t resist adding Delia, my wannabe-Wiccan to conjure up Smith at the start of the story.

6) Sweet or sour?

Unfortunately I have a VERY sweet tooth.

7) Chocolate or vanilla ice cream?

Chocolate all the way!

In an all-female household, Jorja grew up surrounded by books and the idea of finding true love. She began writing her own stories at the tender age of fifteen but never actually finished a manuscript until last year when she joined her crit group, UCW. It’s important to her that romances have a sexy hero, a quirky heroine and have that all important happy ending.
You can find Jorja on Twitter: @jorjalovett
After another doomed relationship, Laurie Sommers cocoons herself in the ‘living ghost town’ of Coyote Creek. But the arrival of Smith Masterson, her unrequited teenage love, torpedoes her cozy spinsterhood, setting her ablaze with a burning desire she believed long gone. 

A Texas Ranger through and through, there’s no room for a relationship in Smith’s life – not at eighteen and certainly not now, when he’s investigating a robbery and the subsequent shooting of the Captain. Persuading Laurie to fake a relationship to keep his cover is the easy part; the hard part is restraining himself around her. 

“Did you know Smithy’s packing heat?” David jerked his head in the direction of her love interest, presumably in an attempt to divert her attention from his flirting.
            Laurie’s eyes were bright as Smith opened his jacket to accommodate her, indulging in a leisurely perusal of his built bod.
Only when she had wandered over the muscular landscape of his thighs, did she get the joke. Slung low from his hip was a black holster complete with replica pistol.
“Apparently I can’t be trusted with the real thing.” Amusement danced in those chocolate irises, whether at her noticeable fascination with the heat between his legs or the pretend gun, she wasn’t certain.
“These guys are trained, professional in what they do. They can’t have every Tom, Dick or Harry running about shooting all and sundry.” Laurie respected Buster’s rules and expected Smith to do so.
“And which am I?” He let the coat fall closed, and she realized she was still staring at his nether regions. It was as well they hadn’t put him in a pair of leather chaps or she would never have torn her eyes away.
“Tom?” He stepped closer.                                           
“Harry?” Another step.
“Or Dick?”                                                                 
She licked her scarlet lips, the shadow of his Stetson falling over her cleavage. Yep, he knew what she had been staring at.
“Places, everyone!” Camille rapped the bar to garner attention.
“Where do we go?” Smith’s arm curled around her cinched waist.
“The fight scene usually starts over a card game, so we need to blend into the background. There’s a perfect view from the balcony if you want to see what’s going on.”
Laurie tried to focus on playing her part and not the possessive hold of the handsome gunslinger at her side.            Taking up position at the top of the staircase, they had a clear view of proceedings. Visitors crowded around to watch the drama unfolding between Wes and Buster, the dapper conman and the gnarly cowhand. Smith leaned over the balcony rail as the gamblers set up the card school below.
“How much?” he said without turning around.
“Excuse me?” She had a feeling she knew where he was going with this, but he didn’t sound as though he was joking.
“How much for an hour in there?” He indicated the bedrooms with a nod of his head.
“Oh no, us saloon girls are here for company only. We talk, we dance, we get you to buy drinks, but we don’t do that, sir.” If he was letting loose and getting into character then she was happy to play her part.
“No? The men of the old west respect that?”
“They do unless they want to enrage the barkeep.” She could imagine Wes’s reaction to her being propositioned on his premises.
“I think I’ll take my chances.” Laurie let out a squeal when he lifted her off her feet. Throwing her over his shoulder, legs and petticoats flying, he bundled her into the room.
“Sir, I think the establishment down the road would be more suitable to your needs,” she said, half-heartedly fending off the advances of the dashing stranger.
“I’ve got everything I need right here, darlin’.” His mouth ravaged hers, and the hard, passionate kisses were every bit as much of a turn on as the soft, lingering ones she had gotten used to. Hoisting her by the rump, he pulled her close until his hardness pressed into her belly. His lips and tongue pursued heedlessly, leaving her stunned by the sudden turnaround in the chase.
            Minimum effort was required to free her from the restrictive corset. A quick tug poured her breasts into his greedy hands, and his insatiable tongue relocated to attend her rosy tips. “You’re beautiful.”
She wasn’t sure what the catalyst had been to change his mind, but she wasn’t about to question his sudden horniness. Her skin was on fire with every lick; it cooled with the breath of his reverent words. The contrasting sensations had her spinning, the earth moving beneath her.
Lifting her onto the dresser, he pushed the cracked porcelain jug and basin to one side. He pulled her to the edge and wrenched her thighs apart. A deft hand snaked along her silk-clad leg and paused at the frilly red garter.
“What’s this?” He stepped back for a closer inspection, and whistled. “I think we’ll leave that there for the time being.”
“Why, is it turning you on?”
He grabbed her hand and rubbed it along his crotch, the rigid expanse answering her question. “What do you think?” 
Had Smith finally decided to give in to wild abandon? She certainly hoped so.
            As if reading her mind, he ripped her panties off in one, swift movement. She reached for him and stroked his hard bulge begging for release. This time he made no attempt to stop her.
            His silver belt buckle wasn’t so co-operative, and she struggled to open it. “Do you really need to wear this darn thing? It doesn’t make it easy for a girl to get in there, you know.”
With practiced movements, he released the catch and whipped it out of his waistband. “Better?”
The green light had her popping the buttons of his fly open, his firm length nudging her. The slight contact through the cotton of his boxer briefs caused him to gasp. Desperate to see all of him, she pulled him free, his long, thick cock springing proudly from a mass of black curls. Slick in preparation, she anticipated its courtship.
The distant sound of shouting and tables being overturned briefly stalled her. Smith’s cock jerked, impatient for tending. In compliance, she encircled him with her hand, grasping firmly. He planted his hands on the dresser and braced himself. 

