Review – Hard as a Rock by Christine Warren (#review, bookreview)

Hard as a Rock (Gargoyles, #3)Hard as a Rock by Christine Warren

My rating: 5 of 5 gargoyles

OMG OMG OMG, finally this series continues! Sorry, major fan girl moment here. I love when I get a chance to get sneak advance peaks at my favorite authors’ series and this is definitely in my top series list.

We first met Wynn in the prior Gargoyles book – she was the witch brought in to help the last hero/heroine. She of course was asked to help them track down the other guardians and she went to the last known location of one…finding only rubble where the Guardian should have been. She’s devastated of course and is jumped by one of the bad guys almost immediately. All seems lost until a gargoyle rises from the rubble and attacks, saving her (though she doesn’t let him kill the bad guy at that point).

Knox – he’s fresh from creation. We learn through this book that if one Guardian is destroyed, another will be summoned/created, with the genetic memory of those who have gone before him. So – this is great for the Wardens and Guardians because now they know that even if the bad guys get to the gargoyle Guardians before they can be woken up, they’ll still have 7 Guardians when all’s said and done.

Woot – this book is easily as good as the others in the series. Seriously, as soon as I saw this hit NetGalley/got the widget invite, I downloaded it and sped-read through it. I honestly couldn’t finish it fast enough. The pacing was spectacular and the romance between Knox and Wynn was great. I loved that while he had all the basic gargoyle knowledge, Knox definitely didn’t come across quite as, erm, hard-headed as the last two heroes. Wynn of course is powerful in her own right, which made for a nice change. She’s always wanted to be a Warden, but the Wardens were an all boys club recently. We discover just how and why that came to be in this book.

There is so much in this story. Wynn’s brother, who got to be a Warden when she didn’t, is missing and the story involves her search for him, along with dodging the minions of the Order of Eternal Darkness. I cried toward the end when I realized where it was all leading, and the ending was…spectacular. I couldn’t get enough and once again I’ll have to sit back and wait AGES for another gargoyle book. ARGH!

So – definitely worth buying and reading. And re-reading. Don’t wait, get this book now! (And yes, it does stand alone, though if you’ve read the first two, it will fill in a few gaps here and there, like who some of the supporting characters are in this book).

Book provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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