Review – Total Surrender by Rebecca Zanetti (#review, #bookreview)

Total Surrender (Sin Brothers, #4)Total Surrender by Rebecca Zanetti

My rating: 5 of 5 gargoyles

Wahoo, last book in the awesome series that introduced me to Rebecca Zanetti. Awww, last book in the series. 😦

I’ve been absolutely itching to get my hands on this book since I read book 3 and realized I had to wait an ENTIRE YEAR to read this one. But let me say it was sooooo worth the wait. Jory was everything I wanted and more.

Piper and Jory were a great pairing. I liked how Piper was so suspicious and gradually got introduced to the nightmare that was Jory’s entire world as he grew up. And Jory, while he might not have the same drive for action/adventure that the other Gray brothers had, he definitely had the brains in the family.

The driving concern (the chips in their backs) definitely kept this story moving. The book starts with only days left before the chips explode and it’s a race to see whether Piper can find a way to recode / remove the chips in time. Toward the end, even KNOWING it’s a romance and there had to be a HEA ending, I began to doubt whether she’d actually solve the problem with Jory’s chip. It’s not exactly a spoiler to say she does, and thank heavens. Whew.

We get to see the other brothers that I fell in love with over the course of the series AND learn that they’re not the only “gray” brothers. It was nice to see a younger crop come along. I don’t necessarily see a series in the younger crowd, though it’s possible. It definitely wouldn’t be a rehash of this one though.

All in all, this was an incredibly satisfying conclusion to a phenomenal action/adventure/romance series from Ms. Zanetti.

Book provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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Review – A Good Rake is Hard to Find by Manda Collins (#review, #bookreview)

A Good Rake is Hard to Find (Lords of Anarchy, #1)A Good Rake is Hard to Find by Manda Collins

My rating: 4 of 5 gargoyles

Sometimes I think I’m just too easy to please, but on the whole, I really liked this book by Ms. Collins.

I appreciated the back-story/prior engagement of Nora and Freddie. I felt it gave their reasons for not being together more umph even as they underwent the sham engagement to get closer to the Lords of Anarchy who might’ve been responsible for Nora’s brother’s death. The one thing I didn’t care for was the fact that Nora hadn’t told Freddie the real reason (back many years ago) for ending their original engagement. I get why she couldn’t do it in the present, but back then? Yeah…had a few issues with that.

The romance developed nicely and I have to admit in the latter half of the book, I just kept wanting to turn pages to find out just who (and why) Nora’s brother was killed. It was always a given NOra and Freddie would get together. They deserved their HEA though by the end, definitely.

The secondary cast was interesting and I really look forward to getting to see Nora’s friends hook up. There were definitely some sparks flying between the secondary cast members.

Book provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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Review – Hard as a Rock by Christine Warren (#review, bookreview)

Hard as a Rock (Gargoyles, #3)Hard as a Rock by Christine Warren

My rating: 5 of 5 gargoyles

OMG OMG OMG, finally this series continues! Sorry, major fan girl moment here. I love when I get a chance to get sneak advance peaks at my favorite authors’ series and this is definitely in my top series list.

We first met Wynn in the prior Gargoyles book – she was the witch brought in to help the last hero/heroine. She of course was asked to help them track down the other guardians and she went to the last known location of one…finding only rubble where the Guardian should have been. She’s devastated of course and is jumped by one of the bad guys almost immediately. All seems lost until a gargoyle rises from the rubble and attacks, saving her (though she doesn’t let him kill the bad guy at that point).

Knox – he’s fresh from creation. We learn through this book that if one Guardian is destroyed, another will be summoned/created, with the genetic memory of those who have gone before him. So – this is great for the Wardens and Guardians because now they know that even if the bad guys get to the gargoyle Guardians before they can be woken up, they’ll still have 7 Guardians when all’s said and done.

Woot – this book is easily as good as the others in the series. Seriously, as soon as I saw this hit NetGalley/got the widget invite, I downloaded it and sped-read through it. I honestly couldn’t finish it fast enough. The pacing was spectacular and the romance between Knox and Wynn was great. I loved that while he had all the basic gargoyle knowledge, Knox definitely didn’t come across quite as, erm, hard-headed as the last two heroes. Wynn of course is powerful in her own right, which made for a nice change. She’s always wanted to be a Warden, but the Wardens were an all boys club recently. We discover just how and why that came to be in this book.

