Happy Friday!

Hi there. Continuing to tweak the new site. I like the color scheme, I really do. Not surprising, given my favorite color is green. Nicely enough, my new car, a 2016 Honda Pilot, is green!

No, the above isn’t literally my car, but that’s the color and the model. Purty, aint it?

Still working on my fantasy story, currently called Deyou’s Heart – you can see my word count on the right now. I’m struggling to keep going though. I’ve figured out why the dragons are controlled by the elves, but trying to get the characters moving is a trick in and of itself. Yes, I have a tendency to talk. I think especially in first drafts, the whole thing comes from the fact that I’m thinking it out as I go along. Okay, and sue me. I like when people talk to each other. Still, definitely need to get them off Deyou’s Isle and hunting.

It’s turbulent times at work. For the most part, I’m fairly certain I’m safe (which comment makes me think of Survivor and how the contestant who’s certain they’re safe is actually the one who goes home…..not a good thought and probably inaccurate in my work case), but there’s always the lingering pessimism that I’m one mistake away from being fired.  Still, I’ve been there for coming up on five years (wow…almost as long as the twins have been alive), so I’m comfortable most of the time.

We’re getting a puppy this weekend. Sigh. Hubby and the kids were devastated when we lost Rue last September (she was only about a year old). I was too, particularly since I was THERE at the vet with her, but I found another dog who helped me heal, along with our old reliable other husky. Hubby and Pixie though still have never fully recovered, so this weeked we will be adding Baby Reggie.


He’ll be coming home tomorrow, assuming the vet gives him his certificate of good health. I’ve got a better picture on my phone that the breeder sent and I’ll probably put lots of pics once we have him.

Hope you have a great weekend. Share your plans with me. 🙂



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