Tory’s Friday Ramblings (6/13/14)

Woot, Friday! Yay! Add in a full moon and Friday the 13th, and it’s lookin’ to be awesome, right? Hehe.

Random Rant

Every Friday, the local radio station plays the Movie Gems game, where they play a clip from a film and callers have to guess the movie. They win tickets to a newly opened movie. This week, the clip was from Sleeping Beauty, specifically the scene at the beginning just after Maleficient shows up and finds out her invitation wasn’t mislayed, just simply not issued.

Caller one’s guess: Maleficient. Makes sense, but anyone with a brain would know the woman speaking was not Angelina Jolie.

Caller two’s guess: Mary freakin’ Poppins! MARY POPPINS! The Mistress of All Evil, summoner of all the powers of Hell speaking, and the caller guesses MARY POPPINS?!, the mistress of all that is light and goodness and love?! I’m still flabbergasted 30 minutes later. MARY POPPINS as a guess after Maleficient speaks!?

Caller three got the answer right.

C’mon. Really. How do you go from the dragon-morphing Mistress of Evil to the nanny every kid would want?!

Anyway, moving on. Just had to share my aggravation.

On Writing

Sealed in Stone is coming along nicely. Having to do a lot of tweaking, but I expected that. My walks in the morning actually give me a nice chance to think, separated from everything but my own thoughts. If I want to get “Let It Go” out of my head (blast it Elsa, stop singing and creating your ice palace in my head), I have to consciously focus on something…anything…and Rory and Gabe give me a great object to focus on.

I may have to revise the end of Carved simply because I don’t know if I have the will to write the Madra/Matthew story that comprises Captured. Sigh. I just don’t know. Being in clueless territory is driving me up a wall. No clue if the rest of the series will be wanted, no sign of that question being answered any time soon, etc.

On Children

Let’s see – the Shrimp is still being a PITA. He’s developed some major attitude lately, though I guess the last day or so it’s been a little better.


Summer camp SUCKS, and I’m scared of what it’s going to be like in 2 years when I have to put all three kids somewhere for the summer. Right now I just have the Shrimp to figure out a solution for (we do this six-week summer camp, one week home with Daddy, and then three weeks at either this awesome (but pricey) place or (most of the time) the girls’ daycare, but with all three kids? Yikes. Not sure how we’ll handle things then.

Pixie (Twin B, Sam, etc.) is such a little ball of energy. Non-stop go go go all day long. But I have to say she’s a lot of fun at times. And getting so good at the potty thing. She likes it, and she love the new little seat we got to stick on top of the big-person’s toilet (rather than the potty seat). It’s got the Little Mermaid characters on it.

20140611_061754And then there’s Blondie. Sigh. Double and triple sigh when it comes to potty training. On the other hand, she’s like a ray of sunshine a lot of the time. And her hair is getting so LONG!

20140611_061740I love my kids, make no mistake. No matter how much I grumble and get angry at/frustrated with them, I love them and honestly can’t imagine not having them in my lives. They’re so much fun when they’re happy. I got this great video of them in the kiddy pool that we bought on memorial day. Unfortunately, it’s apparently too big to upload. I think I put it on Facebook, and if I haven’t yet, I will. They love this slide that’s in the pool. Here’s a picture of the pool at least. That’s Mika, our Husky, wandering around in the background.


In Conclusion

So, that’s it for me this week. Lots of fun in parenthood and writing. I’m probably taking the Shrimp to see How to Train Your Dragon 2 this weekend. He still sleeps with Toothless at night and he’s had that stuffy for 4 years now I think it is. It’s adorable.

What plans do you have?


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