Tory’s Rumbling Ramblings (4/8/15)

Hey there everyone! I know, it’s been a while (a month or so) since I posted an actual chatty post rather than just reviews, and was quiet for a while. Sorry ’bout that. I’ve just been brooding. Still am, but oh well.


Easter was this past Sunday and for the first time we actually did an egg hunt at home. We’ve been going to church and/or community ones the last few years. It was a first for the girls. It was awesome – I hid the eggs inside and out. And then, in theory, to stop them from getting up and going egg-hunting without an adult present, I slept on the couch. Well, let’s just say that didn’t stop them. By midnight, and without even coming out of her room, Pixie found the two hidden in her room and ate the contents, going right back to sleep. Blondie went to the bathroom around 3:30 and found the egg in the glass there, and one that was on the dishwasher on her way back to bed. Shrimp tried getting up at 3:30 to watch cartoons…yeah, that didn’t work. Then finally everyone (save Daddy) got up around six and the hunt was on.

I told them that the Easter Bunny had texted me that there were more eggs hidden outside, but they had to wait for the sun to come up. Meanwhile there was much candy eating. And waiting. Not patiently either.

And then of course, once Daddy was up, we loosed the hounds, er, kids.

That was fun. The funner part was they kept finding more after I’d thought they’d found everything. There was much sugar-induced psychoness. And then we had a very nice dinner that evening. We even used a table cloth! Proof:

We actually DO have a table cloth!

We actually DO have a table cloth!

On Writing

Wow…not much to say on this matter. Sealed has stalled out, though I know why and I keep telling myself to write crap – I can fix crap, I can’t fix a blank page, or however the phrase goes. But something’s just locked up inside me.

I’m actually trying to plot out a contemporary romance, eyeing the Bliss line. Completely out of character for me, Ms.Paranormal or Bust, but we shall see.

On Failures

I think it’s pretty clear Locked is a total bust, which is probably why I’ve been dragging my heels on Sealed. Part of me just wants to give up altogether because that’s four books out, and four miserable failures. On the other hand, I got a book published with Entangled, an incredible publisher, directly competing (and in some cases beating) Harlequin’s lines in certain sales arenas and categories. Not bad for a baby (age-wise, given they only opened their doors in 2011) publisher.

Basically, I’m feeling like a total failure in pretty much everything these days. Work – oh yeah, they supposedly love me and depend on me, but I screw up a lot. I try so hard and I always mess up. I never see the little details. Which is probably why, as of last night, I flunked out of editing school. Sigh. Yes, I hadn’t really shared much about that, but I was going through an editing class in hopes of becoming an editor (figured if I couldn’t write, I could help others), and that too is a bust. Yet another screw-up.


So, when all else fails (aka my writing’s a bust and I’m feeling sorry for myself…or just because I need to kill things), I dive back into video games and books. I’m still playing Final Fantasy XIV (there’s a huge expansion coming out in a couple of months). Trying to actually get some high-end gear and all that – making progress there with my bard, which I enjoy doing because it doesn’t require a lot of thinking, just point and shoot so to speak (bards use bows). If you happen to play FFXIV and are on the Goblin server, feel free to look for me (Rory Masterson – yeah, yeah, I have no imagination for names)

Of course, I’m also a rabid reader. I went through a glut of Bliss books and wow…there’s some major good books that take place in the small-town type of setting by Entangled authors.

What sort of hobbies do you have?

In Conclusion

So, that’s pretty much it for this posting. Hope to hear from some of you about how things are going, or how you deal with life when it seems like nothing’s going well.




    • Well, I have to explain how I have instant access to tattle on the kids to the ::insert appropriate holiday creature:: when I want to threaten them with a non-visit, don’t I? I email Santa all the time, don’tcha know? Oh, I’m decent with one-liners, and being sarcastic. One-liners (not even ones about being turned into a vamp chew toy or being used as a juice box) do not a book make. 😦


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