Tory’s Friday Ramblings (5/23/14)

Hi everyone!

Not much going on this week. I’m trying to get a new WIP started – I’ve got a fantasy world that I’m considering launching, plus of course the two gargoyle books I should write. But..ugh. Same ol’, same ol’. Gotta get more productive.

I watched a couple of good movies, plus of course there were show finales this week (Survivor – sigh, stupid stupid moves, but much as I disliked the winner, he did deserve it). Frozen – I now totally get the fuss over that movie. I wanna buy the movie, the soundtrack, the posters…yeah. I’m sucked into it. Hubby says it sounds terrible, too chick-flicky for him. But Sam actually watched a portion of it, so I was impressed.

Speaking of Sam…she’s part monkey, I swear. You remember how the baby gate merely slows her down, rather than stops her from escaping her bedroom? Yeah, well, apparently baby gates are just the beginning. Sigh. We had a fence put in this week so we could let the kids and dog run around outside. Six feet+ high. Shadowbox fence. Like this (this is not my fence):


High enough to keep toddlers inside, right? NOT! It took Sam less than 30 minutes to figure out how to climb to the top and get one leg over. I don’t have a picture of that because Josh didn’t want to wait long enough to call me to get the camera before pulling her down. I get his point, but dang it, that must have been something (I was inside so missed it) to see. Sammie is utterly fearless when it comes to heights and jumping.

We’re looking into gymnastics now for somewhere to channel that energy/climbing.

The Shrimp’s got major attitude lately and it’s bugging the heck out of us. Dunno how to fix it or how to get through to him and find out what’s driving it. He’s going to a baseball game with daddy this weekend (yes, hubby and Shrimp are driving from Jax to Tampa for a Rays game and coming home all in one day…yeesh). Rays are playing the Red Sux this weekend. Hopefully the Rays can actually figure out how to win a game or two.

Well, like I said, don’t have much this week, so I’m done.

What plans do you have for this Memorial Day weekend?



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