             With the building friction along his shaft, he moaned and thrust. She cupped his sac, massaging until his tip glistened with the promise of what was to come.

Gotta love them sexy cowboys! So c’mon, get to leaving comments. One lucky dude or dudette’s gonna win the whole tamale! (translation: 1 commenter will get a copy of Into the Wild).  Yeeeha! Winner announced Saturday.

Word-Slingers – Kashif Ross

Today I have another guest from Sizzling PR, Kashif Ross. The inner geek in me loves his cover because it’s oh-so-animeish! Let’s go, Kashif!

1) How long have you been writing?

Writing is the only thing I can say I’ve done forever. I started in 8th grade by making a story about talking dog detectives. I don’t remember the plot, but my teacher really liked it, and he hated everything we wrote. I completed my first novel in 2008, my last year in college and I’ve written four more since then.

2) How many balls do you juggle on a daily basis, and how do you manage to keep them all in the air (usually), (ball = work, writing, family, etc.)

Thanks for the definition 😉 I’m married, I work part-time at an elementary where students rage wildly through the playground pulling hair and crying…it’s quite epic, I’m learning Spanish with Rosetta Stone (yo hablo español mal), and I fight crime occasionally or participate in epic wars on my PS3. How do I manage all of this? I don’t. I just write for hours on end and allow work and other activities to fit in my schedule when I’m bored. Writing takes my mind off all my real world problems. I’m pretty sure my level of avoidance is considered pathological, but I’ll continue this poor behavior until lightening strikes (lightening = my wife).

3) What can you tell the audience about your recent release, Barcode: Legend of Apollo?

I can tell that your audience needs to go out and get this book. It’s like a goldmine of delicious goodness waiting to be devoured (in real life you shouldn’t eat anything in a goldmine). Barcode is about this jerk named Spencer. Seriously, the guy is rude and sarcastic. He wants nothing to do with his responsibility as a gladiator. Let me rephrase that, he is the gladiator! Spencer is extremely powerful, but lazy. He’s been sheltered all his life and it’s about time for him to grow up. A mysterious character named Kode comes along and speeds up the process for him. Kode wants Spencer to get stronger in order to fight an evil dictator named Helios. If Spencer refuses, Kode will kill everyone he knows and loves. This novel was written for people sick of the stereotypical, “Fantasy boy gets wizard/vampire/paranormal ability and learns about his enemy. Some ugly girl likes him and they fight the evil together. They save the world and discover their love for each other after 3 – 5 books in the series.” My story will not fit this stereotype. Do not read it if you’re not open for change or tragic endings. Book 1 is only the beginning of a very different type of hero story.

4) What is it about the urban-fantasy/sci-fi genre that you like so much? And to throw in some romance, that’s quite an accomplishment. I love the cover, by the way. Very anime-ish.

Why thank you! *blush* Warning: I’m a strange guy. I personally have no attachment to urban fantasy or science fiction. I just write whatever comes to mind. I didn’t figure out what genre the novel was considered until it was completed. The story began on a hot and sunny day in Southern California. I was watching Naruto and Bleach and realized I could write better stories. So I did. The characters in both manga seemed to do a lot of stupid things, but survived every trial. I wanted to write something more “realistic” and epic. After thinking about the story for years, my original concept evolved. What started as an anime and manga, developed into a full length fantasy novel.

5) Do you think you’ll move to another genre (as if three-in-one isn’t enough), and if yes, what to and when?

Yes. For sure. My first four novels were romance. Like I said, I moved into these other genres by chance. Whenever a new story pops into my head, I’ll write it. I already have two or three YA stories dancing around in my thoughts. I really want to write one of them next year.

