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To Love a King (Court of Annwyn, #3)To Love a King by Shona Husk

My rating: 5 of 5 gargoyles

I’ve only read (completely) one other of the Annwyn books (the novella, and I didn’t like it because it left out the battle), but it clicked into place as I read through this book. I enjoy Ms. Husk’s world of the fairies and how the two worlds (ours and Annwyn) not only came into play but how they are still very much interconnected millennia later.

Felan – Gotta suck to be him. He’s got two weeks to get married and get a woman pregnant so he can ascend to the throne of Annwyn after his mother’s execution, because if there’s not a King and Queen, the worlds as we know them will destruct – not a good thing at all. That’s two weeks EARTH time, not even two weeks Annwyn time (time flows differently/much slower there). Luckily, he knows a human who might just fit the bill, but he sort of broke up with her 7 years ago (earth time). It’s complicated, but makes sense in the flow of the story. And, as he tries to convince Jacqueline to fall in love with him, he’s got to dodge the murder attempts being thrown at him by the competitor for his throne.

Jacqueline – She went through the hardest thing I can imagine, losing a baby, and has never fully recovered either from the loss of it or the relationship she shared with Felan. Add in she was considered crazy because she was seeing things others didn’t (fairy folk, who normal people can’t see without help from the fairy themselves), and she isn’t particularly thrilled when Felan shows up in her life again.

The road these two took to end up back together was definitely bumpy. Kudos to Jacqueline for not just falling in bed with Felan again and immediately/easily forgiving him for what he’d done. Kudos to Felan for working past what he believed Jacqueline had done and sticking to his responsibilities as Crown Prince (keeping the tears between this world and Annwyn from ripping further open) while resurrecting his relationship with the human he’d never forgotten.

I love the world of Annwyn and how the fairies came to be. There was plenty of explanation into what would happen if there wasn’t a King and Queen, along with why it was so important. I loved the very inhumanity of most of the fairies – they’re definitely not just cute little Tinkerbells.

Definitely a great read. Check it out.

Book provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Review posted on Tory Michaels’ Time Out.

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