Review – Carrying the King’s Pride by Jennifer Hayward (@jenhayward_ #harlequinpresents)

Carrying The King's Pride (Kingdoms & Crowns #1)Carrying The King’s Pride by Jennifer Hayward
My rating: 4 of 5 gargoyles

This was yet another great book from Ms. Hayward.

I loved Sofia. She was strong and dedicated to making her career work, both before she got pregnant and after. She was driven and Ms. Hayward definitely made it clear just why she was so determined to succeed in her life. I liked her chosen career as a designer and how it worked into the life she tried making it after Nik drags her off to his island kingdom.

Nik – a bit of a jerk, but what self-respecting HP hero isn’t? Add in he’s a prince (king), and yeah – there’s a recipe for arrogance right there. I enjoyed watching him grow over the course of the book. I didn’t hold his suspicion against Sofia against him at all. He had very good reason for believing what he did and in the same situation (yeah, I wish), I’d probably have had the same situation, which plays into my reason (below) for not giving this book 5 stars.

There was no super bad-guy, just an ongoing feud with a neighboring island, and that worked for me. Yeah, there was some conflict from it, buuuut hey, it gave Nik the room he needed to grow, so yay conflict!

Overall, a solid entry by Ms. Hayward and I look forward to reading other books in this mini-series. See below for my spoiler-ish issue with the book.


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