Review – Moonlight and Diamonds by Michele Hauf (#bookreview, #review)

Moonlight and DiamondsMoonlight and Diamonds by Michele Hauf

My rating: 3 of 5 gargoyles

Usually I enjoy Nocturne books and their hero/heroines very much. Sadly, that wasn’t the case with Moonlight and Diamonds when it came to the heroine.

Overall, the story was great, and I got the distinct feeling that this was an ongoing series though the author’s website didn’t seem to indicate there were any others in the series out yet (more to come in the series though…yay). Stryke was a good ol’ boy who’s in Paris for a vampire wedding (which was pretty cool), but before the wedding he’s at a museum exhibition where he meets Blyss, who seduces him almost immediately in her office before slipping out to go back to the exhibition. Blyss seduced Stryke simply to stick a huge diamond that she was stealing into his pocket so that it could get out of the museum. And yes, she was attracted to him, but she only saw his as an opportunity initially.

Of course there was far more to the diamond that initially lets on, and the plot gets immeasurably thickened when demons attack while Stryke’s at the actual vampire wedding (with Blyss). He’d found the diamond of course, though he was waiting for Blyss to ‘fess up about it. Things get messy from there and there’s a lot of fights, the involvement of the Prince of Darkness himself, and a lot of people getting their just desserts.

Adding to all of this, Stryke realizes that even though she initially doesn’t smell like it, Blyss is in fact a werewolf like him. Blyss stole the diamond to help pay for the drugs that suppress her inner werewolf, having hated that side of her for most of her life. There’s a lot of push and pull about whether or not she can ever learn to accept that side of herself and in the end, I like where Blyss and Stryke end up.

However, all that said…I REALLY could not stand Blyss. She was shallow (even allowing for the fact that she likes sparkly things in part to pay for her drug, which I get). But she’s materialistic even beyond that and I thought Stryke could have done better, though I’m happy he ended up happy.

So, it’s a mixed bag for me on this.

Book provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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