Tory’s Friday Ramblings (10/17/14)

I’m baaaack. Didja miss me?

Okay, I know, I know. No one misses me when I’m gone, but so what. I like to babble and where better than on the internet where there’s a chance millions might hear me. Heh. Not much of one, but hey, that works.

On Writing

I’ll just sum up with: ugh.

On Children

Oh, so much to say about this. Let’s see – I’ve gone on a campout with Shrimp. He learned to shoot a bow and while at least he didn’t shoot a tree like some of his camp-mates, he also only hit the target 3 of 5 times. He was disappointed, but even more so when he didn’t manage to touch the target at ALL when he took his shots at a BB target. At least he’ll get his BB Gun and Archery belt loops for the Scouts.


Then I took him to football last week. Let’s just say he doesn’t do well and leave it at that. But he made one interception and got awarded MVP. Hey, it’s I-9 sports and they’re trying to encourage him. So that’s something. Blondie was with me and I didn’t manage to watch much because I was busy chasing her down the entire time. This is the ONE time I managed to get her to stop and sit down:

JackieShe’s getting so big. And so mature in the face it seems.

And then there’s the demon spawn who’s decided to do SOMETHING each night that results in a time out and while in said time out pulls everything out of her toy box because she’s mad. Then her time-out gets extended until she gives in and puts everything back in the box. It takes a while. She is so STUBBORN. Hmm, that could be my fault. She’s a little me after all. Ugh. I mean, just look at this face. The face of a demon Pixie!


Erm, okay, yeah, maybe she doesn’t look like a demon. But she is. She’s MY demon though and I love her to death.

On Music

Here’s one I haven’t talked about for a while, if ever. I have Amazon Prime and they allow you to stream millions of songs. I was flipping through the soundtracks listing and I came across the Epic Action and Adventure CDs.

EAAThat’s the first of 14. I LOVE instrumental music and classical music and this series of CDs is phenomenal. I can definitely chill out just listening to it and it feel so good sometimes. I swear I can actually feel muscles unknot when I listen. There’s also a couple of tracks on like CD 11 or 12 where I swear I can visualize an aerial battle with my gargoyles.


Yeah. We still have the Puppy Rue. I’m amazed we still have the dog. I’ve nearly killed her (and me) on multiple occasions because she winds around my legs. Oy vey, it’s a nightmare with that wretched animal. AND she won’t go to the bathroom on a leash, which is now necessary because she can run like the wind and likes to dash across the huge front yard and into the street. She doesn’t like to be shut out in the back yard either. Argh.

There’s lots of spots on our carpet every day that require cleaning.

RueBut, like the Demon Pixie and Blondie, she’s cute so I allow her to survive.


Welp, that’s it. Stay tuned for many more book reviews. I’m enjoying that at least. 🙂

Have a great weekend!



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