Guest Blogging for Locked in Stone (#lockedinstone, #giveaways)


Hey there, everyone. As part of the wonderfulness that is Entangled, I’ve gotten several spectacular opportunities around the blogosphere to meet people, and I’m hoping you’ll check out the posts I do there. My schedule, as of now, is as follows:

  1. 2/25 – Facebook Event. I’m doing a release party with my fellow Covet and 2/23/15 release author, Nichole Severn. We’ll be sharing deleted scenes and giving away gift cards, along with sharing what makes our books special.
  2. 2/26 – Bitten by Books – I’m doing a chat/release party with Bitten by Books, starting at 3p Pacific Time (6p Eastern time – thanks again to BBB, for moving the start time to after work for me).
  3. 2/26 – Fresh Fiction – Blog post about why you read and sharing why and what I read.
  4. 2/27 – Writerspace – Blog post on looking for unusual tropes involving the heroine.
  5. 2/27 – RhiRheading – Blog post discussing who I’d pick to do voices for my gargoyles, rather than the oh-so-traditional actors to play them.
  6. 3/2 – Book Lovin’ Mamas – Blog post regarding a variety of topics.
  7. 3/6 – Bitten by Romance – Blog post talking about the development of my gargoyles and the lore associated with them.

So, that’s my upcoming schedule. I hope to see lots of you out there!


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