Tory’s Friday Ramblings (8/15/14 #mommyhelp)

Well, I’d normally say ‘happy Friday’ but Tory not so happy today, soooo…yeah. It’s Friday!

Looking for Mommy Advice

As I believe I mentioned last week, Pixie has taken to moving from her bedroom out onto the couch in the middle of the night. This creates problems when I get up to go walk because she’s. Right. There. I come back and as soon as I try to get my coffee, she’s up and rarin’ to go. This morning was particularly bad because she’d flipped on the lights, which helped wake up her sister (I suspect) because as I’m staggering toward my bedroom (and the shower), Blondie comes out and just stares at me. So they’re both sitting there, waiting for me, when I come out.

This really shouldn’t be a problem (even at 5a), but they want stuff. Crackers (their current ‘get up’ snack). Juice. Gum (that was a new one, but Pixie saw the gum on the back of the counter and wanted it). Sure, I can say no, and I try, but then they scream, and when all I want is 20-30 minutes of peace and quiet, I cave. Yes, I know part of my problem is that I’m caving, but I’m desperate to get a few minutes of peace and quiet while I drink my coffee and generally try to relax and psyche myself up for the day.

What do I do to make this stop?

3.5 y/os should NOT be getting up and going at 5 in the morning. They need sleep! This early-rise thing is on top of the fact that they take an hour (or more) to actually go to sleep after I put them to bed. It doesn’t matter when I put them down, they still play and/or fight going to bed for 30-60 minutes (in Pixie’s case, it’s frequently longer than that). So they’re actually only sleeping from like 8:30 – 5. This isn’t enough according to everything I read. Yet…they do it. Day in, day out. I’m going bonkers.


Watched Game of Thrones because hubby and I were tired of our co-workers telling us should be watching it. Starting it may have been a mistake. Because now I must see it more and more. Looooove me some Game of Thrones.

The Quest (ABC, Thursdays at 8) – a reality show set in a fictional fantasy land. Despite critics thinking it’s bad, hubby and I love this. Anyone else watching it?


Oy. Things are not going well. I’ll leave it at that.


You may have noticed a new page up on the menu bar. This week I dropped into the top 10,000 of Amazon Reviewers, which actually is kind of cool. While I haven’t been posting many reviews here, I post all my NetGalley reviews up on Amazon and this has actually boosted me up onto the “top reviewer” list (it actually is a list of the top 10,000 reviewers), and anyone can access that list. That in turn has led to people seeking me out to review stuff (mostly books at this point, but my first two requests were actually products, tech and clothing). So I finally bit the bullet and cobbled together an “official” review policy. If you’re an author and reading this, please check it out and feel free to request. No guarantees, but if you read this blog, I’m more inclined to look favorably on that request. 🙂

On Life

Frustrated to the nth degree with life. Oh, family (aforementioned demon twin issues aside) is fine, but money is getting to be a really big stumbling block and I’m completely stymied on how to fix that problem. Just mentioning it because I’m getting really depressed over the issue so I may be inordinately cranky from time to time.

In conclusion

Thanks for listening. Hope you have a great weekend and feel free to share your plans with all of us!



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