Tory’s Friday Ramblings (10/31/14)

Happy Halloween people! In honor of the day, this entire post shall be written in orange! Hehe.

On Work

Well, let’s see.  My cubicle/cell mate is leaving for greener pastures today so I’m very sad about that. I don’t like change in anything, but especially work. I rather like her and who knows how I’ll feel about the newbie, so I’ll be all out of sorts for the next week+ until the replacement arrives, and then we’ll have to see. We’re doing brownies this afternoon to wish her good luck.

I’m trying to be more professional, at least in how I dress. It sucks because I end up wearing dresses and I hate dresses with a passion because I don’t like being without pants (the whole fat thighs rubbing together thing). However, I’ve found a compromise with two of my dresses – they’re long enough to wear shorts under. Hehe. Plus, this morning, I came out of the bedroom from getting dressed and BOTH girls chimed in “I like your new dress, Mommy” without prompting, so that gave me a warm fuzzy feeling. Granted, it’s not a new dress, but I’ve only worn it twice I think.

On Children

They’re adorable. Pains in the butt, but adorable just the same. We had a Halloween party with the Cub Scouts on Monday and the kids all got to wear their costumes. Blondie’s a faery (she claims it’s a butterfly costume and we don’t bother correcting her – it’s got wings, it works). Pixie is oh-so-appropriately a cute witch. Shrimp is a ninja. Blondie and Pixie were unique at the Halloween party.

CS Party1

There were three Elsas. I only got two of them together.

CS Party ElsasI don’t have a picture of the ninja. He was a ninja, so I couldn’t find him. There were also like 20 ninjas. Picture to be seen next Friday.

On Writing



So, that’s pretty much it. Hope you have a fantastic Halloween. We’re going trick-or-treating tonight. Chime in and let me know what YOUR plans are.



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