Tory’s Rumbling Ramblings (5/1/15) @raysbaseball

OMG, it’s the FIRST OF MAY! Where the heck is this year going? Oh, wait, I have children I’m trying to keep up with, so that’s probably most of it right there. And man, oh man, Pixie is a handful to keep up with. Add in Rue, Blondie, Shrimp, and the other assorted animals and people, and my slate is full.


Awesome Movie Alert

Awesome Movie Alert

Okay, if even HALF of what I’ve been seeing/reading is true, this is going to be a freakin’ awesome movie. I can’t wait to go see it. Except I have to. Because I have to work and I’m not going anywhere near a theatre for a movie like this on opening night. My husband, on the other hand, the lucky bastard, is not only going to see it, he’s going during the work day. With co-workers. As a “team building exercise”. In 3-D. IMAX! IMAX, people, eye-popping superhero awesomeness! (No, I’m not envious at all, am I?)

I was supposed to go see it with Shrimp on Sunday, buuuut instead we’re doing a family outing (more on that below). So here I am, mega superhero/Avengers fan….and I’m not seeing one of this year’s two most anticipated movies (the other one of course being Star Wars VII – have you seen the trailer?!).


Tampa Bay Rays

Tampa Bay Rays

So, onto what I’m doing INSTEAD of going to see Age of Ultron. Because of the dumb-asses in Baltimore who decided to burn, loot, and generally riot their own town before any official reports were released as to someone’s death (I get the reason they’re angry, I just think they’re morons and I wish the cops would use the videos to arrest every single idiot who decided to take advantage and steal things), the Orioles/Rays series got moved from Camden Yards down to Tropicana Field. And the prices absolutely couldn’t be beat – $15/person for General Admission (pick your own seat, first come first serve) on Friday and Sunday, $18 for Saturday. On top of that, for the Sunday game, if your car has 4+ people, you can park for free! So…$75 later, the entire family is off to Tampa (okay, technically St. Pete) for a baseball game.

To top that (because yes, it needed to be topped simply because I’m taking 2 4 y/o girls to a baseball game – wth am I thinking?!), my BFF in the entire freakin’ world saw I was coming to Tampa this weekend for the game and so she got a ticket to the game and we’re gonna get to see each other! I haven’t gotten to see her in a year or two now, so…WAHOOO!!!!!

To recap: sulking over lack of Ultron-awesomeness, throwing a party because get to see bestie! The rioters are still idiots.

On Children

God above, what am I doing with these children? The twins are slowly becoming unmanageable and I don’t know how to fix the behavior. We’ve already taken everything out of their rooms so that when we put them in time out, they can’t pick the locks and escape (because yes, both of them do it). Pixie absolutely refuses to go to bed at bedtime which results in 30-90 minutes of battle. Every. Single. Night. We tried just closing up the rest of the house and retreating into our bedroom so she doesn’t have the noise to distract her, but instead, she just keeps coming around the corner to peek until Daddy stands up and threatens her, then she scoots back to her bedroom, giggling.

I made rum cake a week or two ago (good cake, btw). Heard some rustling in the kitchen, called out, “Pixie, what are you doing?”

Pixie: Nuffin

Me: Come here, Pixie.

She comes ’round the corner and hubby and I bust out laughing.

Me: Pixie, what were you into?

Pixie: Nuffin.

This would be the “nuffin” face:

No, I haven't been into that cake batter, Mommy.

No, I haven’t been into that cake batter, Mommy.

Soooo, yeah. We don’t believe her when she says “Nuffin”.

Blondie…she’s such a ham and loves to wear cool stuff. This was taken the day the girls had their four-year check-up (and shots…yeeks, 4 each):

Too cool for...daycare?

Too cool for…daycare?

And then there’s my sweet boy (hint – there’s a bit of sarcasm there). He’s playing soccer this season – it’s instructional, so very little actual competition or anything, buuuut he seems to enjoy it:

Ready for action!

Ready for action!

At least I can’t lose him on the field, I guess. Those socks/pants are even brighter in person than they look in the picture.


So – that’s it for the week. Got any plans of your own? Share your thought if you go see Ultron! Please please please!


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