Review – Wait for Me / Trust in Me by Samantha Chase (@samanthachase3 @sourcebookscasa)

Wait for Me / Trust in MeWait for Me / Trust in Me by Samantha Chase

My rating: 3 of 5 gargoyles

I found this book to be okay. Not fantastic, not bad, just…meh. My biggest problem was the feeling of head-hopping. At one point I think we were in three different POVs in the space of a page. Lucas in particular seemed a bit immature, though I do get his problem and wanting to retreat from the world.

Wait For Me – Lucas’s injury would be devastating for a pro athlete, but his total retreat from the world seemed a bit ridiculous. Emma – I really liked her for the most part, though during the blackest moment of the book, I thought she was a bit ridiculous as well at the lengths she went to. I enjoyed seeing her make a career shift, but felt it came too quickly and easily when there had been relatively little hint she wanted to shift jobs, and then when she did it came so effortlessly/convenient (deus ex machine perhaps). The final “I love yous” were sweet, but again the thing that drove them apart just seemed over the top to me.

Trust in Me – I enjoyed Trust more than I did Wait, and I think in part because both of the characters felt more realistic and grounded than those in Wait. Jason was a good man (a bit egotistical perhaps, but given apparently every woman wants to marry him maybe he has room for ego), and genuinely comes to appreciate and admire Maggie. I felt the genuine growth in both characters and believed in their path toward romance. The one stumbling block for me to bar it from liking it more than I did was toward the end when Jason has his showdown with the jerk from Maggie’s past. I felt, again, that the whole thing seemed a bit unrealistic and, surprisingly given it’s a Sourcebooks book, badly edited. I felt like something, maybe a page or two, went missing somehow because there was no hint of what was about to happen, just POOF, Maggie walks in and (of course) leaps to the wrong conclusion. Still, the make-up was lovely.

What for me saved both books was I loved William (the meddling dad). I really enjoyed watching him try to maneuver his kids into finding what he clearly has with his wonderful wife.

So – this is a hit AND miss for me. Still, I’ll continue reading Ms. Chase’s work in the future.

Book provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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