Tory’s Ramblings (2/12/15) #candycrushsoda, #candycrushsaga

Yeah, I know, I’m still working on getting regular again. So sorry folks. But let’s jump into it.

Changes to Website

So, as you can see, I’ve started tweaking my site again. Nothing major, just added a blogroll and a couple other things. I’ve been updating my Book page as I’ve been getting links for Locked when it releases in … 11 DAYS! Yikes. Getting nervous.

Locked in Stone

Nerves are kicking in. I’ve actually got a couple of great opportunities to promote the book (guest blog at Bitten by Books and two Facebook events), and it’s far beyond anything I’ve done before, so I’m pretty psyched about it. A few reviews have trickled in thus far, working on drumming more up before release day so people see the book on Goodreads and think “I gotta read that!” Surprisingly, my sales rank is currently better than what I had 99% of the time for all of my other books and it’s not even out. I’m kinda happy, okay very happy, about that. Silly, but true.


Ohhh, how I hate that, and my workplace is actively conspiring against me, I swear. I’m holding strong thus far (10 days in or so), even though the office has had 2 birthdays (chocolate cake and ice cream last Friday, key lime pie on Monday (with a leftover pie that just won’t go away), a vanilla crème cake that showed up this afternoon (Thursday), and homemade banana bread) and has now put out a candy dish at the reception desk. ::headdesk:: Friday the building is hosting a treat afternoon in honor of Valentine’s Day on Saturday. Sigh. Chocolate, chocolate everywhere and I’m having to avoid it all.

However, on a positive note, I found this sugar free chocolate sauce/syrup that doesn’t throw me out of ketosis AND tastes incredible, so I can get a coffee from the coffee shop (the Urban Grind) downstairs when the itch gets really bad. So there’s that.

Our scale was/is a mess, so honestly, I have no idea what my start point was, but we got a good old-fashioned non-digital one and I’ve now got a base weight to go off of. As you’ll see if you scroll to your right, I’ve started a weight-loss ticker, just to non-obtrusively share my ongoing successes.

The one missing aspect of all of this is exercise. Working on when/how to get that in. It’s a challenge since, thanks to the demon dog Rue racing around and barking to go out/have water, within five minutes of getting up I usually have at least one, if not both, of the Shrimpettes up. Can’t go out if they’re up, since hubby’s asleep.

Fun and Games

I really enjoy doing the daily crossword you can find at I’m not spectacular at them, but I like that it’ll tell you if a letter’s wrong. What about you? Do you do puzzles like that? I used to adore doing word-searches and Sudoku.

Now, though, my addiction of choice is Candy Crush Soda Saga. Per hubby, sadists must have created it and it is likely responsible for serial killers snapping because the insane difficulty as you go up in levels. Have you ever played it or it’s predecessor, Candy Crush? What’s your game of choice?


So, that’s it for today.  Have a great night!


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