Tory’s Friday Ramblings (7/11/14)

Happy Friday everyone. Have you missed me? There’s a variety of reasons for my absence (trying to be uber quiet to not wake up the twins, nothing much to talk about, etc.). But I couldn’t leave you alone for a second Friday in a row. I know that would be devastating.

On Children

Let’s just say I discovered how seriously the schools take sexual harassment these days when it comes to the Shrimp and leave it at that, shall we? Personally, I balk at calling what happened sexual harassment, but it was definitely inappropriate what he did (there was a girl and another boy involved) and we’re dealing with it. But he’s still my darling little boy:

2014-07-06 16.28.55

We have finally split the girls up officially. Blondie’s moved into the playroom and Pixie’s still in their original room. This does not always mean Blondie stays in the playroom (now her room):

2014-07-09 04.52.11Yes, that is her, fast asleep, on the floor of the kitchen. She didn’t move at all, not when I poured either cup of coffee or got Pixie’s baggie of cereal. It took sprinkling water on her during the coffee-making-session for Daddy before she finally deigned to wake up.

We’re in the process of buying new beds for them. This is the bed we’ve chosen:

BedNow if only the rooms would look so pretty. Heh. Still, it’s attractive and they’ll be able to use them for many years yet to come. Blondie especially will be happy with that, given she’s such a freakin’ girly girl. My BFF was up on the 4th and she totally agrees that Blondie is a girly girl and princess. Heh. Then there’s rough and tumble Pixie who never stops. Hehe.

On Writing

Movin’ movin’ movin’… As you can see, Sealed is moving along nicely. Still waiting on Edits for Locked. Finally sent in Carved to see if Entangled’ll pick it up.

On Life

Yeah, still a klutz. No new accidents but still hurting from the one I wrote about 2 weeks ago. Like taking tramadol because it hurts so bad when I’m walking on it bad.

Reading up a storm. I’m going to to give a shout-out to a fantastic sci-fi military series I devoured over the past 8 days: Ark Royal by Christopher G. Nuttall:

Ark NelsonTrafalgar


Self-published with some typos (nothing extreme, surprisingly enough) and very British-oriented spelling of stuff. However, OMG, I LOVED this series. There aren’t many self-pubbed authors I would gulp down the way I did Nuttall’s. Best part is he offers large chunks of his books on his website to give you a good feel for his writing before you buy (which is why I tried him – I got the sample and couldn’t put it down). You can find him HERE!


That’s pretty much it. Hope you’re still with me and I’ll try to start posting reviews again shortly.

Have a great weekend.






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