Tory’s Ramblings (2/16/2015) #lockedinstone, #dentaldemons

And the beat goes on.

On Writing

Have you ever left a project undone and months, or even years, later realize how much you actually want to finish it? Even if that project’s one that may well never see the light of day again? The Dream-Walker War is that project for me. I really want to finish it, but…the first three didn’t go well. I’m considering self-publishing the two Chris/Jordan books and seeing if, when combined with an audience gained from Locked, that might overcome the problems before. Because the majority seemed to like it…the problem was, there was almost no numbers at all to the people that made up the majority. So, we shall have to see.

Locked in Stone

Three days until release. I’m getting really nervous. And pretty excited. I’m of course haunting Goodreads and checking out the reviews – yes, I know looking at reviews shouldn’t be done, buuuut it’s actually proving very insightful for me. It’s true, Locked doesn’t have a particularly high romance factor in it, and that’s being brought up in the reviews. BUT, and I’m definitely taking this away from the reviews, people really like my writing and my world-building. I’m just missing the mark when it comes to romance. Sooo, valuable insight gained! Can’t win everyone over, but hey…it’s getting reviewed. Yaaay! Here’s the cover, just in case you haven’t seen it!


Sealed in Stone

I finally finished an outline for it and I’ve started actually writing on it again. Which is good. I hadn’t in a little time. It’s slow going, but the things I’ve gotten from readers of Locked is really going to help me out in writing it and getting the romance quotient right the first time.

 On Children

Not much to report. I finally stopped being a bad mommy and faced my dental demons by taking the boy to the dentist. Things will be handled. He was glad to go, though he missed being at school (what’s wrong with that boy?!). Check out the dentist office set-up! Why weren’t they like this when I was a kid?

Dentist Chair

And here are my little darlings making birthday cakes from mud!


Weight Loss

It’s slow going but I think I’m seeing a loss. My pants feel a bit different, so I’ll hold to that. The downside of going to an old-fashioned, non-battery-operated scale? The numbers aren’t digital, you have to see the little needle lining up with little hash marks. Ugh. I’ve found some nice chocolate substitutes though.


So, that’s it. I’ll have a post up Monday with all the wonderful places you can go to get Locked if you’re itching to get your hands on it AND a list of where you can find me to celebrate! Have a fantastic weekend!



    • Well, they’re fake chocolate, really. 1 is Breyers Ice Cream Low-Carb (4 carbs for 1 serving of chocolate, there are other flavors). Another is a syrup/sauce flavoring for coffee, by a company named Monin. It’s got carbs, but they’re sugar alcohol carbs, so they don’t bounce you out of ketosis the way regular carbs do.


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