Tory’s Friday Ramblings (6/27/14) #klutz

Hey dere all. Last Friday in June, woot woot!

Klutz-Bomb Strikes Again

Last week I recounted my epic battle with the recycle bin (yeah, so did not win that one). Well, this week I was casually walking out of the kitchen at work when my foot slipped. I think. I have no idea why I suddenly started toppling forward. I heard a CRACK as I caught myself on the file cabinet ahead of me. And an ache. Which rapidly became true pain. I ended up going to the doctor doing the whole worker’s comp routine. Amusing, but true, my boss had no clue about w/c procedures because she didn’t remember anyone ever using it. Even the accountant had to dig through her files to find the information.

No break (per doctor, x-rays, and everyone who sees me walking), but I sure as heck twisted something. Me, being dumbass, impatient me, is walking on it without crutch or anything, but OMG, I forgot my pain medicine yesterday and wanted to cry half the day. It hurts bad. It’s radiating into the ankle and up to the tendon in my knee. Very weird. I go back today so hopefully doc can give me some thoughts/suggestions.


Not much on them. They’re cute and annoying. Love them dearly. And Sam still sleeps weird.

2014-06-21 23.50.16Writing

Got almost nothing for you. I really don’t have much to talk about this week. Life’s quiet. I was hoping to get edits this week on Locked in Stone, but as of posting time, I got nothing. Sigh. Frustrating when someone who got their signed contract the same day as I did has already been through at least one round of edits and has a potential release time frame (in August no less) and I have no clue when my book might come out, or edits.

In Conclusion

Really didn’t have much to share this week, but I wanted to be faithful to you, my wonderful readers, and have a Friday post.

Have a great weekend! ONE WEEK UNTIL INDEPENDENCE DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (and BFF’s visit!)



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