Tory’s Friday Ramblings (5/30/14)

Been a lousy week so head’s up…there shall be grumbling aplenty. 🙂 I lost my phone on Monday (I was sick, distracted, and left it on top of the SUV before driving off…sigh). Got a replacement and feel much better about having it. Yeah, I’m addicted to my phone. I acknowledge that. I read a lot. Perhaps too much.

On Writing

Hubby and I had an interesting conversation and (unfortunately) I think he had a point. We’ve discussed from time to time the possibility of, once the girls are in school, my becoming a stay-at-home so I can write, but of course the requirement there is I have a stream of income of SOME sort from my writing. He said that he doesn’t see the passion in me that I had for a long time (while working on my vampire series). My automatic response was “of course I’m still passionate about it; it’s what I want to do.” And yet, he’s right. I don’t have the same huge focus on it that I did a couple of years ago.

The only difference between then and now that I can think of is…okay, there are two differences. One, the girls are a lot more draining than they used to be. Second, and probably more problematic, is I got so horribly discouraged by the disastrous response to my Dream-Walker War that it killed my passion, or at least put it in a deep coma.

Is it an excuse for my non-writing? Probably. And since I recognize it’s an excuse, there’s no reason I shouldn’t be able to press forward. I do want to write. It’s the only constant I’ve had for as long as I can remember – wanting to write and be published.

I’ve got a new start with Entangled and I just need to keep putting one foot in front of the other. And possibly try very hard to read less. I bury myself in other peoples’ books so I don’t think about my own.

I’ve set aside the gargoyle books for a month or so to try to focus on my fantasy series for a little. I got nothing going on with the gargoyles anyway.

On Family

Oh lord this was a horrid week when it came to being sick. I was vaguely ill all weekend. Shrimp and Blondie both came down with nasty fevers. That didn’t stop Shrimp from going to the baseball game on Sunday with Daddy. They enjoyed it, which was good.

The fever kept Blondie down until Wednesday and I ended up staying home on Tuesday because of it.

Pixie doesn’t appear to have gotten hit by it at all (thank goodness). Hubby, on the other hand, turned up with a nasty fever yesterday. Yuck. He apparently is on the mend though.

Speaking of Pixie – her hair keeps growing, but it still looks uber-short. The reason? Her hair’s turning into a mass of spiral curls. No one in the family has hair like Pixie. It’s gonna be gorgeous.

Couch girls


Frozen. Frozen Frozen Frozen! I actually bought the soundtrack this morning. It had to be done. Let It Go, Elsa’s song, just won’t let me go…it’s gorgeous.

Elsa Transform

Maleficent comes out this weekend. I wanna see it. The review on MSN actually wasn’t half bad and I loved some of the angles they apparently ended up taking, explaining why Maleficent had an itch to do very bad things to King Stefan’s child. Anyone planning on seeing it? Or, alternatively, if you’ve already seen it, what did you think? (and yes, I know the pic below is Sleeping Beauty, but…sigh…Mal is why/how I fell in love with dragons)


In Conclusion

Yeah, that pretty much wraps me up for the week.

Hope you guys have a great weekend!



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