I Sold Locked In Stone!

Yup, I’ve been teasing this for a while, that I had something in the works with Locked in Stone, the first book in my Hearts of Stone series. And as of yesterday (hey, gimme a break, I have a family to tend and a former house to clean at the moment), I could finally announce the sale!

Here’s the banner for the publisher I sold to!

covetbannerYup, you got that right, peeps! I totally sold my gargoyle book to the might that is Entangled! Now, I’m sure y’all want the story behind this, so…let’s turn the clock back and take a look at what brought me to this wondrous news. This is a very drawn-out story, so get some coffee or tea, and sit back for the ride.

Last year in August, you may remember I blogged about having nerves about pitching directly to an editor. Well, that editor was Ms. Kerri-Leigh Grady, the now-editor of the Edge and a couple other lines at Entangled (at that point it was Flirt & Flaunt). I showed up, ready to bribe her into having pity on me and not laughing at my presentation by presenting her with chocolate (everyone knows editors like chocolate, right?).

Yeah, well, except apparently Ms. Awesome Grady has allergies. Sigh. So no chocolate bribery for me. However, it did give me a story to break the ice and a momentary giggle. So I pitched (at that time, Locked wasn’t completed…I was pitching since I was published and they took proposals). She wanted the full, but then said to send what I had. I sent it that Tuesday and the waiting began.

A month later I got a request from Candace Super-Wonderful-Awesome Editor/Author Havens for the full. So I raced to finish it and submitted the full to her October 5. And the waiting began anew.

November passed, no word.

December passed, no word though there were a few encouraging emails back and forth with both Candace and Meredith.

January 2, just after midnight, Candace emailed asking if I’d consider chopping it by about 10k and punching up the romance so it would fit the Covet line rather than Select. Umm, let’s see…have the publisher of my dreams say yes to me and agree to make the cuts, or say “nope” and watch my Entangled dreams die for the moment. I said yes. She said she’d take it to the acquisitions board. And the waiting began once more.

Finally, January 27, I got the word. Acquisitions said yes. I got the contract. Uber-awesome stupendous agent Marisa offered to look at the contract (see my post when I got her as an agent for how long we’ve been friends) and give me pointers. Uh…my dream agent offering to advise on my contract? Heck yeah! So she had some thoughts. Then…in a moment of blinding, blazing glory…she offered representation and to negotiate the contract for me.

SCORE! Agent and Contract offers in 24 hours.

And then the negotiations began. And waiting once more commenced.

And then the most glorious email ever appeared in my inbox yesterday morning (May 6). My contract. To sign. With Entangled!!!

And I did.

I announced on Facebook last night, got the emails welcoming me to Entangled when I got up this morning…and here we are.

That’s how I became a new member of the incredible Entangled team.

Thank you for listening. Now I’m off to work. Have a great day everyone!




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