Review – Passion Never Dies by Joy Tremay (#bookreview, #review)

Passion Never DiesPassion Never Dies by Joy Tremay
My rating: 2 of 5 gargoyles

I received this book directly from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Quite simply – I didn’t care for this book. I found it unrealistic (she met Jake on the beach and immediately started making out with him…and after that never forgot him/stopped wanting him for nine+ years; he’s never forgotten/stopped wanting her either). I fail to honestly understand how they weren’t able to find each other again since they were at a party of local high schoolers (from multiple schools, but still….). I get the explanation from the book, I just didn’t find it realistic, especially in the modern world with Facebook and all the social media out there.

Then there was the sex stuff. Anyone who looks at my reviews knows I read a LOT of romance. The sex scenes weren’t…bad, as such, I just didn’t find them particularly appealing. I also am skeptical about a woman who wears nothing but thongs. Seriously. Every. Single. Time a pair of panties is mentioned, it’s a thong. Yes, it’s petty, but I really found it annoying.

I DID like the Las Vegas setting. It was refreshing to read about Vegas/Nevada without the automatic assumption that there’s nothing but desert around. Clearly there were cooler areas that they could go to not far from the city, and I liked that. And of course, I did like Jake himself. He was a good man. I didn’t care for HER, but Jake was nice.

I wanted to like the book, but I just didn’t. Still, I’m grateful to the author for letting me have the chance to read it.

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