Review – A Good Rogue Is Hard To Find by Kelly Bowen (@kellybowen09)

A Good Rogue is Hard to Find (The Lords of Worth, #2)A Good Rogue is Hard to Find by Kelly Bowen

My rating: 4 of 5 gargoyles

I loved the overall package found in this book.

The hero William is arrogant (he’s a duke, so some would argue he has a right to be), but not over the top with it. He’s really looking out for his mother when it appears she’s gone over the edge. I loved the story as he discovered just what his mother is (and isn’t) after he moves in with her to (he hopes) curb her eccentric behavior (peacocks are the least of it).

Jenna – such a good woman who took the lemons life gave her and definitely made lemonade with them. She was hurt in the past but instead of letting it destroy her and her future, she forged her own path and decided to make the upper class pay (their bills) – she didn’t humiliate them necessarily, just found ways to remind them of their obligations without it ever being traceable back to her and who she is.

William and Jenna made a fantastic couple. I loved seeing the two of them come together and give in to the feelings that sparked between them. William had seen Jenna in her “mixing with the nobility” guise a year before and didn’t connect his mother’s companion with that glittering woman for most of the book until it was practically thrown in his face and I enjoyed that, and the fact that he didn’t hold it over her head or blackmail her in some fashion for it.

Definitely worth a read and I want to read more by Ms. Bowen in the future.

Book provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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Tory’s Rumbling Ramblings (6/10/15, #ffxiv, #heavensward)

Happy, erm, Wednesday! So it’s Hump Day, yaaaay!

Since We Last Met

So yeah, it’s been a while. As memory served, the last time I checked in with y’all, we were heading to a Rays game. We came, we saw, the Rays lost. Kids had fun though, surprisingly, even the girls. The girls conked out afterward before we were even out of the parking lot. Here’s a pic I took because, well, they’re adorable. It’s one of the best twin pics I have:

They were having fun at Tropicana Field

They were having fun at Tropicana Field

Saw Avengers the following Thursday and while it wasn’t quite as good as the first (in my opinion), it was definitely fun to watch, especially when the various Avengers try to pick up Thor’s hammer and a few other places.

Let’s see. I have a very boring life so not much has been going on. Oh, wait…Shrimp finished his Bear badge for Cub Scouts. Lots of awards given, lots of food eaten. Here’s him getting his stuff for the year:

Shrimp with his den leader

Shrimp with his den leader


Girls got to attend a birthday party this past weekend at an indoor play park. They had lots of fun:

Blondie and Pixie partying on

Blondie and Pixie partying on


And finally, Shrimp had his last soccer match. He lost, but he scored his side’s only goal and put in a fantastic effort that I wish he’d done EVERY week, not just the final game. Here’s him with his participation trophy:

Shrimp with i9 trophy

Shrimp with i9 trophy

On Writing

It’s not going well. I’ve FINALLY started working in dribs and drabs again, but it’s not much. I like what’s happened to Rory though. She’s undergone an interesting transformation in how her life was before Sealed starts. Not one I thought about before, but I can see it playing out. I also had a brain flash of the transition scene (aka epilogue) for Lucas’s story leading into Reny’s story (Book 3 going into Carved in Stone), as in how they finally realize where and who Reny is. Got a contemporary romance that I’m supposed to be writing, but that’s not very good at the moment.

On Gaming

I play Final Fantasy XIV. Y’all know this. FFXIV is going into it’s first full-blown expansion in two weeks (YAAAAAAY!). Hubby has said he wants to try out the new classes, particularly the machinist (think guns). To do that though, his character has to have made it all the way through the original story plus the various story patches. Sadly, his highest level and easiest to dungeon with is a tank (fighter). Guess who’s ended up getting him through the story (he’d stalled out at level 33 out of 50 – which only gets you through the original story, then there’s a crap-ton of additional story after that)? Yup, yours truly. I run the dungeons and some of the side quests that lead to dungeons he’ll want to go in later, and he does the various running around talking to people missions. However, I was the primary mover and shaker to get him to where he is (only 2 dungeons left to get him to the end of the story). I was in a dungeon last night and mentioned I knew the place because I had another character and was just leveling hubby for the expansion. One of the other player’s commented: Wife of the Year. Hehe. My free company (think a guild of players) thinks I’m awesome for doing it too.

Downside of this is I don’t get to finish the weapon I was working on and now I’m kinda into playing a paladin. At least I won’t be afraid of being a tank any more (I traditionally have either been an archer/bard or a healer when I did the uber-high level dungeons).

You should definitely check this game out:

Most Awesome RPG Series Ever!

Most Awesome RPG Series Ever!

Seriously, if you check out the game and choose to play on the Goblin server, look me up. I’m Rory Masterson (yes, I have no imagination for names).

In Conclusion

So, that’s pretty much it. Not much going on in the life, but hey, my kids are (mostly) happy and healthy, so I’m grateful for what I have. Got any plans for this week(end)?

Review – Changing his Game by Megan Erickson (@entangledpub)

Changing His Game (Gamers #1)Changing His Game by Megan Erickson

My rating: 5 of 5 gargoyles

This was a fantastic book by Ms. Erickson. I’m such a total gamer these days (thanks to FFXIV) and so seeing a woman be a gaming magazine editor and writer really was a great perk.

These two were a fantastic couple. I had a little issue over the fact that he only came clean when he had to, but I get his reasons for keeping his identity secret. I also really enjoyed Marley as she fought to get the promotion she so badly wanted (and deserved).

Austin – hubba freakin’ hubba, honestly. I love computer guys and he took it up a notch for me.

Definitely check out this book. They may be geeks, but they are HAWT geeks!

Book provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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