Review – Deconstructing Lila by Shannon Leigh (#review, #bookreview)

Deconstructing LilaDeconstructing Lila by Shannon Leigh

My rating: 5 of 5 gargoyles

This book was another great example of Entangled’s contemporary romance strength.

Lila – great character. I loved that she was into preserving buildings and that she wasn’t going to let someone bully her into not buying/restoring the whorehouse in town. I also really enjoyed the mystery behind just who sent her her ancestor madam’s journal to draw her BACK to her home town after she’d left it so long ago. She also wasn’t going to just pretend her ex didn’t exist. After all, that’s half the reason she comes back to town (not a spoiler because it’s admitted early on).

Jake – Jake, for me was probably a BIT of a weak spot. I think he was something of a jerk for his reason for pushing Lila away. She was still a teenager and he didn’t give her credit, or even a fair chance, to really adjust to the reality that he had to accept while they were together (deliberately being a bit obscure). Still, he’d clearly never gotten over her and it was lovely to see these two finally find their way back into the depths of love.

The secondary story about the brothel madam filled this book out nicely and I liked the mix of modern and journal entries for the past. The villain…well, let’s just say I liked the villain because their motivations were pretty cut and dried, and they were pretty out in the open about the fact that they were trying to interfere in the restoration of the saloon/brothel.

So, anyway, total win for me. Hope to read more set in/around this town soon!
Book came directly from Entangled and I’m sooooo glad to have read it. Five big ol’ gargoyles from me!

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