Tory’s Friday Ramblings (6/6/14)

Happy June, everyone! Welcome to the grand month of the beginning of summer! And…ugh, the weather’s definitely turned summerish here in Jacksonville. Heated up. Rumor has it the heat index puts us over 100 today (official temp predicted to be around 95).

On Writing

Well, I sort of skipped over Captured and started working on Sealed in Stone yesterday. Last year when I first started writing about my gargoyles, I started with Rory’s story and realized (ultimately) that I was starting the books with the wrong character. However, I did a lot of work on that book and I read through the 180 pages or so that I had of her story. While it will take a lot of editing, a lot of the story itself is actually usable – YAY!

On Children

Shrimp had his final Cub Scouts banquet on Monday. He didn’t get any awards, but I hadn’t expected him to since he’d gotten a bunch last month. Here’s me with him.

2014-06-02 19.04.20

Pretty cute kid, right? It was nice to get a pic with him where I wasn’t having to take it myself (which is a bit tricky). Today’s his last day of 2nd grade, woot woot! And I got stunned last night when he gave me this long piece of writing. He’s got issues with his handwriting and apparently his teacher made him do this long piece and slow it down so he got the letters right. OMG, it was PERFECT. No spelling errors, no sloppy letters I could barely make out…He says he doesn’t write that way all the time because it takes too long. I get his point, but still! Duuuude!

Girls are being…the girls. I no longer get an hour or so in the morning to write (hence why my reviews are getting backed up – I don’t have time to concentrate in the morning). As soon as I start typing on the keyboard, out comes Sam within 5 minutes. It doesn’t matter if it’s 5:10 or 5:45…she’s up within 5 minutes (usually less than that).

2014-06-04 18.05.34Look at them, so sweet. So innocent. Such holy terrors!

Summer Hair

Yup, I chopped my hair this week. It’s amazing the pile of hair that was on the floor when the stylist was done. I actually splurged and went to a regular salon (Daniel James Salon on Bay Street in Jax), rather than the cheapy chain stores. It was a wonderful experience. My head felt a ton lighter after they were done. Strange, but it feels good too. My hair’s not always up in a pony tail any more. I don’t need it up nearly so badly any more. Hubby was okay with it too – he apparently just really didn’t want me to have bangs again since, according to him, they make me look like a boy. I disagree, buuuut whatever. I decided against the bangs and the hair looks great.

2014-06-03 14.08.41

The House

I’m still in love with our house, despite a crisis on Monday (there was an issue with the water meter and we weren’t getting charged for water – resolved surprisingly quickly – it was all JEA’s problem, not anything we or the builder did). We’re gonna get bug service, have a lawn service, and all that. Blech. Houses are pricey but oh-so-worth it. I love my house.

In Conclusion

That’s pretty much it in Tory’s world! I’ll close with a shot of a shy animal caught in his natural habitat (aka Hubby in the kitchen!!!!! – yes, he’s real and I had to sneak snap the picture while I made it look like it was just of the girls hehehehe!).

2014-06-04 18.05.51



  1. cute kids, cute hair, cute hubby, cute house–what’s not to like?

    although, the strange little anomaly in your home pics looks like a poltergeist got caught in digital — maybe I shouldn’t have mentioned that…beautiful new home, lovely family..just don’t leave the TV on, okay?


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