6) When’s your next book coming out?

I’ve completed a novelette and Book 2 of the series about one month ago. The novelette, Barcode: I Am John, should be released May 1st. It’s a prequel to Legend of Apollo. The novel, Barcode: Cavern of Youth, should be out June 1st. I’m waiting on more amazing cover art and my editors right now.

7) Sweet or sour?

Oh goodness, sweet. Sour doesn’t make me a pleasant person. Women are sweet, love is sweet, and when you’re excited it’s more likely you’ll shout “Sweet!” because “Sour!” makes no sense.

8) Chocolate or vanilla ice cream?

Vanilla. I’m 5’6 of not so manly chocolate. The rule of nature is to never eat your own kind.

Twitter: @Animscition
Spencer’s an infamously well-known “god” uninterested in his own fate. He turns nineteen-years-old on the first day of his last year at Colt Academy, the academic institution for gladiators. To celebrate, he unwillingly mentors a mysterious nerd, watches his family’s helicopter plunge into the ground, and meets a strange Louisianan boy that may want to kill him. With the future of his family’s fortune on the line, Spencer not only has to fight the occasional trip to Hades, but also train with his most hated childhood friend, discover the truth about his mother’s death, and reestablish his legend as America’s savior.

I’m such a failure.

My instructors say I’m the first of the bloodline that isn’t naturally a top ranking student. Therefore, professors are inclined to boost my grades in order to keep “the great Apollo” at the top of his class.

I apologize dear ancestors. I will honor you by falling on my sword.

Damn. I don’t have a weapon yet. Give me a few days, folks.

I find a seat on a stone bench next to a small pond and watch as several lizard-fish swim and crawl through the shallow water. One has the flesh of a koi fish but the body of a garden lizard. The gold and black colors blur as my heavy eyes close and my head drops. I’m still jet-lagged.

As I open my eyes, a sharp kick lands between my ribs. Before my attacker can remove her foot, I grab it tightly and swing her into the pool.

The plague sitting in front of me with her butt dipped in an inch of water, and her arms folded neatly around her legs, just so happens to call herself Hannah’s best friend, though I knew her long before the two met.

This tomboy has a kick that’s out of this world. Her barcodes are powered by the goddess Atalanta. Every god and demigod has a code that they’re born with. That’s what separates us from Apes and humans. Some gods bond well with their bodies, while others pump so much power into their flesh that they can hardly stand. Ever. It can be a gift or a curse.
“You got my panties wet, jerk.”
“Why would a boy wear panties?”

“Don’t call me a boy, you ugly pig.”

“You walk like one, talk like one, but wait, you kick like a girl,” I tease, but my ribs scream in pain. Even more, I’m defiantly conscious that Michelle’s beauty competes closely with the most attractive girl on campus, Hannah. Still, she and I are mortal enemies that will one day battle to her death.

I’ve seen these visions in my sleep. Any morning I wake up after slaying her just so happens to be a great day. Yes. I’m very aware that many people consider these dreams, but if they are prophetic, The Writer does truly love me.

“What does Hannah see in you?”

“What do you mean? She said that in our first year you always gushed over my blue eyes, and wouldn’t stop raving about my face.” I watch the wicked witch’s eyes nearly leap out of their sockets, and her face turns pale. If the tattoos on her legs shine, I’ll need to flee for my own safety. “Geez. You look so upset; I almost think it’s true.”

Kashif has very kindly agreed to put up one copy of Barcode: Legend of Apollo as a gift to one lucky commenter. So…get to commenting! Winner to be announced Thursday (yes, I’m shrinking my normal window of opportunity). Good luck, everyone and have a great Monday.

Six Sentence Sunday (4/15/12) – #sixsunday

Welcome back and thanks for joining me today. It’s time for another squiblet from BMR and after this, I shall be taking a break from SSS for a while.

From Jordan MacNaught’s private journal on waking dreams.

After extensive experimentation, it is my experience that if you can create a believable transition from reality to a waking dream, the subject will not question elements of the dream, even if under normal circumstances the element is either impossible or unlikely. It is particularly satisfying when a normally rational man screams because he believes a yellow-striped elephant is about to trample on him without questioning the possibility that such a beast actually exists. Wonderful thing, magic. Rotters are such idiots. Caveat:Dream-walkers might question odd happenings, but if they remain unaware of the dream magic, as opposed to reality, they will generally shrug off inconsistencies. 

There you have it! Please check out the other awesome contributors to Six Sentence Sunday.
The winner for Kassanna’s post is Romance Reader Enthusiast!
The winner for Liana Brooks’ post is Jennifer Lowery Kamptner!
Congratulations everyone and have a great week!