Tory’s Ramblings (2/2/2015) – #juryduty #guilty

Happy Monday! I was in the midst of jury duty on Friday so couldn’t really post at that point. I didn’t have much to say on the matter.

On Jury Duty


Interior2 Interior1

Well, I survived. It was absolutely phenomenal. I loved getting to sit in on the trial as a whole and actually see the so-called “wheels of justice” turn. We found the defendant guilt of manslaughter by act (that was a lesser included charge, the main charge was premeditated attempted murder) and another crime. I was the foreperson for the jury, which was cool too. In this case I can totally say that the prosecution (and the Jax PD) absolutely failed to prove their case. I’ll not go into specifics of just how badly the police screwed up, just leave it that they did.

I loved the judge and his annoyance with the multiple technology fails we had. He was great to listen to.

I unfortunately snort/giggled during one of the closing arguments. The court room was perfectly silent except for that so, erm, oops. But the way the attorney put the comment, I couldn’t keep it in.

The trial itself took two days – I didn’t get done with deliberations and let out until 5:45 Friday evening. And let me say, they are serious when they are having you deliberate. I had to send a note to the judge, then get everyone assembled back in the courtroom for the judge to answer my question – which was a request to call home to make sure Hubby could pick up the Shrimpettes. That was embarrassing to say the least.

On Children

They’re all still alive, which is always a good thing. They’re all still currently up and running, so no massive illnesses at the moment. I can live with that.

On Dieting

Sign. Hubby’s taken this one in hand and dragged me onto the Atkins thing. It worked before, before we had kids, so I know that if I’m good and actually stick to it, it should work. We shall see. He’s suffering along with me though so that’s something. And I have my one semi-deviation from it. I do not take my caffeinated beverages (aka diet coke, diet pepsi, sugar-free mios, etc.) off the table. There’s no calories, so they are not carbed up. I drank them just fine the last time and it worked wonderfully. I have, however, temporarily sworn off coffee. Without the good creamer, I’m not sure I really want to drink it. Sad, but true.

Locked in Stone

Squeal – it’s up on NetGalley (Friday), Amazon, and Goodreads now. Coming on 2/23. Can’t wait can’t wait can’t wait!!!

Super Bowl 2015

The game was awesome. The commercials…one of them in particular was hilarious – Liam Neeson and Clash of Clans. Hehe. If you haven’t seen it, google it and WATCH IT!

And then there was Half Time with Katy, Lenny, and Missy. I love Lenny in Hunger Games, but had never really listened to his music/accepted him as the rocker he’s known as. And then he popped out at the Super Bowl and let’s just say I’m still drooling. Yes, shallow, but the man is HOT!

LennySuper, super hot. And Katy was, of course, fantastic. Loved her “Fireworks” song. Still giggle over it though because on top of the Madagascar 3 memories it invokes, I also now think of The Interview, because that was Kim Jon-Il’s favorite song and such a funny part of the movie.

In Conclusion

So – that’s my life in a nutshell right now. Back to work and all that good stuff.



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