Review – Atlas by Isaac Hooke (@isaachooke)

ATLASATLAS by Isaac Hooke
My rating: 5 of 5 gargoyles

I have this book to thank for my current interest/yearning for non-romance books. This was a spectacular sci-fi book that takes place on a future Earth. The book itself started somewhat slowly, but for me that absolutely worked. A lot had changed in the world to get to the point where the story could take place and Isaac Hooke really helps you get to know the world and to understand why the protagonist would do what he does (join the American military because he wanted to eventually be a citizen).

The true action/evil alien part of the story doesn’t come until very, very late in the book itself. And again, that pace really worked for me. I loved seeing Rade grow as a person and then go off world to fight the aliens. I think it plays off very nicely current political concerns (the Korea threat, whether you believe them a threat or not currently, it’s definitely seems plausible that the future could evolve as Mr. Hooke portrays it).

Ultimately, I couldn’t put this down and definitely recommend this book and the other two in this particular series to anyone who likes military and/or sci-fi books!

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