Tory’s Friday Ramblings (7/18/14)

It’s felt like an incredibly long week this week for some reason. Happy Friday all.

On Children

I am feeling terribly accomplished today! I managed, while drinking a bottle of wine (don’t judge…unless you have or have had toddler twin girls), to put the first of the girls’ beds together. Hubby tightened bolts and figured out where a couple of posts were wrong (stupid instructions), but I did the bulk of this:


We also played Musical Bedrooms once again. Blondie there and big brother switched rooms. We were trying (once again) to further separate the twins. In doing so we discovered something that both Hubby and I have at least somewhat suspected in the battle of the bedtime: Blondie, sweet, innocent, giggly little Blondie, is the primary instigator. We know this because last night, once there was an entire bedroom between the twins, Pixie went to sleep relatively quickly while Blondie continued to play and refuse to go to sleep.

On Writing

Not much to say here that I haven’t already. I may eventually self-publish my vampire series. I don’t know though. I just don’t want to give them up. And I’m starting to itch to write in that world again.

On Life

Finally my foot is definitely better. I’m able to walk all day (even go for 2+ mile walks) and not require pain medicine though it will still ache.


I watched the finale of 24: Live Another Day this Monday. SPOILER ALERT There was so much to love in this abbreviated season. I was so sad when Audrey died. And when Jack found out, the moment where he almost decided to end it all (you knew he wouldn’t, but Keifer imbued the moment of consideration with such…gravitas I guess…you could believe he might). But for me, the moment of ultimate incredibleness…was President Heller as he was watching Audrey’s coffin loaded onto Air Force One. He’s suffering the early stages of Alzheimer’s, and he says to England’s Prime Minister: “I’m not going to remember my daughter died such a horrible death. I’m not going to remember any thing.” It was just such an incredible moment for some reason. His sorrow and yet somehow almost relief at the notion of not having to remember his daughter’s murder…William Devane was spectacular as President Heller.

In Conclusion

So, that’s it. Not much going on this week. Hope you have a great weekend.




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