Mid-Week #Movie – Petals on the Wind


So, as you may recall, I discussed the Lifetime movie, Flowers in the Attic back in January. I discovered they were making the second book in VC Andrews’ Dollenganger series and was pretty excited because I enjoyed Flowers and wanted to see what they could do with Petals. I forgot it was on last Monday and recorded it over the weekend, finally getting a chance to watch it last night/this morning.

Well, I wasn’t completely disappointed, but I won’t say I was as pleased with Petals as I had been with Flowers. They skipped enormous parts of the book and changed many of the characters (Henny in particular wasn’t mute). Julian..god, that man was a jerk. A controlling, twisted, jerk.

And then there was Carrie. Poor, poor, tormented Carrie. My heart almost broke when the bullies locked her in the storage closet at the school. The actress playing her really did a great job. And the final shot of her laid out after she kills herself…ohhh, man. Poor Carrie.

I wish the grandmother had been in there more, but I liked the Cathy/Bart scenes. I thought the pair was good together. Cathy/Chris, on the other hand…talk about your squicky moments. Yeesh. I know it’s incest, it’s supposed to be icky, but…yick. Totally, totally yicky. Kudos to Lifetime for keeping that in there though.

Foxworth Hall was still too small, IMO. I always pictured it like one of the great manors from England and it’s just…tiny.

So, those are my very brief thoughts. Lifetime reportedly is going to do the other two books in the series and possibly My Sweet Audrina (now that is a bizarre book). Personally, I’d like them to do the Dawn or Heaven series, Heaven in particular if they can get the right casting for Heaven and Tony. Ahhh, Tony. Sick, sick, but all-too-attractive Tony.

Anyone else catch Petals? What’d you think? Any thoughts on them continuing to do VC Andrews adaptations? Talk to me! 🙂 See you Friday.



  1. I caught a glimpse of it over the weekend and was, as always, impressed with Burstyn’s acting. But Hitchcock’s Rebecca was also on and I couldn’t pass up seeing that for the 100th time.

    Both are good psychological thrillers.


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