There is so much in this story. Wynn’s brother, who got to be a Warden when she didn’t, is missing and the story involves her search for him, along with dodging the minions of the Order of Eternal Darkness. I cried toward the end when I realized where it was all leading, and the ending was…spectacular. I couldn’t get enough and once again I’ll have to sit back and wait AGES for another gargoyle book. ARGH!

So – definitely worth buying and reading. And re-reading. Don’t wait, get this book now! (And yes, it does stand alone, though if you’ve read the first two, it will fill in a few gaps here and there, like who some of the supporting characters are in this book).

Book provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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Review – The Unleashing by Shelly Laurenston (#review, #bookreview)

The Unleashing (Call of Crows, #1)The Unleashing by Shelly Laurenston

My rating: 4 of 5 gargoyles

This was a great read. I didn’t know what to expect going in – I thought there would be more romance, but it ended up being (to my mind) primarily an urban fantasy novel. Which, mind you, is NOT a problem for me.

First – one thing readers should be aware of. There are a LOT of POVs in this book. By no means is it just a Vig/Kera story. For the most part the other POVs definitely fill in some nice holes, but occasionally I got tired of seeing what others were thinking/doing simply because I kept hoping for more of the romance side of things (yes, I know I said I prefer UF, but hey…I thought this was a romance).

For the romance – Vig and Kera were definitely good for each other. Both had some baggage they needed to get over. I enjoyed when Kera finds out the truth about Vig (AFTER she’s been turned into a Crow) – he’s not the PTSD Vet she’d assumed he was and that was an amusing little scene all in its own.

And let’s not forget the dog Brianna. OMG – I LOVED the dog. Especially what she ended up becoming, thanks to Kera’s insistence that if the Viking goddess brought her back, the dog had to come with her. The interaction of the other Crows with Brianna was hilarious, especially when it so totally discomfited Kera to see her dog so friendly with other people. And then there were the wings…………Read it just for the dog, if for no other reason.

Finally, the fantasy/adventure part of this. I think it makes a great initial book for a series, though you need to stick with it. The first chapters throw a LOT of names and explanations at you, but stick with it and you’ll get the hang of the book. It’s a great thing to read. I absolutely will be keeping an eye out for the next one. This leaves off with a definite lead-in to a sequel, so yay!

Book provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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Tory’s Rumbling Ramblings (3/2/15)

Happy Monday, everyone! I’m trying out a new name for my gossipy post, and planning on trying it as the name for my newsletter (if people will sign up for it – you can on the right side) – Tory’s Rumbling Ramblings. What do you think?

Locked in Stone

Well, exciting exciting exciting – I actually got reviewed at Dear Author! Not the highest grade, but the sheer fact that I got reviewed there blows my mind. I’ve wanted that since I stumbled across them years ago and it happened! Yay!

Sales – not spectacular, but in a month’s time (including pre-sale period), as of yesterday afternoon, I’ve gotten more reviews and ratings than Blood Rage ever did, which was previously my most read book. So, I’m happy about it. It’s all good.

Sealed in Stone

I’ve actually gotten a lot of the story mapped out in my head, what with the utter reversal of a particular character’s frame of mind and started writing. Unfortunately, despite loving the character voices in the original Sealed, it’s just not going to work. Not with the space I have to work with and what I’m learning is desperately needed, per reviews (more romance and more character development). I’ll keep Rory largely the way she is because, honestly, she’s awesome fun to write, but Gabe, yeah. Gabe has abruptly decided he needs to be an alpha and I’m gonna go with it. I like alphas better than betas, and let’s face it, Cal was probably a beta male.

And here’s my current inspiration for Gabe physically:


Gabe Lennox / Colin O’Donoghue

Sigh. Isn’t he pretty? So very, very pretty.

Blue and Gold Banquet

Had that for my boy over the weekend – it’s the celebration of the founding of the Cub Scouts, or something along those lines. The banquet was wonderful and I soooooo ate carby food. Back on Atkins today, but it was good. It was a lot of fun – they brought in the same magician/comedian they had last year, but definitely wasn’t a rehash of the same material. Shrimp got to participate in one of the magic tricks, which I enjoyed, and he actually won one of the door prizes, so yay him!

Here’s my lousy selfie with him.

2015-02-28 19.55.19I swear, he’s going to swallow a bug one of these days. He loves having his mouth open in pictures. Drives me crazy.

Here’s a brief video from the thing too (hope it loads):


So – that’s it. I had a decent weekend. Hopefully you did to. Share what you did with me. I get lonely!