Tory’s Friday Ramblings (5/2/14)

Welcome to May, peeps.

On Writing

At oh-so-long last, I finished Carved. Thank goodness. I swear that book wanted to just drive me crazy. But apparently it was worth it. Crit Partner Extraordinaire read it in a sitting and a half and said it was great. Heh – you could tell where her attention was totally hooked ’cause suddenly comments came few and far between. I know there are a few areas in it I want to work on, but the hardest part, the actual getting out of the story, is done.

The House

Oh sure, you didn’t think you were gonna escape occasional updates just because the house was finished and we’d bought it, did you? Well, there won’t be nearly so many because, well, it’s done and over, but we moved last weekend. Had to share that.

Keeping two three year olds under control while you drag furniture into a moving van…not fun. Last Saturday was the major move day. We’ve still got some stuff (not much now) over at the other house, and a lot of cleaning to do. Yikes. However, it did finally get through my head the need for certain cleaning elements to be done on a regular basis. The three years we spent in the old house was the longest I’ve lived with hubby. It’s also the longest I’ve lived in one house anywhere as an adult.

We bought blinds for part of the windows – yay. It’s much easier to take a shower or bath when you’re not trying to dodge the big freakin’ window in the bath area. Heh.

I love the house. I really do. I just am not so fond of the number of spiders I’ve seen over the past week. I’m not sure where they’re all coming from.

The Kids

They’re growing. Ahhh, how they grow. And Jackie at least is branching out with new words and sentences. Sam…she yells a lot. And I love it when she pouts. Sad, but true. The whole folded arm thing is adorable at this age.

Garrett…I worry he doesn’t get enough attention. But it’s hard when I’ve got the girls on and at me all the time. I give him cuddle time every single night in the last half hour before bed. But that’s an exercise in annoyance because he won’t sit still. I want to cuddle a boy, not a squirmy bundle of … boy. I just don’t get how he can’t sit still for more than thirty seconds. I need to remember he’s just 8, and 8 y/os have a lot of energy in them.

He got two bad notes this week and never mentioned it to us. Granted, we should have checked his agenda, but he knows he’s supposed to tell us if he gets them. When I asked him, he said he was afraid of telling us. It’s frustrating. I want him to be honest with us, not afraid to tell us the truth, but we have to punish him somehow for getting bad notes, don’t we? And I tried to make him understand that by not telling us, he gets in more trouble when we do find out about the trouble he got into. Hubby’s worried he’s going to grow up and hate us.

In short…I think I’m not doing such a bang-up job with my eldest. I gotta get better.


Well, guess that’s it for me this week. No pictures. Sorry, got nothin’ much to show other than a messy house. Heh.

What’s on your agenda for this weekend? We’re cleaning and finishing the move. Oh joy.



  1. Congrats on finally finishing the book! Am sure it will be awesome! 😀

    Kids are always afraid to tell parents when they are in trouble.. Even I still get so scared at times to tell my mom things if I got something wrong etc.. i.e. Me, married, running my own house.. Mainly because I am afraid of the disappointing look after a long long lecture (which I know is for my own good) and even though she never seriously punished me that bad when I was a kid that I would hate her and she always supports me.. But yea scared shit to still go and ask for help when in trouble.. That disappointed look or worse she might cry from frustration and disappointment both.. *sigh*


    • Thanks, re the congrats!

      Lord, I know what you mean about “the look”. I hated screwing up and seeing the disappointment on Mom’s face. That was worse to deal with than when she yelled at me. But right about now I would give anything to see that look on her face again. Or any look. Lordy, I miss her. But thanks for letting me know most kids are afraid like that. Hehe.


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