Blog Tour & #Review: Stop Dragon My Heart Around (#bookreview)

Hi there everyone. I’m pleased to welcome Ms. Susannah Scott to the blog today as part of her whirlwhind tour to introduce her new book, Stop Dragon My Heart Around. I’m not going to waste time, just let you have it! (See the bottom for book details and review)


Any SJP fans out there?

We Gen-XYers don’t even pause-hell yeah! The bad dating of my twenties seemed benign compared to the antics of Sarah Jessica Parker of her posse on Sex and The City. When I saw Sarah she had done a “zippy-fun” 5 minute video interview with Vogue answering 73 questions, I was intrigued. 73 questions, in 5 minutes! (No, don’t go google it now! I’ll give you the link at the bottom)

The first time though the video, I was charmed and entertained. The second time, I felt the challenge of rapid-fire repartee calling my name… I wonder how I would answer all those questions?

Drum roll please….

For your snappy reading pleasure, I transcribed the questions and broke them into serial blog posts for my release tour. Many thanks to Tory for hosting my 4th segment!

Let’s do this thing!

Q29: If you have a tattoo where and what would it be?
A: Foot.
If I ever hit the USA or NYT bestseller list, I’m going to get tiny little dragons, a la Dixie Chick style.

Q30: To be or not to be?
A: To Be!

Q31: Glass half-full or half-empty?
A: Half-empty.

Q32: What’s Oprah like in person?
A: I have no idea!
I love SJP answer for this one, “human.”

Q33: Dogs or cats?
My hub is allergic to cats, it is one of the things I had to give up for him.

Q34: Kittens or puppies?
A: puppies.
We’re hoping to get an Anatolian Sheppard this summer to keep our chocolate lab company.

Q35: Dolphins or Koalas?
A: Koalas

Q36: Bird watching or whale watching?
A: Whale watching in Cabo San Lucas Mexico!

How about you? I challenge you to pick 1 question from above and answer it in the comments. As a bonus, I’ll give a free copy (one per person) of my new release STOP DRAGON MY HEART AROUND to 1 randomly picked answerer.

You know you what to try!

If you want to follow the rest of the interview, you can see a complete listing of my serial blog tour here. (link) .

All my best,
Susannah Scott

PS> Here is the SJP Vogue Interview I promised (link)

Author Information

SUSANNAH SCOTT writes hot, paranormal romance with dragon and a whole lot of Vegas Bling! You can see a snippet of her latest book, Luck of the Dragon, here.

Susannah lives with her family in the Southern Missouri Ozarks and loves to hear from readers. She is most active on Facebook (Susannah Scott, Author), but you can also connect with her on Twitter (@Susannah_Scott ), Goodreads, Pinterest, and her author website.

Book Information

Lucky Leprechaun underwear ironed? Check.

Gold plated hearing aids? Check.

Pink doggy booties, times four? Check.

Tagline: Can her love save him or will she be his downfall?

Tee is Vegas’s favorite casino hostess, ready to grant her high rollers their every quirky wish. But when her own wish to financially help her Paiute Tribe finally comes true, she decides to double-down with lady luck and go for a hot hook-up with her sexy boss, Leo. Unfortunately, Tee’s about to find out why their romance is such a long shot—Leo is a shape-shifting dragon.

Leo needs a proper dragon mate to save his waning dragon form, and despite their magnetic sexual attraction, he knows Tee is anything but proper—or a dragon. But when threats arise from Tee’s tribe, Leo’s protective instincts kick in. Can he give up his dragon form for the woman he loves—even if it means shortening his life? Or has Tee finally had enough of having her heart dragged around?

 Amazon  *  B&N  *  Goodreads  *  Entangled


Sometimes I think I’m just too easy on what I like in books. I know I seem to give a lot of high marks to books, but then I remind myself that I deliberately don’t post reviews that are too bad.

On that note, let me say I enjoyed this book a lot. It had action, adventure, and some great world-building. Apparently this isn’t the first book in this series (doh!), but you don’t need to have read the other to understand this one, which is always a positive.

My only real question: why exactly was Leo so convined Tee’s mark would appear on her hand if she were going to have one? Yes, I get that another dragon’s mate’s was on her hand, but are they always? If not, why expect it only there?

Other than that, I found very little to complain about in this book. I enjoyed the mixing in of the Native American culture and how they were fighting against bringing a casino to tribal lands because of the damage it could potentially do to the tribes, based on what had happened to other tribes that built casinos.

Tee was interesting to watch. She wasn’t ashamed to admit her attraction to Leo, and was understandably hurt and frustrated when he rebuffed her. But who can blame him? What guy wants to wander up to a girl and announce “I’m hot for you, but I’m a dragon so can only be with you if you’re my fated mate”?

Great book, definitely worth the read. Keep an eye on this woman and her books. I’m sure we’ll see other great ones from her!

Book provided by Entangled in exchange for an honest review.



  1. Thanks so much for hosting me Tory! Send me the email addy of one of your regular blog readers and I’ll gift them an e book of SDmHA. My email Susannah(at)susannahscottbooks(dot)com 🙂 Big congrats on your Covet sign up! xo, S


  2. Hi Tory, Susannah,

    Great fun interview! 😀

    Q29: If you have a tattoo where and what would it be?
    A: Neck or lower back.. May be foot too..
    Most likely some word in stylish language like those from LOTR or similar..
    Maybe a tendril with flowers, sword and dragons.. 😉
    Tough question.. LoL..

    Q30: To be or not to be?
    A: To be

    Q31: Glass half-full or half-empty?
    A: Half-full (never thought much about it though)

    Q32: What’s Oprah like in person?
    A: No idea either.

    Q33: Dogs or cats?
    A: Personal Parrots but Dogs will do if no other choice 😉

    Q34: Kittens or puppies?
    A: Both.
    Love all the babies.

    Q35: Dolphins or Koalas?
    A: Dolphins

    Q36: Bird watching or whale watching?
    A: Bird watching


    Love the review Tory.. Thanks for introducing to this series.. 😀


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