Review – The Millionaire Daddy Project by Roxanne Snopek (@entangledpub)

The Millionaire Daddy ProjectThe Millionaire Daddy Project by Roxanne Snopek
My rating: 5 of 5 gargoyles

This book was thoroughly enjoyable. I really fell hard for Dane, even if I felt he was a bit ridiculously over-the-top on his food snobbishness. I’m sorry, but the little girl is just that…and he expected her to instantly adore gourmet mac & cheese?! Granted, that was definitely a stumbling block to his growth as a human being, but still it really grated on me and is probably the only thing I didn’t enjoy in this book.

I loved seeing the growing heat and attraction between Dane and Pamela. These two really deserved each other and I was happy to see how Dane grew into the man that Pamela really deserved. He was a good man, just not set up to be a daddy, though that was hardly his fault that the mother of his child never mentioned the child to him.

I also liked the subplot Ms. Snopek included which led to the discovery of the little girl’s grandmother and how the grandmother tied into the continuing growth of Dane’s actual business – in other words, I really felt like Dane came across as a full person, not just a romance hero. He had a business that he’d worked hard to develop and I enjoyed seeing that business grow as the man himself did and as Dane dealt with the consequences of a business decision he makes very early on.

So – definitely check this out. Plenty of giggle-worth (in good ways) moments, and if you’re a food snob/conneissure, you’ll probably enjoy some of the food descriptions. Lord knows I wanted his mac and cheese somethin’ fierce.

Book provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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