Review – The Millionaire’s Forever by Sonya Weiss (#review, #bookreview)

The Millionaire's Forever (Men of the Zodiac)The Millionaire’s Forever by Sonya Weiss
My rating: 4 of 5 gargoyles

Another book in the Indulgence “Men of the Zodiac” series, I really really enjoyed The Millionaire’s Forever.

Telling a lie is NEVER a good thing, whether you’re trying to save a business or not. Olivia learns that when her fiance shows up – only problem was when she claimed to have one, she’d been lying through her teeth though basing the man on one she’d known many years ago.

Mason spent time in juvenile detention for a crime he didn’t commit and suffered incredibly. So, rightfully, he wants nothing more than to burn the place to the ground, and Olivia is the only thing standing between him and his goal. Add in the fact that she’s also partially responsible for the time he spent inside, and it’s the perfect revenge when he blackmails her into letting him pretend to be the fiance she made up.

These two definitely had a history and I enjoyed the slow revelation as to exactly what happened on the critical night in their past. There was definitely a villain to the story and it wasn’t who I expected. The romance grew organically out of the story and I thoroughly enjoyed seeing these two find their way to one another..

Can’t wait for the next Men of the Zodiac book!

Book provided through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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