Review – The Queen’s Dance by Jamie Schmidt (@entangledpub, @jamiekswriter)

The Queen's Dance (The Emerging Queens #3)The Queen’s Dance by Jamie K. Schmidt

My rating: 4 of 5 gargoyles

This is the third book in the Emerging Queens series and when I looked at the back after finishing it, I was delighted to see that there are definitely several more in the process of coming out. Couldn’t get more than minimal details from Ms. Schmidt (i.e., just got confirmation that they were indeed coming out at some point), but there are like 5-10 more. Can I say SCORE?!

In case you couldn’t tell, I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I really like the overall premise of the series to begin with (for centuries queens weren’t being born to the dragons, and then in the first book the curse is broken and all the pent-up queens are finally shifting for the first time), and of course there’s chaos as the balance of power begins to dramatically shift.

That isn’t about to change with the most recent entry into the series. This book picks up where the last one ended, with the new queen discovered by Viola being rescued by Remy (son of the Loch Ness, er, dragon). Remy is by nature by and large a loner – he’s a water dragon and has long been looked down on (metaphorically and literally) because he can’t fly. But man, can he swim (it comes in handy in this book).

Margery is sick, or at least badly weakened for much of the book because of the experiences she suffered in the prior book, being locked away from the sun. She clings to Remy to some degree for protection, even naming him as her protector (and of course later calling him a consort to help fend off a certain overly amorous rock singing dragon). The mystery into the creation and distribution of the Smooshie (love the name) dolls which were carrying drugs in the last book. We learn more about that and just why and how Margery was captured.

Margery is a crack reporter, which I really liked about her. Viola and the original heroine weren’t really that prominent in the world. They had good lives, don’t get me wrong, but Margery was definitely a mover and shaker with her investigation (which is what initially got her captured, because she stumbled over the Smooshie thing, and then kept because she turned out to be a Queen). She also isn’t about to let Remy and the other dragons keep her from her chosen calling as a reporter, and even uses that facet of her life multiple times to move the book along, which was great.

Remy – such a sweetheart and man, I loved it when he and Margery finally moved to the next stage and got it on. After a lifetime (and for him that’s centuries) of being disdained just because he can’t fly, he finally shines and lets everyone know that sea dragons are powerful too.

There is so much I want to say about this book but because I don’t want to let loose any spoilers, I can’t! We do get to meet the Loch Ness dragon, which was awesome, along with some secrets that Nessie has in fact been harboring.

The growing world Ms. Schmidt has set up continues to expand, yet she doesn’t abandon earlier characters. Viola and the Book Wyrm make prominent appearances, making it very clear that they might be queens, but the boys certainly aren’t going to keep them from being involved in the world, no matter it might be risky for them to go out and about (darn those pesky horny dragons who want hatchlings of their own).

Now – obviously I liked the book. Why then, you might ask, did I only give this book 4 stars? It’s simple – I feel like the book ended far too abruptly. Maybe it’s a personal taste, but I feel like we get all the information dumped on us (Nessie’s truths, among other things), and then BLAM. No real processing of the information, just Remy and Margery are together and that’s all there is to it. I really wish there had been more, but it was still a fantastic book.

I hope Entangled moves the books of this series forward quickly because I can’t wait to read more!

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