Review – Blush by Cherry Adair (@cherryadair, @gallerybooks)

BlushBlush by Cherry Adair

5 of 5 gargoyles!

I don’t rush out to read Cherry Adair, but I do generally enjoy her books. This wasn’t an exception to that.

Things I particularly enjoyed: Mia being the rich and (theoretically) powerful CEO. She’s obviously afraid, given the whole “someone’s out to kill her” thing, but she’s taking advantage of going into hiding by using the time to do things she never had time to do when acting as CEO. Cruz – he’s an assassin, but doesn’t kill just anyone. He only takes on projects that he believes are just (killing dirty politicians, etc). He might have started out being hired to kill Mia, and indeed had plenty of evidence to do the deed, but then ends up listening to his gut when it tells him something’s wrong with the picture.

The only thing that occasionally drew me back from the book was Cruz’s continued “Oh, I’ll screw her but it’s just going to make the kill sweeter” attitude through a very big portion of the book. It got repetitive and less believable each time he did it.

The plot was rich and rife with suspense, trying to pinpoint just who the villain behind everything really was. I will admit to being surprised by it, which is always great for me. I was glad to see these two find their way to being together and hope there will be more books of this nature from Ms. Adair in the future.

Book provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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