Tory’s Friday Ramblings (6/20/14)

Happy Friday all. Two weeks until the 4th of July, woooot! The 4th’s uber-special this year ’cause I’m gonna get to see my bestest friend. She’s going north and stopping in for the day/night to hang! It’s been 2+ years since we saw each other in the flesh. Sooooo excited.


If you don’t want to be aggravated by political rants, please skip over this. I just need to blow off a little steam over something.

Obamacare. First, disclaimer – I’m not an expert on Obamacare, and I’m a beneficiary from some of its provisions (the pre-existing condition one). However, I don’t like the overall plan. My plan (for the first time) did go down, but several people in my office had their costs go up enormously. So I see people hurt/helped by it.

There was a big announcement this week about what people are paying and what the government is paying (on average, people who bought through the exchanges are paying approximately $76 and the government is picking up approximately $246). The comments in response to the thing ranged all over the place. But what I don’t get is where’s the outrage over the fact that the government is paying like 76% of the insurance costs? And where does the government get the money? From US!!!! Why aren’t people pissed about the fact that not only do they have to pay their own insurance, they’re getting taxed to pay it. No, instead, the comments tended toward “yaaay, they’ve got health insurance. About time.” Blah blah blah.

Don’t get me wrong. I want everyone to have medical coverage. It’s not a case of “I’ve got mine, screw everyone else.” But what I don’t want is to be paying for everyone through my taxes. Obamacare is doing nothing (yet…maybe that will change, but I have my doubts) to bring down costs. Hell, it’s continuing to drive them up. THere’s going to be a hell of a lot of sticker shock next year when insurers have to raise their prices to make up for what they’re losing this year since the right group (from what I understand, and I haven’t been following this quite as closely recently) didn’t sign up in sufficient numbers.

I’m sorry, but there NOTHING to celebrate about the fact that the government has to provide 75% of the cost of health insurance for large swathes of the population. Absolutely nothing.

Rant over (for now). But found this bumper sticker that I rather liked.

2014-06-08 16.19.04

On Children

My demon spawn twins are driving me crazy. They get up EARLY. And when I say early, I mean early. Yesterday, I was coming out of the bedroom at 4:47. Sam was already climbing over the gate. 4:47 AM! I told her no. She flipped out. She woke up Jackie, who promptly started screaming too. I ignored it for 15 minutes and then gave in. Bad, but I hate listening to them scream. All I want in the morning is my 35-45 minutes of aloneness and quiet. They destroy that when they get up before 5:30.

However, they’re really cute. Exhibits A, B, and C:

2014-06-14 11.53.31 2014-06-14 10.52.10 2014-06-14 11.53.35

It’s good they’re cute or I might go all Homer Simpson on them and strangle someone. ARGH!

Took the Shrimp to see How to Train Your Dragon Two last weekend. OMG, it was INCREDIBLE. I laughed, cried, and got all gooey over it. It is now one of my top all-time favorite animated movies. Probably my favorite non-Disney (topping Toy Story 3) and a close runner-up in all animated (behind Frozen). Toothless is ADORABLE and … wow. So many things I didn’t expect to happen in the movie happened.


On Writing

Not much to say. Toodling along with Sealed in Stone as you can see from the meter to your right. Hoping to get first round of edits on Locked next week.

On Life

I’m a klutz. We all know this. I went a couple of rounds with the recycle bin as I was taking it to the curb on Monday. Let’s just say the bin won. My whole right leg is bruised and scraped. I twisted my ankle, didn’t think it was a huge deal (once the initial OMG, I can’t breathe because I want to scream it hurts so bad pain passed), but I rested it for a couple of days. I went for a walk yesterday and spent the rest of the day in a LOT of pain and I feel like my foot and leg are all swollen. Ugh.

In Conclusion

That’s it for me this week. Hope you made it through my post. Have a great weekend, everyone!



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