Tory’s Friday Ramblings (5/9/14)

Whew, what a freakin’ week, right?

On Writing

Well, in case you missed it, I sold the first book in my gargoyle series (see my prior post “I Sold Locked In Stone” for the details). And, for me, almost as exciting was the fact that my agent actually posted the deal on Publisher’s Marketplace, so I got to see my name there! Now, I know that sounds silly to be so excited about that considering it’s not like it’s one of those mega-deals we all hear about, but with my first three, it didn’t happen, and I just love getting to see my name there.

Of course I’ll share the screen capture sent to me by a chapter mate (love you, Vanessa Kelly!).


I actually wrote the first couple pages of the intended novella of the series, which I am tentatively calling Captured in Stone, which is the story of gargoyle Madra and warlock Matthew (both introduced in Carved) as they try to root out who’s kidnapping both warlocks and gargoyles, and why, and it’s also intended as the bridge into the final book of the first gargoyle series, Sealed in Stone.

I’m working on editing Carved right now. I actually printed that sucker out and by reading it physically, I’m finding myself making a lot more changes than I might have if I’d left it on the computer screen. It’s rather exciting doing it that way. Slow, but thorough, which is good.

The Shrimp and Shrimpettes

My baby boy is growing up. It’s so cute. He got his Wolf badge on Monday.

2014-05-05 18.55.58

He also has a crush on a girl in his class and he practically blushes. It’s a (mostly) secret between him and me. I harass him about it when we’re alone together, he blushes, etc. I think he really does like this little girl. Now I wanna meet the little hussy.

Granted, according to him, she doesn’t like him the way he likes her, but … she’s still a hussy, attracting my innocent baby.

The girls. Sigh. The girls are still showing no interest in potty training. However, Sammie has the basic gist of the process, and after we’re done working on cleaning the old house, I think we’re going to bite the bullet, deal with messes on the carpet, and take away the diapers during the day.

They occasionally can both be chipper in the morning (a rarity, for sure). This was yesterday at the daycare when I dropped them off:

2014-05-08 06.45.13Conclusion

Well, that’s pretty much it. I had a great couple of days for website views, what with the announcement about my sale. Tragically, no new blog subscribers, but ah well. Such is life. I shall keep rambling, reviewing books, and enjoying myself.

Have a great weekend!


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