Product Review – Bluetooth Speaker (#bluetooth, #review)

Abdtech Ultra Portable Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker - Stereo Sound,Touch button,Works for Iphone, Ipad Mini, Ipad 4/3/2, Itouch, Blackberry, Nexus, LG ,Samsung and other Smart Phones and Mp3 Players , (Black)

I can’t say enough good things about this speaker. Yes, I got it in exchange for an honest review, but wow. I was absolutely blown away by the sound quality you get from it.

The size – about half the size of a normal loaf of bread and very light.

Durability – I’ve carried it around in my bag between work and home and it definitely doesn’t seem to get damaged being knocked around (not that I recommend banging it against the wall).

Sound Quality – this is where this baby shines! Is it aesthetically pleasing? Not particularly, but wow. You can crank this puppy up and go to town listening to your music. It’s made bath time a music-fest and in the morning at the office, I can turn it way up and jam away until other people show up.

Ease of Use – Syncing with your bluetooth device (Galaxy Note 3 in my case) was a breeze, but that I attribute at least in part to using my bluetooth device on a regular basis with OTHER devices. The instructions help though (caveat – see my thing about the instructions below).

This is a fantastic speaker and the monetary cost isn’t bad at all for what you get. I highly recommend this speaker!

One thing to be aware of: the instruction pamphlet that comes with it appears to be a direct translation from the original language…as in it seems to be on the level with plugging the instructions into Google Translate and going with what comes up. Clearly not written by English speakers. But it did give me some giggles. You can understand what you need to do, but some of the warnings don’t read ‘quite’ as seriously as they maybe should because of it. I will posting the instructions later today!

Check it out – this speaker is available on Amazon HERE.


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