Tory’s Friday Ramblings (9/12/14)

It’s here. The day of the Great Pup-ocalypse is upon my house. Sigh.

The Great Pup-Ocalypse


This little darling will be joining my household in about 5 hours. There will be pictures of course. And she’s much older than in this picture now (she was like 3 weeks old when it was taken and she’s 8 weeks now).

She is an English Springer Spaniel currently nicknamed Rue, after the character in Hunger Games (though I might, er, rue the day I agreed to this). We couldn’t agree on any names weeks ago when the breeder (don’t judge for us going to a breeder, it wasn’t MY idea) and Rue was the only one that came close. And since then, no one’s had any suggestions we could all live with. Shrimp’s suggested Starfire, Raven, and a couple others…all from Teen Titans Go. Hubby said no cartoon characters, and I agreed simply because MY options (Chassy, Connie, and Christine) were shot down too because he didn’t want her named after a character in a book I’d written. Sigh.

So, we will add Rue to our house of madness. That makes 3 kids (8/3/3), Hubby, Tory, Mika the Psycho Siberian Husky, Molly the cat, and Rue. Yes, 8 critters will live here.

I must be insane.

On Writing

By the grace of the almighty, I finished my rewrite of Locked in Stone AND got it turned into the editor. I was soooooo relieved Monday night when I turned it it. Crit Partner Extraordinare said it’s good, but she only has read the first half – I ran out of time to send it to her so she doesn’t know the whole thing.

I like it, for the most part, but I’m mourning the loss of several subplots. HOWEVER, I’ve decided that’s not such a bad thing because it really opened up what I could do in later books. I’d been so focused for so long on putting everything into three (or four) books, that I’d really closed my mind to tone and whatnot.

Which was totally killing me on the fact that I had to rewrite Carved, since that wasn’t my favorite book to read. I came to the conclusion Tuesday night that if I’m rewriting Carved, I’m really rewriting it. As in, I’m totally remaking the plot and the issues involved. It was very, VERY dark and my basic personality and style doesn’t do dark very well, so I can really lighten it up and that actually almost makes me excited. However, if I turn it into the issue I’m considering, I’ll have to do some last minute tweaks to Locked (ugh) to change a character that’s introduced, or at least his basic appearance. Not a big deal, I just have to remember to do it.

On Children

2014-09-06 18.54.18

They’re cute. I love them. And last night, because we were out of diapers (well, we had enough for last night, but that was it), Hubby decided to cut the girls off and go cold-turkey on sleeping sans diaper.

NEITHER ONE PEED THE BED! WAHOO! They woke up dry and one claims she got up and went potty in the bathroom – I’m skeptical because neither girl likes the door closed on their bedroom and the claimer’s door was still very much shut when I got up this morning. If she did, good for her!




Yes, I’m excited. It’s sad how excited I am over that little factor. Granted, diaper and wipe expense had been way down since they were potty-trained for daytime, but still…

On Reviewing

I swear to God, I am truly addicted to books. Even though I’ve got like 35+ on my list from NetGalley (about 1/3 are already read, I’m just bad about writing the actual review), I go to NetGalley every freakin’ day looking for more. I just can’t stay away.

I’m also expecting an actual physical ARC any day now. The upcoming release of Larissa Ione’s next book (see my post from last week for the blurb/cover). I’m soooo excited to actually get a physical copy of a book from a publisher. Hehe. Sad, but true. I take joy in really silly, geeky things.

To Conclude

Okay, that’s pretty much it for me today. I have no life except my children, books, and work.

Have a great week! (And here’s the cover just ’cause I love it):





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