#Review – His Billion Dollar Baby by Lea Nolan (#bookreview)

His Billion Dollar Baby

Author: Lea Nolan
Publisher: Entangled/Indulgence
Date of Publication: May 19, 2014

babyBurned by love and grieving over his brother’s death, sexy billionaire CEO Carter Anderson wants nothing more than to protect his family. So when beautiful and unassuming physical therapist Gwen Radley shows up at the funeral, pregnant with his brother’s baby, Carter’s certain she wants an interest in the Anderson empire—and both his suspicion and attraction grow when circumstances force Gwen to move into his family’s mansion.

An orphan, Gwen’s never wanted anything more than a family, and she finds in the Andersons a place she and her baby might belong. When Gwen’s therapy expertise leads to long hours of intense, late-night collaboration on a lucrative project, the attraction between her and Carter leads to a night of white-hot passion. But Carter’s distrust remains, leading them both to wonder if he will ever embrace his brother’s baby—or the love that’s blooming between them.

My Thoughts:

Carter – you are a jerk. You remain a jerk for a very, VERY long time. But the grovel almost makes up for it. Almost.

Gwen – you deserve better than a judgmental jerk like Carter.

Now that I’ve got that off my chest, I can move on to the review. I enjoyed this book for the most part, but I swear, Carter moodswung/condemned Gwen the way a woman pregnant with twins moodswings. And I know how bad that is, having done it. But it was Gwen who really made me fall in love with this book. Her physical therapy work was incredible, between helping design a phenomenal shoe to help recovering military amputees walk better to getting Mr. Anderson Senior to open back up to the world.

Some of the romance was lovely in this book, as Carter began to open up a bit to Gwen. Gwen really wants the family that the baby she’s carrying will give her. She doesn’t want any money, just wanted the child to know its father’s family. She’s a genuinely good woman who deserved a genuinely good man.

I enjoyed watching Mr. Anderson’s slow progression from being entirely bound by his stroke to much more mobility and freedom, all because Gwen can’t not help someone when she’s so close to them. I felt Ms. Nolan did a remarkable job giving life to the Anderson family altogether.

On a side note – I’d love to see the corporate attorney get his own story. He’s awesome and while Carter’s jerkiness tinges on almost unforgiveable, the lawyer’s reaction to Gwen made sense. I’d be suspicious of her too if I weren’t living with her, seeing every single thing she does to improve life around her.

So – this had the potential for five gargoyles, but because of my reaction to the hero, I can’t justify giving it more than 4. Sadly. I can’t wait to read more by Ms. Nolan though!

Book provided by publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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