Tory’s Friday Ramblings (4/11/14)

Happy Friday everyone! 

I am genuinely in a pretty good mood, even though it’s 5:14 in the morning and I didn’t get to sleep until after 11 last night (we watched Desolation of Smaug last night).

The House

Woohoo! One week until closing!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, I’m super excited about that. Hubby did the first walk-through yesterday and spent some time talking to the construction manager about the community itself. Other than a major drainage issue in the back yard (the guy’s getting back to us today about what they’re going to do to fix it), house is in pretty good shape. Touching up paint and one handle needs to be fixed, so…we’re good. It’s so exciting. I’ll get to see the house next week.

Found out that our microwave is also a convection oven, and according to the construction guy, that’s a fantastic feature. I’ve looked them up and wow. I’m uber-excited now (not that I wasn’t already).

The Kids

They’re growing and it’s fun watching the girls sometimes (okay a lot of the time). Jackie is such a budding comedienne, I swear. Physical comedy, funny faces and all that. She might tell jokes too, but I can’t understand her language yet (it’s getting better though), so I can’t be sure. Sam…is Sam. She’s become such a snuggle bunny at bedtime lately, I rather enjoy it. And first thing in the morning too.

I actually heard them having a conversation with some of the passing words even in English instead of that mysterious toddlerese language. Not just “No bite, Sammie” or “Jackie bonk me.” Yes, my children tattle. A lot. And not just on each other. They tattle on the cat, the dog, big brother. It’s hilarious. I imagine I’ll get tired of it later on, but right now it’s innocent and no meanness behind it, so I can enjoy it.

2014-04-10 19.19.48 2014-04-10 19.24.32

Our community (we’re staying in the same community when we move) is having a community Easter egg hunt on Saturday with separate times for the toddlers and for the school-aged kids. So I figure we’ll go to that for some time out of the house. Daddy’s working all day tomorrow. Blech. So, there’ll be the egg hunt and a trip to McDonald’s so the girls can run out their energy. Might have a spare child along for the ride, but I won’t know that until this evening probably. 

On that note – Garrett’s funny. He came home Wednesday and announced “JC is coming over”. I did a double-take and was like “Whaa?” Apparently they wanted to get together. I texted his father to find out if I’d forgotten something (it wouldn’t be the first time). Apparently he’d heard the boys were making plans to get together, but hadn’t realized it had reached such an advanced stage. As he put it, he was going to have a talk with JC and let him know that things like that had to be planned above the eight year old level. I do hope JC can come over this weekend. Garrett likes him, he lives in the community, and I’d love to get Garrett more involved with other kids rather than just playing video games.

He’s reading though. He’s into (sigh) Captain Underpants and (no sigh) Diary of a Wimpy Kid. I’m super proud of the strides he’s made with reading this year. He doesn’t voluntarily sit down with a book (other than Captain Underpants…ugh, that name), buuuuut he reads so much better than when the year started. And he’s actually reading, not just faking it like I know he did. I love that boy.

On Writing

Sigh. I’ll just leave it at that.

I swear, I’m never going to be able to announce the news I’ve been sitting on SINCE FREAKIN’ JANUARY!  Ugh. Full details once I can though.


Week before Easter Sunday – got any plans? Any egg hunts? Share your proud mommy/daddy moments! Please, just talk to me. 🙂


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