Review – Stone Cold Lover by Christine Warren (#bookreview, #review)

Stone Cold Lover (Gargoyles, #2)Stone Cold Lover by Christine Warren

My rating: 5 of 5 gargoyles

I absolutely couldn’t WAIT to read this book (yet, as usual, I dilly-dallied on writing the review). This is the second book in Christine Warren’s gargoyle series and it was even better than the first.

Fil’s fascination with the gargoyle statue she found at her old friend Ella’s request (in the first book) seems bizarre, even for her as an art restorer…and that’s before the statue comes to life, introducing her to a whole new world of really wierd things. Add onto that, moments after the statue wakes up, someone bombs the local and she and Mr. Gargoyle barely escape with their lives.

Spar doesn’t quite know what to make of the independent little human woman who wakes him up. All he knows is she isn’t one of the Wardens.

The story moves quickly on without letting up. There are new characters introduced (heroine for book 3, I assume, in the form of the witch Fel calls in to help) and old (Ella and her gargoyle from book 1). The threat posed by The Darkness and the major demons is growing at a rapid pace.

I found some of this story to be sad and poignant when Fel loses a friend, and gripping as Spar races to rescue Fel from the big bad. I loved the world building and how Ms. Warren carefully layers in the growing threat without overwhelming you. It’s a careful balancing act and one Ms. Warren excels at.

Finally, given this is a romance it has to be mentioned, there is the romance between Spar and Fel. Yum. I want a gargoyle of my very own, thanks to Spar. I loved how Spar kept trying to protect/control Fel because that’s what he’s more or less known to do his entire existence, and how Fel didn’t let him wrap her in cotton and keep her from all danger. And let’s not forget the sex. Wowser.

Fantabulous book. It’s part of series, but you don’t really have to have read the first to get the gist of this one (though it’s awesome in its own right – see my review HERE).

Book provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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