Review – A Good Rogue Is Hard To Find by Kelly Bowen (@kellybowen09)

A Good Rogue is Hard to Find (The Lords of Worth, #2)A Good Rogue is Hard to Find by Kelly Bowen

My rating: 4 of 5 gargoyles

I loved the overall package found in this book.

The hero William is arrogant (he’s a duke, so some would argue he has a right to be), but not over the top with it. He’s really looking out for his mother when it appears she’s gone over the edge. I loved the story as he discovered just what his mother is (and isn’t) after he moves in with her to (he hopes) curb her eccentric behavior (peacocks are the least of it).

Jenna – such a good woman who took the lemons life gave her and definitely made lemonade with them. She was hurt in the past but instead of letting it destroy her and her future, she forged her own path and decided to make the upper class pay (their bills) – she didn’t humiliate them necessarily, just found ways to remind them of their obligations without it ever being traceable back to her and who she is.

William and Jenna made a fantastic couple. I loved seeing the two of them come together and give in to the feelings that sparked between them. William had seen Jenna in her “mixing with the nobility” guise a year before and didn’t connect his mother’s companion with that glittering woman for most of the book until it was practically thrown in his face and I enjoyed that, and the fact that he didn’t hold it over her head or blackmail her in some fashion for it.

Definitely worth a read and I want to read more by Ms. Bowen in the future.

Book provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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